The woes of the Satanic Temple continue

After a dynamic 2014 the Satanic Temple has since December 2014 been hit by internal conflict and resignations.  The latest resignation is Zach Black of Satanic International Network who was until his resignation the head of the Satanic Temple Portland chapter.  Black, despite his tendency to jump onto any Satanic movement to boost his own Satanic group, was a useful ally and unfortunate loss to Satanic Temple with his skills in promotion and many connections in Satanism.

Zach Black resigned from the Satanic Temple because of a disagreement over links that his SIN network hosted to a site that it was alleged hosted material that infringed copyright.  According to Black he was approached by an Adam Parfrey of a publishing house called Feral House who asked him to remove the links, Black refused.  Parfrey then complained to Doug Mesner leader of Satanic Temple, who was working on a business relationship with Parfrey.  Mesner demanded Black remove the links, Black refused and quit Satanic Temple.

Zach Black in resigning also commented that he disagreed with lack of democracy and transparency in Satanic Temple, as well as his issues with some of its campaigns such as their campaign to introduce Satanic coloring books into schools.

The resignation video for Zach Black is as below:

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