Reverse Christians mutilate horses

Each year in the UK there are a spate of mutilations of horses, and other animals, which the media blames on Satanists.  The most recent incident was in Cornwall, which appears to look like a ritualistic attack upon a foal.  Although many injuries to animals blamed upon Satanists may have an origin in dog or cat attacks upon the animal, the evidence indicates humans are attacking some of these animals too.

There is no evidence these attacks were from Satanists, they could easily have been the result of pagans, although the pagan community strongly deny this.  Equally this could be due to militant Christians attempting to create a moral panic against Satanists by inflicting harm upon animals and then blaming Satanists for it.  It is doubtful this is the work of Satanists as even the most dumbest amongst us is too lazy and individualistic to organise night rituals of animal attacks all over Cornwall and the UK.   Satanists are above this stupidity, we leave that to Christians, which is why I suspect it is Christians or Reverse Christians who are attacking animals.  These attacks have nothing to do with Satanists or Satanism.



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