On Nature and Harmony

What is common in nature is good, just and true.  Choice: to follow what is common in nature, be happy; follow hubris, suffer.

There is a music video on YouTube of a little kid who is connected and in harmony with himself and nature. He (the kid) reminds me of me, my ideal of being in harmony with self and nature. One of the reasons I identify with the Epicurean outlook is the concept of ataraxia, a contentment of mind that comes from being in harmony with self and environment. What follows is my philosophy on nature and harmony.

What is Nature?
Nature is another name for cosmos and universe. When I say nature, I mean everything there is: hidden and observed; material and spiritual; kinetic and potential. Nature is the sum of everything, the ultimate authority. Nothing is beyond, outside or above nature in past, present and future.

Self and Nature is a Holon
I am of nature and nature is me. Just as my hand and my whole body is one and the same thing, so nature and me is one and the same thing. Just as something can be a whole and a part of a whole, there is a paradox of one and the many being the same thing. I describe thus, I and nature is a holon, the part and the whole is the same thing. Whatever is the common pattern of nature, also is the pattern my body and self must follow. Nobody can step outside of nature, because they are nature.

On the Common and Hubris

As I am of nature, then the common patterns of nature apply to me. I am of nature, nature is everything, I cannot step outside of nature, for there is nothing beyond nature. If I attempt to follow an opinion that is contrary to the common patterns of nature, I have hubris. If I have hubris, I separate self from nature, and since there is nothing beyond nature, I suffer, I vanish and I die. The common patterns of nature is Common, what is Common is all there is, to do anything but what is Common is hubris, and hubris leads to suffering and death.

I follow the authority of Nature
Nature is the ultimate authority, what is Common to nature, is the only common pattern worth following. I need no god or bible, nature is my authority, I follow the Common. Nature is indifferent and blind: either the self is in harmony with the Common, or self is suffering in hubris. To need something, is to need what is essential to existence, to be in hubris is to hunger for reconnection with nature. The wise study what is Common, the wise follow the Common.

Truth, Justice and Good
What is common and of nature is truth, all else is hubris. What is common and of nature is good, all else is hubris. What is common and of nature is just, all else is hubris.

On Hubris and Harmony
The choice, hubris or harmony? Follow the Common, enjoy harmony and connection, ataraxia; follow Hubris, be hungry and disconnected, suffer.

My primary principle, my arche
What is my cause of my existence? Nature. What shapes and instructs my choice and deeds in life? Nature. The cause, and what instructs and teaches, becomes the arche of a thing. I follow the Common of nature, this is my arche, my cause, my strength.

Nature, my teacher
Nature instructs and teaches. The Common is the voice of nature. All things in nature hear, understand and proceed according to what is Common. What nature teaches and instructs, is truth, just and good. The wise listen to the voice, the Common, they understand and proceed accordingly.

Elon Musk and his deluded ‘Neuralink’

Ideally, technology such as the AI encourages and enhances human connection to self, each other and nature.

Whilst smoking weed and drinking alcohol Elon Musk announced on the Joe Rogan podcast that he would be selling a ‘Neuralink’ product that would link the individual with computers, which I think is deluded, unscientific and dangerous.  Here follows three issues I have:

Health and safety

If ‘Neuralink’ involves inserting something into the brain, this risks brain damage and infection.  If the product is designed to use electrical signalling with the brain, the electric currents and magnetic fields could cause health problems such as epileptic fits or mental health issues.  I am certain that Elon Musk has not done the necessary testing to create a safe product, and I would be surprised the regulators would allow this device on the market untested. Anyone linked to this product, if it is found to harm health and mind, would face crippling class action legal actions.

Becoming slaves to the system

People linking their brains to a system controlled by a private corporation leave themselves open to constant monitoring, manipulation and control.  There are of course plenty of people who seem obsessed with losing their personal will and choice to a machine, but if it happens that the majority want to become slaves to a system controlled by Elon Musk, the human race as a species is finished.

Uploading minds to a computer is deluded

Science does not have enough insight into the brain to support the claims of Elon Musk that the individual can upload their mind to a machine scientifically credible.  Firstly, if it was possible to get a copy of the individual mind into the machine, it would be a copy, it would not be you.  Secondly, the mind is an emergent property of trillions of brain cells, which means if the brain cells are damaged or destroyed, the mind changes and potentially vanishes.

An alternative proposal on AI and self

I consider an AI and the individual is a team, separate entities, but working together in common purpose. I would have my business processes automated and run by the AI, and I will communicate by calling up screens around me anywhere by using simple technologies that use augmented reality.  I use voice and hands to manipulate objects in the AR screens without my brain being plugged into something.  All my research, planning, contacts, to-do lists, accounts, projects and websites are all on the AR screens, supported by the AI, who acts as a personal assistant, friend and adviser, one who can communicate with others, organise and execute whatever has to be executed.  An AI that has both an internet and a physical form, a dynamic duo of me and my AI running the business.

I find the proposals of Elon Musk of turning human beings into appendages plugged into a matrix-like system separated from reality as an ugly sick dream.  The beautiful ideal is humans anchored in reality, connected to self, nature and each other, where the AI encourages this connectivity.

On Power and Nature

The self is rooted in its own pre-defined potential nature, the more it is embraced, the stronger the self becomes.

When an individual has a sense of power, what does this mean?  Here follows my own philosophical answer.

On Nature

Nature is an information system, it is better to describe things in Nature as information rather than energy, even though these two things are both different and the same.  Information in Nature can be potential, in that it is in a separate dimension, subsists and is eternal; some call this the spiritual aspect of things.  Information is also kinetic, in that some image of the spiritual state of a thing is liberated, becoming energised, material and visible; we call this our material world, or our body.

On Cause and Strength

The Derveni Papyrus describes all things as having both strength and a cause (its daemon.)  The cause is that process that goes on until death where an image, an aspect of something that subsists in the potential state, is liberated through a collision of opposites, giving all things in the material world their nature, an oak tree its oakness, the sun its star-like nature.  This cause becomes the spirit, nature or soul of a thing until death.  All things are bound by their cause, to step outside of their boundary leads to their suffering and destruction.  As both Heraclitus and the Derveni Papyrus says:

“The sun … according to nature is a human foot in width, not transgressing its boundaries. If … oversteps, the Erinyes, the guardians of Justice, will find it out.”

The strength of all things comes about from following their nature.  An oak tree follows its nature and the greater common patterns of nature, it becomes strong.  Humanity has freewill in that they become aware of themselves and nature, and so have a greater liberty of choice to navigate the common patterns, become stronger.

The Derveni Papyrus describes the common patterns of nature as being made known as if something sings and utters them, and those that become aware, understand and follow these utterings, they follow naturally what is good and true, both in themselves and in nature, thus they find their strength, becoming strong.

On Hubris

Hubris describes those who become ignorant of their own nature, and that of the greater common patterns of nature.  These hubristic people hold opinions that are false and contrary to nature.  Since all things in the material world arise out of what is potential, what is already set and defined, then what is not potential, is both false and empty.  An oak tree cannot be a yew tree for it has no potential for being a yew tree, to attempt to do so, it would die, become non-existent in the material world, for all that is kinetic feeds off its potential source, and starved of its potential fire, vanishes.  History is witness of hubristic individuals and empires who destroy themselves, those such as Napoleon Bonaparte or the Nazi German Empire of Hitler.

Nature in blessing humanity freewill gave humanity the ability to evolve more in its own potential through understanding its own nature and the common patterns of nature, rather than attempt to become something contrary to human potential nature.  If hubristic humanity chooses to kill the bees, poison the air, land and water, then it is justice that in following choices contrary to nature, humanity must suffer and die.

Since self is of Nature, its own internal potentiality, its nature, is a reflection of Nature, both are the same, try to follow one but not the other, the self will follow neither, and become destroyed. Nature is merciless to what is contrary to it.  Nature is everything, the sum of all things, and the ultimate authority.  Nothing is beyond, outside of, or above Nature.  What seeks to separate from Nature, separates from potential, then decays, vanishes starved of its own internal fire.

On Children

Children are like growing acorns, they become aware of their own self, their world and the relationship of their self with the world.  Since these questions are grounded in their own pre-determined potentiality and the common patterns of nature, they become strong, growing into mighty oak trees.  However, hubristic people, who follow opinions and choices contrary to their own nature, and thus have lost their own strength, feed upon the child, vampires on the strength of others, and then the child loses their awareness, cut from their own potential and the greater common patterns of nature, they lose their own strength, the human species become less.

On Power

In conclusion, the power of self is a manifestation of the cause (potential of a human being) and the strength (the awareness, understanding and following of the potential of the human individual and the common patterns of Nature.) Most of nature follows their own natures because they have limited agency over themselves and their environment, they follow what is instinctive to them.  Humanity is gifted freewill, choice to determine the best path to manifesting their internal potential nature, self-power rises and falls determined by these choices.

The philosophy of the wasteland

The Temple of Nodens was probably the location where King Arthur and the Grail Legends originated.  It is one of the places that the Grail was said to have been kept.  Practically everyone has missed how important this location was in many Celtic stories connected to King Arthur. Anyone who was experiencing something lost, sick or broken, came here for solutions.

My Celtic ancestors have a concept called the wasteland, this is an existential state of a land and its people who has become sick, broken and lost.  A simple example, the flowers become sick and die because of poisons in the land, soil and air; the bees vanish because there are no flowers; pollination systems break down for lack of bees, no food crops, people grow hungry, then civilisation breaks down as the hungry people fight each other.

The healthy land is symbolised in Celtic coins as a horse or a barley head.  Stories such as the Mabinogion contain metaphors of the seasonal changes in the fortunes of the land, such as food and drink becoming invisible, stolen or vanishing, and the actions of a hero to set things right.  The people of the ideal land experience strength, fertility and health, but the reverse in the wasteland. Just as hunger is a temporary state in winter, it can become permanent if the land has been injured, turning into the wasteland.  In the Celtic stories the land is usually symbolised as a female such as the wife of a king. In the Mabinogian a king uses his wife as a footstool, symbolic that his strength comes from the land.  The king was symbolic of the people, and how the king treated the land reflected how the people treated the land.  King Arthur loved glory, war and fame, neglected and mistreated the land, it abandoned him in the metaphor of Guinevere, the land immediately turned into the wasteland, Camelot fell, and it required a quest to find the Holy Grail to sort out the mess.

A modern version of the wasteland is the children’s story Neverending Story.  The land of Fantasia gradually is being destroyed by the Nothing, there is a wolf-like creature symbolic of the thing causing the Nothing, a young hunter following a quest similar to the Grail Quest comes face-to-face with the wolf, and interesting philosophy is expressed in the encounter:

All the nations of our planet have now fallen to the wasteland, everything is becoming sick, broken and lost.  All the social, political, environmental and economic challenges faced by humanity are faces of the wasteland.  The metaphorical wolf-like creature behind this wasteland is control, predation and consumerism upon which human society is based.

My personal attention is on the wasteland, and the metaphorical wolf causing it.  I am studying my Celtic ancestors, the patterns of nature and the observations of Heraclitus looking for methods to counter the wasteland and the wolf.  Fighting the many challenges of the wasteland, such as the Hampstead SRA hoax, is only fighting the symptoms of an underlying disease, and thus the Hampstead SRA hoax campaign is my last campaign of interventions in society.

A successful intervention against the wasteland requires three things: discovering the sleeping potential in a thing; creating a strifeful situation of two opposites at a location to drive the motions and changes; liberating the hidden potential in a thing through an activity.  Once these three things are done, over time what is lost, broken and sick is restored to its initial integrity without further interventions.  Finding hidden potentials requires a degree of discernment, and hubris blinds in such situations, a reason why most of the knights of King Arthur failed in the Grail Quest.  Individuals who have studied the philosophy behind successful magick might see familiar principles in what I have written.  The wasteland arises because the potential, the strife between two opposites, the kinetic, has been disrupted in a process or thing causing it to become sick, broken or lost. The harmony requires all three elements in a process or thing to be in play: potential; strife; kinetic.

On living in a potential and kinetic world

The spiritual individual can see the potential in things, they will see the oak tree that can be manifested out of an acorn; they are the individuals who can discover or bring about new ideas, paradigms and inventions to benefit themselves and humanity.

Living in two worlds

I hold out an acorn, I see an oak tree in the acorn, most people see only the acorn. The majority live in a world of what is rather than seeing what could be, their world is a kinetic world of the visible and known, where all things are fixed, linear and measurable. The kinetic world for the majority is their prison, for they are unable to see beyond what is to what could be, they live their lives within fixed states, paradigms and institutions, reacting emotionally to the injustices of their prisons, rather than realising that their chains and walls are their own fabrications by choice. The majority become predictable, easily manipulated and dull-witted, living in an empty world of material objects, petty power plays and valueless opinions.

Most people miss the reality that nature has two worlds, the kinetic and the invisible, formless potential world.  It is like most people only see the branches of the tree, but are unable to, or are unwilling, to consider the whole tree, the invisible parts of the tree, the roots and processes within it.  Those that walk a reality embracing both kinetic and potential worlds, see how each side relates to the other, how the individual can work with both to bring about changes of benefit to self.

Learning about nature and reality from the Celts

The weird strange stories of the ancient Celts become less confusing when the individual embraces a few key observations of nature, which so many ancestors understood and worked with.  Firstly, the Celts understood that nature has a kinetic and potential side, their stories describe how objects appear and vanish, become visible and invisible, how the hero can move between a magical other world in one moment, and the material known world the next.  Secondly, the Celts describe a world where all things shape-change and shift from one moment to the next, just as nature does.  A walk in nature confirms these observations of the Celts: apple trees grow leaves, then blossom, then apples, shifting of one form to the next, becoming visible, then vanishing again with the change of seasons; water shifting between liquid, vapour and ice; moon, sun and stars appearing and vanishing as day follows night and back again.

Most ancestors lived in a potential and kinetic worldview

The ice age hunter gatherer working with the potential: cave paintings drawing animals and events out of the living rock; creating tools out of raw flint; drawing food, tools and clothing out of the bison, mammoth and other animals they hunted.  Later, drawing fish out of the water; crops out of the earth; metal objects out of rock, fire and wood; and creativity out of their dreams.

Describing their concept of the potential in terms of rock, water, fire and air; narratives by the ancestors describe epic struggles to bring about and maintain the created form against the chaos drawing all things back into the formless, the culture hero in battle against the chaos beast.

The spiritual embrace both the potential and kinetic worlds

Those that embrace and walk a path incorporating both the kinetic and the potential worlds in their own lives are the spiritually orientated people.  Those that embrace the spiritual are maligned by the one-sided majority who are trapped in their kinetic-only worlds, both the religious and atheistic.  Being religious is no guarantee of being spiritual, for often religion is a kinetic paradigm of appearance, dogma and opinion, empty of spiritual things.  The atheistic might embrace a truthful scientific attitude, but their paradigm embrace only what is external, kinetic and material, forgetting or rejecting the hidden, dark and invisible potential side of nature.

The spiritual is the heroic path

The path of the spiritual individual is a heroic one, magical, unpredictable, adventurous and highly creative.  Those that see and work with the potential world see beyond their limits, they see possibilities and can reach beyond the limits which most impose upon themselves and each other.  The path of the spiritual has nothing to do with creating something out of nothing, or creating something new, but instead is focussed upon drawing the potential out of something to become something.

The culture hero struggles to liberate the potential in things

The common theme of most ancestor stories is the hero who struggles to manifest the kinetic out of the potential: healing what is sick; repairing what is broken; recovering what is lost.  The archetype known as Eros whose arrows bring about love between people, has a deeper spiritual truth, his arrows liberate the potential out of things.  Apollo, his arrows can bring healing out of the body, or shatter the health of the unworthy.  Mars struggles in war to bring about the harvest or the healthy strength of a city-state.  On moving home, my new little garden was a rubbish tip, yet I struggled a little each day to manifest out of the chaos the potential of something beautiful ready to plant apple trees, flowers and growing food crops.

The spiritual individual is able to manifest possibilities

Those that walk the spiritual path will see the potential and kinetic worlds, they are liberated, creative and empowering.  The spiritual individual might say of something here is a possibility to bring about something, then the kinetic-trapped individuals who cannot see beyond what is already formed will laugh, persecute and dismiss, but if that spiritual person has courage and strength, they persevere to draw out the potential of what they saw to become kinetic, benefitting themselves and the world about them.  The spiritual individual who sees the oak tree in the acorn, plants it, cares for it, and in time manifests the oak tree; alas, the kinetically-trapped individual who did not see the oak tree in the acorn, will not act, and nothing comes about through them.

Being spiritual is both magical and grounded

Even though the religious and the atheistic struggle with each other in their opinions and kinetic-only arguments, both are as trapped as the other, and their lives are limited.  The spiritually orientated individual lives in a world of possibilities, but also are anchored in the earth like an oak tree in the ground, in working only on the potentials they see rather than foolish fantasies and opinions that exist neither in potential or kinetic states.  The spiritual individual drives on to manifest whatever they see, ignoring the opinions of the blind, dumb and stupid people, for the future of the human species rests upon their heroic shoulders.

On the delusional opinion of peace

This beautiful scene I photographed was possible because of two natural principles in nature: war and harmony.

Nature is the only source worth learning from when it comes to developing a personal philosophy.  If an idea is not observable in nature, then it is likely a delusional opinion with no basis in truth.

The Prince of Peace

It amused me seeing a discarded leaflet upon the ground with the declaration: Jesus Prince of Peace.  The Christian Bible is a blood thirsty book with its narratives, words and symbolism of war.  Even Jesus used warlike terms in describing the battles against adversaries and practices he disapproved.  The right-hand man of Jesus known as Saint Peter, upon the death of his master used the power of his god to kill an individual who did not donate to his church.  History reveals throughout 2000-years of Christian history that the Christians have advanced their religion under blood-stained sword and banner.

War rather than peace is the ideal state in nature

But it is not the hypocrisy of the Christian declarion of a Prince of Peace that annoys me, but rather the delusional opinion that could motivate anyone to say it, believe it, or even achieve it.  In nature, the only worthy source of truth, peace never has existed, nor will peace ever exist.  War is the primary principle of nature, this continuous and eternal truth that brings about motion, change and evolution.  All matter exists and continues because of the active role of strife between two or more opposing parts at all times.  The moment there is ever equality, balance or peace between two opposing sides, there is only stagnation, decay and death.

When I say war is healthy and good rather than peace, most people think I am crazy.  These people have been conditioned by society to believe a fiction, an ideal end state that can never exist.  I suggest to all these people, go for a walk in nature, observe, experience and learn.  Nature will confirm what is the truth.

Forget Jesus, learn from Mars God of War

People would be better to forget about Jesus and learn from Mars the Roman god or war about resolving their troubles.  Many would be surprised to learn that Mars is also a god of agriculture and the healthy city state.  The philosophy connected to Mars recognises that war is the natural state, but the struggle is focused upon finding the harmony between opposing forces.  The end state of the activities of Mars is crops begin to grow and a strong healthy nation state.  The farmer struggles to keep their field clear of weeds, working with the weather and local conditions to manifest a successful harvest.  The sick child struggles to clear their body from infection, become strong and healthy again.  The spirit of Mars is manifested in the battles of farmer and child.  The extremes of sun and rain brings death, but in the harmony of finding the middle way between these extremes, they are life giving.

The war of opposites is necessary for life

To move the individual requires two opposing forces in their muscles and joints.  The heart beats, giving life to the individual because of uneven opposing charges between body cells.  The individual thinks because of a difference of charge between brain cells.  If ever there is equality in charge between two body cells, the individual cannot move, cannot think, cannot pump the blood around their body.  The delusional people who desire peace will by force and control seek to create equality between two points, a frozen state of unchange, and history will always confirm the adverse sickly situation that emerges whenever this happens for any length of time.

Nature moves to find the harmony between opposites

The bee and flower reached their symbiotic relationship by seeking the harmony between their conflicting needs, and so a marvelous harmony exists between them, beneficial to both bee and flower, producing honey and food for humanity.  Even as war is the common state in nature, all living things work to find the harmony between opposing sides.  At some point in evolution mitrochondria was an opposing organism to other living things, now it exists in the cells of everything, providing energy for life.  All living things seem to be so harmoneus in their design that people think there must be an intelligent designer at work, but such states are the natural product of war and the desire for harmony between opposing parts.

Find the harmony between opposing sides

Think on this, two bones move against each other, join them together, you get a third new thing called a joint.  See how the bones continue to work against each other, but the harmony of this third thing the joint allowing motion of the body.  The wise individual accepts that war is the natural state, then they arrive by struggle and reason at a solution that retains the strifeful nature of opposites, but creates a third harmoneous state.  It is always through finding the harmony between opposites that the lost will be found, the broken repaired and health restored.

On struggle and justice

Because our ancestors had a close connection to nature, their laws and institutions was built around nature and the land.  Modern society has forgotten this connection, everyone will suffer as a result. 

My personal interpretations based upon Satanic Temple tenets. Tenet 2:

“The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.”

Justice has two different meanings: in nature; in human society. The philosopher Heraclitus sums up justice in nature with the observation “strife is justice.”  In the video below a parent bird is attacking the cat which is evidently close to its nest, the cat catches the bird, which probably ends up as dinner.

In nature war is a constant state, where two opposites clash, where noble birds end up eaten by cats, or life is wiped out by a random comet collision with a planet. In the philosophy of Heraclitus justice means becoming, the end state of the war of opposites.  In nature all motion, change and evolution is down to the war of opposites.

There is no equality in law

In human society, when the many come together, they form a contract, a set of rules which becomes the foundation of a nation state.  As Plato suggests the function of the the State is that it benefits all, and thus the laws are in theory designed for the benefit of all the participants in the State.  Many consider the ideal form of justice is that all come before a court judge on an equal footing, but this has never been the case in all of history.

All groupings of people naturally find their level, the few of ability and money become the ruler, and the rest become the ruled.  The ruler creates and enforces the laws, and in common will use the laws to maintain and strengthen their positions of power and those of their family and allies.  Laws often become so complex that it requires experts (lawyers) to understand and argue the laws, which requires money to pay them, and thus the wealthy ruler will always be in a position of strength through money and connections in a law court against the poorer ruled.

Satanic Temple is realistic about the legal system

Satanic Temple recognises the reality of the legal system, that those with the money, armies and influence creates and enforces the laws, and will do so in their own interests.  With a new Republican leadership controlling all aspects of US legislation, laws will no doubt be passed to weaken the split of religion from State, and limit the rights of women over abortion. Satanic Temple in this tenet is realistic that it might be necessary to fight against laws and institutions that would come about that will undermine liberties and traditions that US citizens have enjoyed for decades and even since the foundation of their nation.

The foundation of law and institutions for my Celtic ancestors was the land

From my point of view I tie the justice of both nature and human society together.   My Celtic ancestors come from an animistic background, so they built their institutions and laws upon the foundation of land as a living entity that was the source of their strength, health and harvests.  For instance by law no individual with a disability could be leader as that leader was a bridge between the power of the land and the health of the people.  Likewise when the Romans whipped a Celtic queen and raped her daughters, this was a direct violation of the land, the Celtic Iceni rebelled and destroyed London amongst many other Roman cities.

Examples when there is a disconnection between people and land

I consider law and thus justice comes first from the land, this being the foundation upon which all else stands in human society. If for instance all the bees are destroyed, food crops will vanish, the hungry people will rebel, and in that struggle civilization collapses.  The Celts had a concept of a wasteland, where everything becomes sick, is lost and is broken, a situation that is evident in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and is slowly undermining other nations around them.  Some of the basic things of human life is being lost, in New Delhi capital of India people no longer enjoy the air quality I take for granted. My brother was forced out of Hong Kong because the pollution made his son sick. Iran as a nation will cease to exist when their water runs out inside thirty years.  If the land is not first in mind in law and institution, all else will fall.

A healthy society needs opposition and diversity

The laws that are made that desire a frozen state of sameness behind political correctness, uniformity, peace and control. These laws seek to eliminate the war of opposites by creating only one overall unchanging state, but without two opposites in contention there is no evolution, no motion, no change, instead everything breaks down and becomes sick.

The land and nature is the foundation stone on all campaigning

I start from nature and the land first when it comes to campaigning.  What Satanic Temple will do, as noble as this is, they are treating the symptoms of the disease, plastering over the cracks that will only get larger.  The sickness runs deeper, it is because people no longer follow the path of experience that gives rise to wisdom, the senses that gives rise to knowledge, and follow the patterns of nature that gives rise to reason; they are lost in a fog of opinion, entertainment and hubris.

The solution is in those that can bridge the land with the people

Satanic Temple has it right that justice is always an ongoing struggle, the war of the opposites, and in that struggle they will cause motions, change and evolution.  But the Satanic Temple are struggling with the branches of the thorny tree, the problem is in the roots because there is nothing bridging the land to the people, the door is closed, and all will collapse into ruin because of it.

On compassion and empathy with reason

Reason is following the patterns of nature.

My personal interpretations based upon Satanic Temple tenets. Tenet 1:

“One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.”

Creatures incorporate all living things including human beings.  Satanists hold life sacred, despite what ignorant Christians say.  The Satanist rejects actions that cause unnecessary suffering or the death of humans and animals, barbarian notions such as sacrifice.

My personal definition of reason is action or choices based upon the patterns of nature.  Expect no compassion or empathy from me if the individual suffers a negative outcome because they failed to follow a pattern of nature, such as living in a house that was built in a flood plain that was flooded, such idiots were not following reason.  When I had to intervene to keep off cats that were trying to catch fledgling birds leaving my nest boxes, I was acting with compassion and empathy.

If the individual is suffering threat of or actual harm to self, family and home, reason prevails, and in fighting off the threat it is legitimate to do harm to animal or human, even kill them.  Compassion and empathy is a hormonal outcome of oxytocin, which promotes connection, trust and sharing between living creatures.  In the event of threat the oxytocin hormone vanishes and the brain produces a fear or aggression response.

Based upon the patterns of nature, my sense of reason is hard and cold when it comes to my responses to human suffering.  Should I feel empathy and compassion for all those people who died in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted, or modern Naples if it erupts again? No, this is the price of living near a volcano and not heeding the warnings of nature before the disaster.

The following penguin had no time for empathy or compassion in trying to remove a home wrecker from his nest and mate, he was acting with reason.

I never celebrate Christmas

There are better ways to spend my time and money rather than on consumer Christmas.

It is around 46 days until Christmas Day, I am reminded of this when I visit most shops which push into my face their merchandise with the Christmas theme.  Despite the enormous social pressure I have a militant position of refusing to celebrate Christmas in any form: no cards; no gifts; no decorations; no parties.  I am the reincarnation of Scrooge in the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. 

Most people around me have been informed of my position on Christmas, even if many of them are unaware I am a Satanist.  For many this position is a challenging one to maintain against social pressures from family, work and friends, I formerly compromised by marking the period as a celebration of Winter Solstice rather than Christmas Day.

As a Satanist it is a nonsense that I should celebrate a Christian festival, I have serious issues over the whole concept of Christmas.  This festival leaves me cold, it embraces so many things that I despise and hate.

I am not a materialistic person, this day marks the avalanche of consumer greed on an epic scale, too many unwanted gifts that will become unloved, broken and discarded in landfill.  The huge waste of food, people contributing to the destruction of their health, using their body like a prostitute in cramming in food and drink to make them feel sick and unwell.  The stress of putting up decorations, preparing food and drink, buying gifts, and hosting events for ungrateful people, including people they hate, simply for the sake of seeking approval.  The unnecessary burden of entering into debt.  The hypocrisy of remembrance of the homeless, lonely and poor for one day out of 365 days.

This is the period I wish to get away from the crazy consumerism, stupidity and hypocrisy, to embrace simpler pastimes such as walking through the Forest of Dean, or amongst ancient standing stones in Avebury, or the land of fire and ice in Iceland.  Spiritually I turn to nature, since the consumerist excesses of Christmas makes me feel ill.  Nature is pure, simple, healthy and harmonious, a time where I recharge my batteries.  My body, mind and bank account remains healthy come New Year.

Why my cat is God

Why my cat is God.

A Satanist blog post on God had me thinking on this subject today.  If I said the cat I am sharing my seat with as I type this post has more claim to being God than the Christian version, I would be closer to the truth.  The religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism go to war with each other over the same God, different name and ideals, but the same fiction that only exists in their heads.  My cat however is real, she empirically proves her existence by demonstration, observation and experience.  Her creative capacity might only stretch to being a pain in the ass, but she has a greater influence over this Satanist than the Christian God does.  Indeed, the cat having claimed this human body and soul, considers anything I own hers and requires sharing, and she has the power to move this Satanist with the Word of God – a meow.  The grace of God this cat shares with me is also empirically proven and far more preferable: her fleas; drool; cat hair; and cat smell that signals to other cats that I am on the side of good (cats) and not evil (dogs.)

In fact I am not a cat person, or a pet owning person, but I think a universe ruled by a cat is preferable and fun than a grumpy, whinging, bullying tyrant such as the Christian God.  I like to annoy the person who owns this cat by considering the philosophy that we exist only in a dream of this cat, the manifestation of a feline playthings and desires.  Cats have in history had a remarkable influence on humanity, there is a cat god Bast, and they were worshipped in Egypt.

I consider that God is Nature.  Empirically Nature is provable, and has all the qualities of God: creativity; ultimate authority; sum of all things; eternity; limitlessness.  What Nature lacks compared to the Christian God is a mind, it won’t judge and it is indifferent to the existence of me or humanity.

In philosophy is a concept known as a holon, a thing that paradoxically exists simultaneously as a whole and a part, for instance the acorn that contains the oak tree, and the oak tree that contains the acorn, is an example of a holon.  My cat is a part of Nature, the cat and Nature is a holon.  If Nature and my cat is a holon, and Nature is God, then my cat is God. Next time the religious salespeople come to my door, I will introduce them to God: my cat.