The philosophy of the wasteland


The Temple of Nodens was probably the location where King Arthur and the Grail Legends originated.  It is one of the places that the Grail was said to have been kept.  Practically everyone has missed how important this location was in many Celtic stories connected to King Arthur. Anyone who was experiencing something lost, sick or broken, came here for solutions.

My Celtic ancestors have a concept called the wasteland, this is an existential state of a land and its people who has become sick, broken and lost.  A simple example, the flowers become sick and die because of poisons in the land, soil and air; the bees vanish because there are no flowers; pollination systems break down for lack of bees, no food crops, people grow hungry, then civilisation breaks down as the hungry people fight each other.

The healthy land is symbolised in Celtic coins as a horse or a barley head.  Stories such as the Mabinogion contain metaphors of the seasonal changes in the fortunes of the land, such as food and drink becoming invisible, stolen or vanishing, and the actions of a hero to set things right.  The people of the ideal land experience strength, fertility and health, but the reverse in the wasteland. Just as hunger is a temporary state in winter, it can become permanent if the land has been injured, turning into the wasteland.  In the Celtic stories the land is usually symbolised as a female such as the wife of a king. In the Mabinogian a king uses his wife as a footstool, symbolic that his strength comes from the land.  The king was symbolic of the people, and how the king treated the land reflected how the people treated the land.  King Arthur loved glory, war and fame, neglected and mistreated the land, it abandoned him in the metaphor of Guinevere, the land immediately turned into the wasteland, Camelot fell, and it required a quest to find the Holy Grail to sort out the mess.

A modern version of the wasteland is the children’s story Neverending Story.  The land of Fantasia gradually is being destroyed by the Nothing, there is a wolf-like creature symbolic of the thing causing the Nothing, a young hunter following a quest similar to the Grail Quest comes face-to-face with the wolf, and interesting philosophy is expressed in the encounter:

All the nations of our planet have now fallen to the wasteland, everything is becoming sick, broken and lost.  All the social, political, environmental and economic challenges faced by humanity are faces of the wasteland.  The metaphorical wolf-like creature behind this wasteland is control, predation and consumerism upon which human society is based.

My personal attention is on the wasteland, and the metaphorical wolf causing it.  I am studying my Celtic ancestors, the patterns of nature and the observations of Heraclitus looking for methods to counter the wasteland and the wolf.  Fighting the many challenges of the wasteland, such as the Hampstead SRA hoax, is only fighting the symptoms of an underlying disease, and thus the Hampstead SRA hoax campaign is my last campaign of interventions in society.

A successful intervention against the wasteland requires three things: discovering the sleeping potential in a thing; creating a strifeful situation of two opposites at a location to drive the motions and changes; liberating the hidden potential in a thing through an activity.  Once these three things are done, over time what is lost, broken and sick is restored to its initial integrity without further interventions.  Finding hidden potentials requires a degree of discernment, and hubris blinds in such situations, a reason why most of the knights of King Arthur failed in the Grail Quest.  Individuals who have studied the philosophy behind successful magick might see familiar principles in what I have written.  The wasteland arises because the potential, the strife between two opposites, the kinetic, has been disrupted in a process or thing causing it to become sick, broken or lost. The harmony requires all three elements in a process or thing to be in play: potential; strife; kinetic.

Measuring Satanism by a different scale


This is the symbol of chaos.  Those that walk the Left Hand Path such as Satanists are all aligned to chaos.  Those that are chaotically aligned will follow their own internal rules rather than the conformist rules of external authorities.

Everything in nature moves, evolves and changes through the opposition of two or more things, and thus this provides a way of measuring something based upon two opposites, for instance based upon the measure of temperature or activity.  The best measures are based upon something that is observable or demonstrated in nature, for instance how chaotic a thing is, rather than a subjective measure that exists only in the human mind such as how good something is.

People generally measure Satanism based upon a moralistic subjective scale of good and bad. In judgement of a rule, the individual measures if the individual is good or bad, for instance a Christian might judge an individual who practices witchcraft as bad because a rule in their holy book the Bible opposes witchcraft.  As the philosopher Heraclitus observes, all things in nature is good, but it is only humanity that divides all things up as good and bad.  Of course any action that falls outside of nature, such as an individual torturing a kitten for the fun of it, has to be measured in some way, which might be along the lines of teleology, which says if a process is in harmony with its natural purpose, it is good, and since the telos of life excludes torture of animals for the fun of it, this action is bad.

I suggest a better scale to measure those of the Left Hand Path is based upon the opposites of law and chaos.  Those that have read the Michael Moorcock books will be familiar with law and chaos alignments.  In nature the moon is lawful in that it moves in a predictable fashion, yet an electron is unpredictable making it chaotic.  Those that identify to the Left Hand Path are aligned to chaos, those that favor conformist group-minded religions such as the Mormons are lawful.  Some have tried to mix objective measures such as chaos-law with moral subjective measures such as good-evil, which is like mixing peas with custard, unworkable.

Those that judge based upon good and bad moral rules experience a challenge with me because I won’t sit easily in any moralistic framework.  On the one hand I delight in planting trees, installing nest boxes and feeding the birds; I have stopped the traffic to let hedgehogs safely cross the road, and picked up young birds sitting in the middle of the road to put them safely to the side; yet, I regularly break the law by riding my bike on pavements, through red traffic lights, without lights (people keep nicking my lights) and in places cycling is banned.  I will sit neatly in a chaos-law measuring framework in that I am not subject to external rules but my own, I am unpredictable and thrive in an anarchic environment.  Whilst people might debate about the creation and execution of something new such as AI, in an unknown situation, I will create and launch it and deal with the consequences afterwards, since I favour experience over theory.

It is a key measure of the nature of the Left Hand Path that those chaos-aligned individuals will follow their own internal rules rather than external authorities, and the lawful individuals such as Mormons will favor external authorities such as their church leaders, church, religious books and god.  Anyone can claim to be following the LHP, but they are easily discovered based upon chaos-lawful measures, a LHP individual is always aligned to chaos, following their own rules rather than that of external authorities.

In concluding, I would like to add that there exists a paradox.  Nature is the overall external authority, yet I tend to align my choices and actvity with the common patterns of nature, yet I say I favor my own internal rules over external authorities.  Nature and self are the same thing, reflections of each other, and all reason arises and ends in nature.  Inside, outside, above and below, everything is nature.  If the individual chooses to step outside of nature by unnatural action such as torturing a kitten, they have become unreasonable, they are outside of the common patterns of nature, they will get hammered one way or another for going outside of nature, since harming a kitten, harms the self, since all things are connected and reflect each other.  As Heraclitus says:

“The sun will not overstep his bounds, for if he does, the Erinyes, helpers of justice, will find him out.”

Those that push their hand into the fire will eventually learn what happens to those that step outside of the common patterns of nature, a reason why the human race is walking the path to extinction.

Rethinking my approach to society


These ruins are the Temple of Nodens in Lydney in the UK, and is an inspiration for a new emerging philosophy I have to deal with the issues that matter to me in the world.  I will write more on this in future blog posts.

I was recently subject to a police investigation after a Satan Hunter, those that promote Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes, made a complaint against me for harrassment after I opposed their activities that was doing harm to innocent people and children.  The police investigation fortunately was closed without me being arrested or facing charges, but it has made me question if it is worth continuing to intervene in the environmental, social and political issues that society faces.

Human society is built upon the foundation of consumerism, competition and predation;  the many forms that global problems take from the disappearance of bees to the horrific executions by Islamic State to the emergence of the dreaded polio disease all spin-off from this foundation.

In the UK the police are focussed upon targets, their consumer product is to meet these targets for instance in making arrests and getting convictions for which they are rewarded bonuses, and in failing to meet targets, suffer penalties.  The system encourages the police to take a predatory stance in getting convictions, and to act in an adversarial or competitive manner against their own citizens.

Regardless of the rightness of my actions, of honorable intent and a passion to protect the innocent and children from Satan Hunters acting illegally and unethically to dishonestly and unjustly deny the liberties of the innocent, attacking their homes, lives and families, the tyrant can make a complaint against me to the police, using that system against me to destroy me, since all the police are interested in is convicting someone.  It seems bizarre that in my stopping a predator from harming a child I am the one who could be arrested, charged and convicted in our society.

Unfortunately, my recent experience can be applicable to any cause that an individual becomes involved in, society favors the tyrant and they can use that system to crush anyone who opposes them as they proceed to destroy the human race and the environment with their activities.

Even if the noble campaigner manages to avoid being crushed by the system, society being focused on predation, competition and consumerism, the amount of time, energy and money expended to achieve little and easily reversible results is not justifiable.  The brutal reality is that the individual campaigner who wishes to campaign to feed the homeless or stop the bees going extinct is up against a system that will likely end up leaving them destroyed, empty and broken.

What I say may be disheartening, but I want to give a hard reality check of what the individual campaigner is up against, especially if they enter into a competitive fight against a predator, who can play the victim card and run to the police to get them to destroy you.

I am exploring new strategies to achieve the same ends on the issues that matter to me without having to suffer heavy losses of resources and putting myself at risk of being destroyed by our sick, lost and broken society.

On the question of love


This is what love looks like aka hormone oxytocin.

A recent comment to my blog mentioned the over-used word “love,” which is subject to this blog article.

Heraclitus described how a fish loves water, echoing Leonardo da Vinci in describing how nature moves towards end states that is necessary, for a fish loves water because water is necessary for it to live.

People have many subjective opinions about love, obscuring it in magical, mystical terms, even describing it as an energy.  People describe qualities of love such as sharing, caring, trust and attraction.  Love in reality is a feeling generated by the hormone oxytocin.  All qualities of love such as caring, plus all social ethical rules such as prohibitions on stealing, dishonesty and killing, start and end in the hormone oxytocin.  When a cow rejects its calf, an injection by a veterinarian of oxytocin into its butt resolves the problem, a similar solution can be obtained when a human mother rejects her baby.

People may angrily reject the truth that love is a by-product of oxytocin, but that is all it is.  All human feelings from fear, anger, trust, passion and hope come from hormones, there is nothing elusive, mystical or magical about it.  I have experienced too often people in a situation of distress run out of oxytocin and instantly transform into monsters, abandoning their ethics such as truth or former expressions of sharing and caring.  It is vital to become aware that a quality like kindness, or an ethic like being truthful only exists when oxytocin is present, and is replaced with cruelty and dishonesty when oxytocin vanishes.

Michael and Susan Schofield were a loving couple who had the misfortune of having two children suffering mental health issues, one suffering schizophrenia and the other a bad case of autism.  If an individual is unable to connect with another human being, they cannot produce oxytocin.   The child with autism made it difficult to connect with it, it became “background” to the father, only gaining full attention when it had a “meltdown.” The child with schizophrenia was easier to connect with as she was able to articulate her feelings and experiences, she got attention because oxytocin was produced.  The mother and father had no time for each other due to the constant state of crisis of caring for two mentally unwell children:

“I looked at Susan and didn’t see my friend any more. I saw my fellow caretaker. My fellow employee in the service of two special needs children. We were co-workers. Worse still, we had turned into something I didn’t like. We were angry all the time. Worse. We were embittered. Not at the children. At each other. But why?”

Why? The constant crisis denied the opportunity for production of oxytocin.  The couple fell out of love with each other.  The father had an affair, and they started divorce proceedings.  The father describes the situation in his blog post.

It is important to see qualities such as trust, charity, forgiveness, empathy, caring, sharing, kindness; and social ethics such as prohibitions on stealing and dishonesty as built on the foundation of oxytocin; that when oxytocin vanishes, so will all these social ethics and qualities.  Society is built around competition, consumerism and opinion, all which wipe out oxytocin, and so qualities and social ethics associated with oxytocin become fragmented, unstable and vanish like morning mist in an instant.  Psychopaths, marketing people and sales people are skilled at manipulating the oxytocin pathway of their targets for their own ends, so is your cat, if you have one.

Oxytocin is the relationship hormone that binds people, family and community together for mutual benefit in the end states of living, growing and reproducing.  Oxytocin like everything in nature has an adverse side as well as a beneficial side, it is also associated to envy and racism.  The strength of a community can be directly measured by how much oxytocin is present, which throws up something like a shadow that I can sense, both its strength, intensity and size, from the tell-tale signs that I sense and experience in that community.  It is this oxytocin shadow that determines if I am prepared to get involved with an individual or a community in solving a problem.  When someone comes up to me talking woo-woo about love, and I notice the homeless person sleeping in a shop doorway that they are ignoring, then the reader will understand that I have a skeptical outlook to qualities and social ethics associated with love; since these things fluctuate with oxytocin, and the evidence of everything becoming sick, broken and lost is all around me from an oxytocin shadow that is breaking apart throughout human society.

Satanism and the Sith Code


Want success? Adopt the Sith Code.

In the Star Wars mythos the Sith Code is as follows:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

About Star Wars morality and hypocrisy of the Jedi

Star Wars embraces a black and white morality, which reflects American values; example, for the individual to selfishly pursue an interest they love doing is evil (Sith), but to die for your country is good (Jedi.)  In the Star Wars narrative a group of people break away from the Republic in order to pursue their own solutions to challenges such as piracy which the Republic was unable to address, the Jedi then waged war upon those peoples through manipulation, invasion and assassination, a face of tyranny that I despise and would oppose.

In Star Wars the Sith are shown to be morally evil by having their looks, behavior and demise always portrayed in negative terms.  Yet, on closer examination, the Sith Code embraces something positive and true, and those that would embrace this code in their lives won’t necessarily become ugly in look, twisted by hatred, greed and madness or suffer an unfortunate end.

An examination of the Sith Code

“Peace is a lie…” I have covered this here, peace is a fiction, nature moves, changes and evolves through the strife of opposites; peace leads to all things becoming sick, broken and lost.

“…there is only passion.” As an individual who suffers from ADD (ADHD without the H) I suffer problems of low dopamine that impacts my motivation.  Only by embracing something that excites me can I get adequate dopamine, which is why passion is important to my ability to survive.  For me passion is dopamine, and so I have to avoid what kills my dopamine, and pursue what gives me dopamine in all my decision-making.

“Through passion, I gain strength.” If I gain dopamine from an activity that I have passion about, the dopamine will form noradrenalin a hormone that creates focus.  People with ADD/ADHD have problems of focus as well as motivation because without dopamine they cannot produce noradrenalin. If I have focus, I have my strength. 

“Through strength, I gain power.” People who have focus and passion at a certain level describe how they have gone into a zone.  People with ADD/ADHD have a useful ability called hyper focus, which is similar to being in the zone. 

“Through power, I gain victory.” Too many people fail because they don’t have enough focus and motivation, they are easily distracted and unmotivated by obstacles.  Those in the zone or have the hyperfocus ability will ignore distractions and will smash through obstacles to victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken. Those that are successful are usually breaking their limits and boundaries, for instance rejecting the noise of others that they are failures.  Society and self-imposed limitations can frustrate the self from achieving its full potential, once the individual however is in the zone, they are busting through any limitations.

“The Force shall free me.”  I prefer to replace the word “Force” with “Black Flame” which describes the hormonal process that brings about successful completion of goals. There is nobody more liberated than an individual achieving their potential.

On adopting the Sith Code

I have adopted the Sith Code, as from an ADD/ADHD point of view, it makes sense to me.  However, anyone who wants to embrace greater success in their lives, might consider how the Sith Code might be useful to them.

Use it or lose it


Nature loves motion; the human body and brain is designed for motion.  Nature removes what is not in motion; use it or lose it.

Satanism is the path of action, thus the subject of this blog post. 

A plant by my window, all its leaves turned towards the light.  The leaves facing the light are strong, vibrant and healthy, the leaves away from the light are small, weak and shriveled.  All living things are energy-efficient by deploying limited resources to what is in use, eliminating or reducing that which is of limited use.

Lazy stupid people will reap a terrible harvest for themselves in later life, for they condemn themselves to disability and poor health.  It is the way of things that the human body will gradually become weaker in brain and body through old age, but the common natural pattern of living things to eliminate what is no longer used will accelerate this process over time.

Go out in nature, push the boundaries of the body and mind in active challenges.  Use all the brain and body, and make it challenging.  What is hard encourages the body to build and maintain biological structures.  In the reverse, the brain that no longer uses brain cells to create solutions to challenging problems will let those brain cells die without replacement, and the individual will forever be limited in what they can do without those brain cells.  Heart disease, diabetes, dementia have common causes or motivators from inactivity of the body and brain.  Use it or lose it.

On living in a potential and kinetic world


The spiritual individual can see the potential in things, they will see the oak tree that can be manifested out of an acorn; they are the individuals who can discover or bring about new ideas, paradigms and inventions to benefit themselves and humanity.

Living in two worlds

I hold out an acorn, I see an oak tree in the acorn, most people see only the acorn. The majority live in a world of what is rather than seeing what could be, their world is a kinetic world of the visible and known, where all things are fixed, linear and measurable. The kinetic world for the majority is their prison, for they are unable to see beyond what is to what could be, they live their lives within fixed states, paradigms and institutions, reacting emotionally to the injustices of their prisons, rather than realising that their chains and walls are their own fabrications by choice. The majority become predictable, easily manipulated and dull-witted, living in an empty world of material objects, petty power plays and valueless opinions.

Most people miss the reality that nature has two worlds, the kinetic and the invisible, formless potential world.  It is like most people only see the branches of the tree, but are unable to, or are unwilling, to consider the whole tree, the invisible parts of the tree, the roots and processes within it.  Those that walk a reality embracing both kinetic and potential worlds, see how each side relates to the other, how the individual can work with both to bring about changes of benefit to self.

Learning about nature and reality from the Celts

The weird strange stories of the ancient Celts become less confusing when the individual embraces a few key observations of nature, which so many ancestors understood and worked with.  Firstly, the Celts understood that nature has a kinetic and potential side, their stories describe how objects appear and vanish, become visible and invisible, how the hero can move between a magical other world in one moment, and the material known world the next.  Secondly, the Celts describe a world where all things shape-change and shift from one moment to the next, just as nature does.  A walk in nature confirms these observations of the Celts: apple trees grow leaves, then blossom, then apples, shifting of one form to the next, becoming visible, then vanishing again with the change of seasons; water shifting between liquid, vapour and ice; moon, sun and stars appearing and vanishing as day follows night and back again.

Most ancestors lived in a potential and kinetic worldview

The ice age hunter gatherer working with the potential: cave paintings drawing animals and events out of the living rock; creating tools out of raw flint; drawing food, tools and clothing out of the bison, mammoth and other animals they hunted.  Later, drawing fish out of the water; crops out of the earth; metal objects out of rock, fire and wood; and creativity out of their dreams.

Describing their concept of the potential in terms of rock, water, fire and air; narratives by the ancestors describe epic struggles to bring about and maintain the created form against the chaos drawing all things back into the formless, the culture hero in battle against the chaos beast.

The spiritual embrace both the potential and kinetic worlds

Those that embrace and walk a path incorporating both the kinetic and the potential worlds in their own lives are the spiritually orientated people.  Those that embrace the spiritual are maligned by the one-sided majority who are trapped in their kinetic-only worlds, both the religious and atheistic.  Being religious is no guarantee of being spiritual, for often religion is a kinetic paradigm of appearance, dogma and opinion, empty of spiritual things.  The atheistic might embrace a truthful scientific attitude, but their paradigm embrace only what is external, kinetic and material, forgetting or rejecting the hidden, dark and invisible potential side of nature.

The spiritual is the heroic path

The path of the spiritual individual is a heroic one, magical, unpredictable, adventurous and highly creative.  Those that see and work with the potential world see beyond their limits, they see possibilities and can reach beyond the limits which most impose upon themselves and each other.  The path of the spiritual has nothing to do with creating something out of nothing, or creating something new, but instead is focussed upon drawing the potential out of something to become something.

The culture hero struggles to liberate the potential in things

The common theme of most ancestor stories is the hero who struggles to manifest the kinetic out of the potential: healing what is sick; repairing what is broken; recovering what is lost.  The archetype known as Eros whose arrows bring about love between people, has a deeper spiritual truth, his arrows liberate the potential out of things.  Apollo, his arrows can bring healing out of the body, or shatter the health of the unworthy.  Mars struggles in war to bring about the harvest or the healthy strength of a city-state.  On moving home, my new little garden was a rubbish tip, yet I struggled a little each day to manifest out of the chaos the potential of something beautiful ready to plant apple trees, flowers and growing food crops.

The spiritual individual is able to manifest possibilities

Those that walk the spiritual path will see the potential and kinetic worlds, they are liberated, creative and empowering.  The spiritual individual might say of something here is a possibility to bring about something, then the kinetic-trapped individuals who cannot see beyond what is already formed will laugh, persecute and dismiss, but if that spiritual person has courage and strength, they persevere to draw out the potential of what they saw to become kinetic, benefitting themselves and the world about them.  The spiritual individual who sees the oak tree in the acorn, plants it, cares for it, and in time manifests the oak tree; alas, the kinetically-trapped individual who did not see the oak tree in the acorn, will not act, and nothing comes about through them.

Being spiritual is both magical and grounded

Even though the religious and the atheistic struggle with each other in their opinions and kinetic-only arguments, both are as trapped as the other, and their lives are limited.  The spiritually orientated individual lives in a world of possibilities, but also are anchored in the earth like an oak tree in the ground, in working only on the potentials they see rather than foolish fantasies and opinions that exist neither in potential or kinetic states.  The spiritual individual drives on to manifest whatever they see, ignoring the opinions of the blind, dumb and stupid people, for the future of the human species rests upon their heroic shoulders.