Satanists and their forums

It is crazy that Satanists proudly boast of individualism then flock into internet forums.  For the record I am a member of no Satanic forum, I believe the Satanist must walk the path in their actions as individuals, which includes rejecting membership of forums.

I like to surf the internet to pick up Satanic news, this includes visits to blogs, news sites and of course forums, but I act as the individual without having to be a member of any forum.

Forums by their nature are group-minded flocking machines, they turn individuals into a flock of sheep, if you like it or not.  The dynamics of the human brain is to follow the patterns of its environment, the group dynamic together with the brain’s need to fit in acts as a conforming process, so you are back to being a sheep again.

It beats me why an individual-loving Satanist would need to flock into forums.  Does the Satanist need personal validation by others to be a Satanist? What is the point of being a Satanist if you need personal validation by others to be one?

The claim that Satanists gather to network is rubbish, this is the path of one, and rarely do these internet forums ever result in people meeting face-to-face in the real world.  The Satanic path is the path of one, walked alone, mixing like a sheep in group forums seems counter to the individualist ideal.

If the Satanist wants knowledge, well there are tons of books and resources on the internet to read, including the PDF version of the Satanic Bible, you might need to dig a bit, but vast libraries of Satanic resources are located around the internet.  You build your own Satanic path in my opinion, so there is nothing gained adopting someone else’s Satanism.

Lastly, the need for Satanists to express themselves, me included, can be done through the medium of personal blogs, websites and video channels, you have no need to be a member of a group-collective to express yourself on the internet.

This need for forum membership in Satanism is personally quite funny to me.


4 thoughts on “Satanists and their forums

  1. Why would they possess this need? Simple: most, if not all, humans are possessed of an urge to socialize and group up. It is normal and inherent to our being. It is inherent to our Satanic beliefs that we embrace all desires which naturally possess us. So why not join a blog and participate in the shenanigans, if you feel so inclined?

    You can participate in a forum without necessarily abiding that collective. It’s even easier on the Internet, where you can lurk whatever thread you’d like with no obligation to comment, and there is every opportunity to leave if you dislike the nature of the conversation. I daresay Satanic forums of every caliber are the best medium through which to communicate this idea!

    This is not to diminish your perspective. One must only participate when the inclination to do so is genuine, and I suspect it is the case for many Satanists that it is not. But there’s no need to question the legitimacy of their pursuit because it doesn’t agree with your own.

    Hail Satan, brother.

    • If the Satanist walks a path of the individual, surely they have no need for forums to follow what should be a unique and individualistic path. I agree with your point that Satanists are social creatures and thus may seek out mediums to converse with each other. I can read most of the Satanist forums without joining and I often get the impression that there is a group-mind that has developed that pressures the individual to conform to the majority view.

      I have a need to express my Satanist views, so here I am posting to a blog, but this being my blog I am in no danger in conforming to anyone. I read and comment on other Satanist blogs, but from a position that I am not conforming to their outlook, or forcing them to conform to mine.

      Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

      Hail Satan!

  2. Ha, finally! 😉
    I disagree wholeheartedly with you on this one.

    I believe that being individualistic means to preserve ones individualistic approach even when faced a group. Within social environment we are in constant social pressure. We can’t escape it. We are in groups since we are kids: kindergarten, school, college, hobby circles, friends and family, work environment.

    It’s quite natural to see others companionship, although a satanist in my opinion shouldn’t need any. But it doesn’t mean he/she can’t enjoy it. And frankly, not much people have such mental construction that they would cope with being alone.

    I personally like being alone, Hell, I need it! After being in social environment I just want to be all by myself, without exception not disturbed by anyone for a while. I enjoy both worlds (social and lack of it) but I need only myself. Or maybe I’m kidding myself? It’s possible, since I had no real possibility to be really alone for a longer time (like few years). But I know I can manage easily weeks and even months of isolation and feel fine. Although there is a tole to pay: social adaptation goes south and one becomes more like a wild animal. I was there and had to find my way back to the society, which was quite interesting experience. Now I see clearly when it happens to other people but it happens not because they like it, but because they isolate themselves. Their self esteem is in ruins so this state carries for them tons of other negative consequences and they cannot find their way out so easily.

    Anyway, we are social animals. Satanists are lone wolfs but still in social environment. Since we tend to isolate ourselves from mainstream, it’s nice to find sometimes akin souls to talk to, to fulfill those small social needs, that we still have.

    Back to forums. I agree that most people changes like with a switch to a mindless social sheep around other people. That is a real threat. Not all satanists have inner strength to act as individuals in a group. But that’s no reason to disregard forums or other groups. People acting together can do more. That’s a fact. We can’t give up on that without infringing seriously ourselves.

    So the challenge stays: be yourself in a group, don’t act on social pressure. Usually satanic personality either stays in the back in such environment, watching but not engaging much, or he/she looks for opportunities to be a leader. Being equal part of a group stinks on the long run. We like to stand up in some way… But still we can manage to some extend group dynamic without loosing ourselves. At least some of us can.

    • Thanks for your insights on this subject, Zalbarath.

      In my opinion one of the primary aims of the Satanist is to be a free-thinking individual; it is a battle to cut our selves from the chains of conformity, but it is easy to fall into the traps of group-think. We walk a fine line between selfhood and satisfying our social and survival needs through participation with the group. The ideal is to participate in the group without losing our own individuality.

      There is a large difference between me expressing my views in a public blog or a public post on a forum. On WordPress I only have to abide by the laws of WordPress and the nation I am posting in, but there are then no further limits upon me, however in a forum you are under additional pressures to conform to the forum owner’s rules, their admin staff, and the group-think of the members. If you like it or not internet forums are peopled with sheep and an intense pressure to conform to the group mind, which is limiting to the free loving individualistic Satanist.

      I run my own business in real life, and I network in order to pull in trade, but I do so on my own terms, avoiding those traps that seek to enslave me at my loss to others gain. I contribute freely with no fear and no pressure to conform to all those social outlets that I participate in, and I avoid the many enslaving outlets that exist such as internet forums.

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