On compassion and empathy with reason


Reason is following the patterns of nature.

My personal interpretations based upon Satanic Temple tenets. Tenet 1:

“One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.”

Creatures incorporate all living things including human beings.  Satanists hold life sacred, despite what ignorant Christians say.  The Satanist rejects actions that cause unnecessary suffering or the death of humans and animals, barbarian notions such as sacrifice.

My personal definition of reason is action or choices based upon the patterns of nature.  Expect no compassion or empathy from me if the individual suffers a negative outcome because they failed to follow a pattern of nature, such as living in a house that was built in a flood plain that was flooded, such idiots were not following reason.  When I had to intervene to keep off cats that were trying to catch fledgling birds leaving my nest boxes, I was acting with compassion and empathy.

If the individual is suffering threat of or actual harm to self, family and home, reason prevails, and in fighting off the threat it is legitimate to do harm to animal or human, even kill them.  Compassion and empathy is a hormonal outcome of oxytocin, which promotes connection, trust and sharing between living creatures.  In the event of threat the oxytocin hormone vanishes and the brain produces a fear or aggression response.

Based upon the patterns of nature, my sense of reason is hard and cold when it comes to my responses to human suffering.  Should I feel empathy and compassion for all those people who died in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted, or modern Naples if it erupts again? No, this is the price of living near a volcano and not heeding the warnings of nature before the disaster.

The following penguin had no time for empathy or compassion in trying to remove a home wrecker from his nest and mate, he was acting with reason.


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