Satanic false allegation maker Becki Percy to be deported from USA

becki percy
Becki Percy will be back in the UK soon, when her false allegation making will be brought to an end.

The final chance for an illegal asylum seeker to stay in the USA, who claimed that a UK Satanic child abuse cult was out to get her, came to an end on 12th Dec 2019 when Becki Percy lost her case.

After claiming that thousands of children were being raped and murdered in Hull UK, and trying to sneak into the USA on a holiday visa with the intention of permanently staying, Percy invented a Satanic cult fantasy to claim political asylum.  US immigration officers (ICE) did not believe Percy and threw her in jail for 14 months.

A number of misguided Christian supporters of Percy, who believed her story and campaigned for her release, secured her liberty by paying a large bond.  Percy was provided with a home, money and the free services of three US immigration lawyers.

For such serious allegations Percy never went to the FBI or the UK police, instead making allegations on social media without evidence.  Percy was unable to provide evidence to the courts or to the attorneys, losing all her court cases.  Despite lack of evidence the lawyers were able to play the system to keep Percy in the USA when they moved the case to the courts of appeal.  The US legal system being slow and inefficient meant Percy was able to stay in the USA for years.

During her near five years stay in the USA Percy embarked upon a reign of terror of allegation making and threats against anyone who disagreed with her, using her large social media following as a weapon to intimidate and hurt people.  Percy destroyed one of her US host families, and harmed a second.  Percy through fraud pulled in tens of thousands of dollars in gofund campaigns.

Percy abused the goodwill of the three immigration lawyers, they eventually abandoned her.  No lawyer would touch her case unless they were paid, and Percy and her principle supporter Wendy McAvene were strangely unwilling to pay for one.

Percy sat on her backside and did nothing.  It was the US immigration authority who had to push her asylum case to a conclusion by getting a date set in the ninth district appeals courts.  Percy only learnt about the date of the case through my blog post.  Rather than act by paying for a lawyer and getting her paperwork in, Percy ran an online petition to Trump and quoted Bible scripture on Twitter.  The judges downgraded her hearing from oral to one based on the paper submissions.  By default Percy lost her case.

Percy will now face a written summons to appear with her travel documents to the nearest office of the US immigration authority.  Percy will then be sent back to jail pending deportation back to the UK.  Percy will be unable to return to the USA for at least ten years, and likely will be prevented from coming back forever.

Becki Percy is currently trying to salvage her fiction by blocking anyone who questioned her story and placing her Twitter account on private.  Whilst Percy has been able to get away with false allegation making and fraud in the USA, if she repeats this in the UK, she will be arrested.  Her fiction is over, and her holiday in lala land is coming to an end.

I am unable to predict how fast US immigration will act in order to arrest Percy and kick her out of the USA.  It might be a couple more months before we can get Percy into a UK police station to answer for her malicious deeds.

9 thoughts on “Satanic false allegation maker Becki Percy to be deported from USA

  1. Fantastic. I’ve been waiting at least two years for this fictitious cow to get her comeuppance. Happy birthday to me!!! And like most grandstanders, she’s a coward. Like James said, she’s set her twitter to private and blocked everyone who questions her. I pretended to be a Trump supporter (ugh, torture) for two whole years. I almost lost my marbles. But now it’s all worth it!! Yay James!

  2. I’m so glad she has lost her case. I’ll get the bunting up on Newland Avenue. This sort of fraud harms real asylum seekers and victims of child abuse.

      1. Interestingly it is written as if there was some substance to the claims of abuse – and still concludes that in those circumstances that there would be no case for asylum.

      2. It is an interesting way taken by the judges. Perhaps they do this for all asylum cases, looking at the immigration stance rather than the claims made.

        The only real way we can get these false allegations resolved is via a proper police investigation, which Becki Percy has been reluctant to initiate.

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