Will I carry on blogging? I don’t know

This blog remains active whilst I am dealing with the Becki Percy fictional allegations.  I have yet to decide if there is life for this blog after the Becki Percy matter is brought to an end.

I revived this blog to deal with unfinished business relating to the false allegation maker Becki Percy.  I cannot move on unless I tie up loose ends.

Becki Percy is a nasty parasite who makes false allegations against those she dislikes of child rape and murder.  Percy likes to indulge in fictional horror, accusing her victims of being Satanic cult members doing sexually sadistic rituals involving children.

The US courts will decide the final appeal by Becki Percy against deportation back to the UK from the USA on 12th December 2019.  Percy alleges she will be sacrificed by her family if she returns to the UK, and seeks political asylum to the USA from the UK.  Percy makes a fool out of the US immigration system, playing it for near five years, without evidence to support her fictional claims.  Percy has not bothered to recruit a lawyer or submit a defense, so the court of appeal has downgraded her oral hearing to making a decision based on limited paper evidence.

I am sticking around to see what verdict the US courts come to with regards to Becki Percy.  I will be around to make sure that there is full closure on this Becki Percy saga, that her allegations are brought to a final end with a police investigation.  I would like the real family of Becki Percy, mental health experts and the police to come together in order to put to an end the fantasy world that Percy has spun around herself, which has hurt many people.

I want to move on with my life.  I cannot promise that this blog will carry on after Percy’s fictions are ended.  I have yet to make up my mind.  I am sure this blog might still have a purpose, even if it is only to improve my writing skills.

5 thoughts on “Will I carry on blogging? I don’t know

  1. I would love to see you continue to write SV, you are an interesting and intelligent guy, and I’d like to hear about your life and thoughts.

    1. Thanks. Knowing that Twitter planned to delete inactive accounts, I feel I should keep both my Twitter account and WordPress active to keep that from happening. I might be blogging less, but I will continue to blog here.

  2. Downgraded as in there won’t be an oral argument? Bugger. I was looking forward to that. Despicable little beast. I want you to still blog. We can put BP behind us. Move on to cheerier topics! Don’t leave meeeeeeeeee!

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