On struggle and justice


Because our ancestors had a close connection to nature, their laws and institutions was built around nature and the land.  Modern society has forgotten this connection, everyone will suffer as a result. 

My personal interpretations based upon Satanic Temple tenets. Tenet 2:

“The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.”

Justice has two different meanings: in nature; in human society. The philosopher Heraclitus sums up justice in nature with the observation “strife is justice.”  In the video below a parent bird is attacking the cat which is evidently close to its nest, the cat catches the bird, which probably ends up as dinner.

In nature war is a constant state, where two opposites clash, where noble birds end up eaten by cats, or life is wiped out by a random comet collision with a planet. In the philosophy of Heraclitus justice means becoming, the end state of the war of opposites.  In nature all motion, change and evolution is down to the war of opposites.

There is no equality in law

In human society, when the many come together, they form a contract, a set of rules which becomes the foundation of a nation state.  As Plato suggests the function of the the State is that it benefits all, and thus the laws are in theory designed for the benefit of all the participants in the State.  Many consider the ideal form of justice is that all come before a court judge on an equal footing, but this has never been the case in all of history.

All groupings of people naturally find their level, the few of ability and money become the ruler, and the rest become the ruled.  The ruler creates and enforces the laws, and in common will use the laws to maintain and strengthen their positions of power and those of their family and allies.  Laws often become so complex that it requires experts (lawyers) to understand and argue the laws, which requires money to pay them, and thus the wealthy ruler will always be in a position of strength through money and connections in a law court against the poorer ruled.

Satanic Temple is realistic about the legal system

Satanic Temple recognises the reality of the legal system, that those with the money, armies and influence creates and enforces the laws, and will do so in their own interests.  With a new Republican leadership controlling all aspects of US legislation, laws will no doubt be passed to weaken the split of religion from State, and limit the rights of women over abortion. Satanic Temple in this tenet is realistic that it might be necessary to fight against laws and institutions that would come about that will undermine liberties and traditions that US citizens have enjoyed for decades and even since the foundation of their nation.

The foundation of law and institutions for my Celtic ancestors was the land

From my point of view I tie the justice of both nature and human society together.   My Celtic ancestors come from an animistic background, so they built their institutions and laws upon the foundation of land as a living entity that was the source of their strength, health and harvests.  For instance by law no individual with a disability could be leader as that leader was a bridge between the power of the land and the health of the people.  Likewise when the Romans whipped a Celtic queen and raped her daughters, this was a direct violation of the land, the Celtic Iceni rebelled and destroyed London amongst many other Roman cities.

Examples when there is a disconnection between people and land

I consider law and thus justice comes first from the land, this being the foundation upon which all else stands in human society. If for instance all the bees are destroyed, food crops will vanish, the hungry people will rebel, and in that struggle civilization collapses.  The Celts had a concept of a wasteland, where everything becomes sick, is lost and is broken, a situation that is evident in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and is slowly undermining other nations around them.  Some of the basic things of human life is being lost, in New Delhi capital of India people no longer enjoy the air quality I take for granted. My brother was forced out of Hong Kong because the pollution made his son sick. Iran as a nation will cease to exist when their water runs out inside thirty years.  If the land is not first in mind in law and institution, all else will fall.

A healthy society needs opposition and diversity

The laws that are made that desire a frozen state of sameness behind political correctness, uniformity, peace and control. These laws seek to eliminate the war of opposites by creating only one overall unchanging state, but without two opposites in contention there is no evolution, no motion, no change, instead everything breaks down and becomes sick.

The land and nature is the foundation stone on all campaigning

I start from nature and the land first when it comes to campaigning.  What Satanic Temple will do, as noble as this is, they are treating the symptoms of the disease, plastering over the cracks that will only get larger.  The sickness runs deeper, it is because people no longer follow the path of experience that gives rise to wisdom, the senses that gives rise to knowledge, and follow the patterns of nature that gives rise to reason; they are lost in a fog of opinion, entertainment and hubris.

The solution is in those that can bridge the land with the people

Satanic Temple has it right that justice is always an ongoing struggle, the war of the opposites, and in that struggle they will cause motions, change and evolution.  But the Satanic Temple are struggling with the branches of the thorny tree, the problem is in the roots because there is nothing bridging the land to the people, the door is closed, and all will collapse into ruin because of it.


9 thoughts on “On struggle and justice

  1. Human society can not ignore an ancient principle – karma. What you send in the world comes back to you. If it is pain, than sooner or later you will sufer. If it is injustice, the talionic manifestation of karma will hunt you. In shorts, we all pay for our deeds, in one realuty or other. Our path is shaped by our believes, that generates action.

    • It is true to say that the self is the sum of their experiences, thoughts and deeds. If strife is the ultimate judge, then the stupid will be judged and destroyed, the wise will follow the natural patterns of nature and their fate is usually a better outcome.

      • Stupidity by it self is bad, but can serve some purpose with right guidance. On the other hand, a superior species that finds satisfaction in the pain of others, with no evolutionary purpose, will fall sooner than an inferior one.

  2. Karma can be negated through the burning of the seeds. You must also allow for dharma and the reality that some things are meant to occur and be enacted, regardless of the moralistic view. To follow dharma is then above the constraints of karma and morality. The notions of lex talonis and might is right thus fall under the remit of dharma. Life is harsh and those who are agents of dharma are inherently the agents of that said law.

    Justice is relativistic in the aspect that we only see a tiny proportion. What needs to happen in order to manifest global good in 100 years time, may today seem to be an abhorrent act.

    It is also essential to resist confusion of stupidity with innocence and a care free approach. Stupidity is contrary to the survival of the being. Innocence in the approach to an issue is in no manner a trait of stupidity however. The fool of the tarot is essential for the care-free enthusiasm that allows the fool to take the leap into the unknown and subsequently become more.

    • Karma negated? Deary, you are talking with an alien witch. There is no escape from karma. And never will it be, 3 of wands. Your RW burned, by my hand, but you are still doomed to pay. There are other clean, alive sets.

    • Stupidity is the reward of those who prefer their opinions over raw experience. You are correct, the innocence of the child for instance is due to their lack of life experience, but in their every moment they usually are at play, exploring and trying to understand their world through sense and experience, which provides them with wisdom and knowledge. Many times I have seen a child who out of their wisdom prove to be smarter than an adult.

      • I was a child, in all meanings of the word, when Lucifer took me. I was a woman when i killed him. I’m an initiat now. And it was not luciferian torture that made me kill my self and become what i am. It was satanism. I can understand his reasons. I can see it was the only corect path. But i can not respect it. Because, in the meddle of my torture and death, i battled for more. And i gave more.

  3. Yes. We always must remember our ancestors. It was many of them that carved their own path and have made tools for us to know and understand them. To look ahead we also must look behind. To know the left we also must know the right. To have no limit, you must remember the right sets one.

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