The woes of the Satanic Temple continue

After a dynamic 2014 the Satanic Temple has since December 2014 been hit by internal conflict and resignations.  The latest resignation is Zach Black of Satanic International Network who was until his resignation the head of the Satanic Temple Portland chapter.  Black, despite his tendency to jump onto any Satanic movement to boost his own Satanic group, was a useful ally and unfortunate loss to Satanic Temple with his skills in promotion and many connections in Satanism.

Zach Black resigned from the Satanic Temple because of a disagreement over links that his SIN network hosted to a site that it was alleged hosted material that infringed copyright.  According to Black he was approached by an Adam Parfrey of a publishing house called Feral House who asked him to remove the links, Black refused.  Parfrey then complained to Doug Mesner leader of Satanic Temple, who was working on a business relationship with Parfrey.  Mesner demanded Black remove the links, Black refused and quit Satanic Temple.

Zach Black in resigning also commented that he disagreed with lack of democracy and transparency in Satanic Temple, as well as his issues with some of its campaigns such as their campaign to introduce Satanic coloring books into schools.

The resignation video for Zach Black is as below:

More love and unity in Satanism

Creating and joining groups in the Left Hand Path today is like going back to the stone age, saying stone tools are better than metal tools.  The LHP has always been the path of the individual, not a path of more group-minded institutions.

Rumour suggests that the Satanic Temple, the Sect of the Horned God and the Satanic International Network forum are working together to form one large happy family of unity for all Satanists.

The Satanic Temple is doing a worthy job as a political and social group for LHP activists, but media successes have gone to their heads, and they seem to be moving towards setting up as another form of Church of Satan.  Each passing month the Satanic Temple is transforming into another expression of unity and love in Satanism, they have built a new website for their shift to group-minded consciousness.

Sect of the Horned God have their own commune and have set themselves up as a teaching institution for Satanists.  Interestingly even some members of the trollish psychopathic Satanic cult the Order of Nine Angles have been recruited as teachers in the Sect of the Horned God, either sharing in the love of Satanic unity, or looking for more victims to manipulate for the lulz.

The Satanic International Network has returned after losing all its members and content in a technical meltdown, from 6000 members the forum mountain has become a molehill of a few hundred members.  The new twist is that site owner Zach Black would like $25 dollars for forum membership, for which all new members get a membership card and a special mention on a website.  How nice.  Zach Black has in the past needed member donations to pay for beer, weed and releasing his impounded car.

Meanwhile the Luciferians have also caught the unity bug after forming a church to gather all Luciferians together under one umbrella.  Formed earlier this year by leaders including Jeremy Crow (founder of Luciferian Research Society) and the most famous of Luciferians Micheal Ford the Greater Church of Lucifer wants to build Luciferian churches all over the world.

Lastly the leader of the Cult of Cthulhu, who formerly wanted to unify all the LHP under his “serious religion,” invited members in a recent sermon to participate in a Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game whilst asking “what is reality?”

The decline of a Satanic forum

Satanic International Network (SIN) in 2010 was the latest incarnation of numerous internet forums for Satanists stretching back to the dawn of the internet.  Founded on the back of a successful YouTube channel by a Satanist calling himself Zach Black SIN attracted at its zenith 5000 Satanists, though more well-known Satanists ignored it.

The problems of all forums on the internet is that they encourage mediocrity, slavish group think, a tendency of being overrun by a vocal clique of crowing roosters, with 90% or more of the forum membership going inactive.  SIN had all these problems, in addition some of the roosters let the power go to their heads and were bullying newcomers.

Zack Black appeared on a comedy television broadcast in 2013 involving Satanism, which resulted in envious roosters on SIN clashing with the SIN founder.  In the resulting carnage the roosters were either metaphorically slaughtered or flew away from SIN leaving a forum looking like a graveyard, the thousands of forum members as useful as corpses in the grave.

After the roosters left SIN suffered hacking and technical problems, earlier this month permanently losing all its membership data and content.  Developing ties with the Satanic Temple Zack Black hopes to restart his SIN forum, which so far is a painfully slow site claiming only a few dozen members.

The roosters initially founded their own internet forum, which collapsed in months.  Many of the roosters flew to take over the longest running Satanic forum on the internet called 600Club where they keep it on life support.

It takes no mystical powers to predict that the latest incarnation of SIN will suffer a similar fate that seems to afflict all internet forums, they have yet to attract resident roosters, but they will soon come.

The danger of Satanic forums

Longtime readers know that this blogger has a negative view about Satanic forums, although I read the forums, I refuse to be a member of them.  My main reason for being against Satanic forums is that they are traps that easily enslaves the Satanic individual into group-minded slavery.

Satanic forums have poor security

Another reason against membership of forums is that as Satanists we need to be more security-conscious than the average internet user because our Satanism, should those around us become aware of it, may adversely impact our family, employment, business or other aspects of our lives, thanks to the ignorance of most of humanity about Satanism.  Those that run Satanic forums give  security, privacy and professional integrity a low priority, using their internet forums as extensions of their bloated egos and need to control opinion.

Warning about new Theistic Satanic forum

Recently, a trollish attention seeker behind the so-called “Church of Leviathan” created a new forum for Theistic Satanists, claiming to offer an alternative to the established atheistic-orientated Satanic International Network. My personal experience of the Church of Leviathan run by a self-styled “pope” called Robert Fraize is a character involved in extensive campaigns of intimidation and slander against various Satanists, most recently against Lucien Greaves and the Satanic Temple.  I made a comment once upon the Church of Leviathan blog and the site owner amended the wording to say things I did not say, thus the individual Satanist in the light of what I have written might be correct in thinking this site is best avoided for personal security.

The problem of Satanic International Network

Satanic International Network is also a problematic forum, with the forum owner Zachary Schroeder aka Zack Black making unwise choices of administrators who abused their positions to hack, delete and steal personal information on the site.  Zack Black has also on occasion abused and published personal information provided to him on his site inviting others to harass those he had problems with.

Satanist loses job thanks to 600Club forum

The long-established Satanic forum 600Club in its history suffered problems with a rogue administrator who used personal information on the site to harass individuals, which allegedly caused one victim to lose their job.

Stay safe

In conclusion, it might be better to avoid membership of Satanic forums altogether, or at least act with intelligence of using an e-mail account and passwords that are not used elsewhere, including keeping shared personal information, including Facebook, to a minimum.    All Satanists are self-serving, thus only a naive fool would be so trusting with personal information on a Satanic forum.

Real life and internet forums

A new Satanic forum emerges upon the internet as rebels of a failed rebellion against the Satanic International Network forum set up home.  I am a critic of internet forums, I read them, but I have no desire for membership of them.  Internet forums, full of drama and ignorant garbage, few will bother reading.

Satanism is an individual path of real life doing.  Internet forums are an educational diversion but nothing more, many fall for the trap that internet forums are the end goal of their Satanism.

In my opinion the emerging new paradigm of Satanism is the empowered individual who puts aside their devotion to group slavery of Satanic church, forum and prepackaged dogma. Read the works of Satanist writers such as Anton Lavey, but convert those ideas into something personally useful to your needs and circumstances in real life.  No Satanist should be the same.

A Satanic reality check

I am neither a fan or a member of Satanic groups or forums, but I like to read what fellow Satanists are saying, with events involving two recent Satanic forums offering a reality check about Satanism.

Satanic International Network run by Zachary Schroeder and the Sect of the Horned God run by Thomas Leroy has for a month been in disagreement with a small minority of vocal Satanists, who have caused drama, trolled and hacked those forums.

As Anton LaVey wrote:

“When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.”

When in another Satanists lair, be it a group, forum or home, you give them respect, or don’t visit.  It is the reaction of a slave who is unable to let go, to hang on complaining like an old woman when the lair they are guest in does not stroke their misplaced egos.  Why the need to form a pack of old women? Why not go off and join another forum, or make your own?

Another reality check is that the internet is a tool of communication, it is not Satanism, if all the “Satanic” individual or group has is an internet site without the substance of real life results, then they are misguided.  Sect of the Horned God for instance holds events attracting hundreds of Satanists in real life, hacking and killing their low activity internet forum has zero impact on making them vanish due to their real life activities.

Zachary Schroeder however is his own worst enemy, having been part of a conspiracy to successfully buy and close down an older rival Satanic network called MySatan a few years ago, the same people causing Schroeder his current problems were amongst those who helped him close down MySatan.

Many of those who have been unable to move on from their obsession with fighting Schroeder and his forum, are anonymous pseudonyms who after being kicked out of their forum have nothing tangible to claim in the form of achievement or reputation, they become nameless nobodies of no relevance to anyone.  It is individual achievement in real life that matters in Satanism, the internet is just a side-show.

The recent YouTube video by Zachary Schroeder and Thomas Leroy is worth watching as a reality check for Satanists:


Relevant sources:

Wolf packs or sheep?

Human psychology interests me, so it fascinates me why so many of my fellow Satanists, all who in theory express individualism, feel the need to gather together into groups to beat down a fellow Satanist.  The question I ask, are these Satanists a pack of wolves or mere sheep?

In the school playground as a child I would often see some kid fall out of favor in the group, and everyone would gang up in an often violent and spiteful campaign to bully them.  This happened to me too in my early experiences in employment, my Satanist desires to be individualistic setting me apart from the conformist culture, resulting in many ganging up to force me to conform, upon which I would after a bloody fight resign with a handsome payoff.  Now I am self-employed and call the shots.

As I often mention in my blog posts, Satanism is a path of individualism, and thus I argue we should keep clear of groups, and strive to build our own unique Satanic paths.  However, too many Satanists prefer to gather in their groups, such as on forums, and adopt pre-packaged off-the-shelf ideologies that someone else created such as Laveyanism, which they slavishly follow with no understanding or attempts to adapt to their individual circumstances.

One classic example of the slavish nature of some so-called Satanists is in internet Satanism, they gather in their groups, some individual incurs the displeasure of the group by being Satanically individualistic, and the wolfpack forms to tear apart the individual that dared to be different.  Likewise if some new student of Satanism happens to express noobish ideas, as we all often did when we started out in Satanism, it is an invite for the wolfpack to rip them apart.  The wolfpack delight in drama, seeing some controversy to cause mischief they gather together like the children in the playground to destroy the object of their torment.

I give credit to Zachary Schroeder for his strong response against those that seek to destroy his forum, like a mother cat protecting her kittens, Schroeder has and is taking a hard-line against a Satanist wolfpack that seeks to rip apart his forum.  I have no respect for wolfpacks, they are sheep, who lack the imagination to be individual, preferring to destroy that which they envy than be creative and build an alternative such as their own forums.  Yes, I admire strong leaders, people like Putin, the world are full of weak sheep, which is why this world is falling to pieces.  I have zero tolerance for sheep dressed as wolfpacks, and I fully support the notion of packing them all into a room and machine gunning them to death.

Your actions in real life matters

I have been away in real life longer than I would have liked from this blog, and so over the next few days I will have plenty of catching up to do reading and answering comments, and reading those blogs I follow.  I make no apologies for being away from the internet, for what we do in real life as Satanists matters more than what we do on the internet.

I recently visited a few Satanist forums, none of which I am a member, but always useful to me to keep up with news and attitudes of some of the Satanists around the world.  One forum called Satanic International Network appears to have had an internal civil war over the last month between old-established members and the forum owner Zachary Schroeder aka Zack Black.  The reasons for the civil war could have been because Schroeder let his recent television appearance go to his head, or due to envy by his established members, but the fight revealed the painful truth for these established internet Satanists that they were expendable and irrelevant.  The established members of the forum after a bitter fight either quit or where suspended, anonymous self-important and largely irrelevant individuals outside of their little forum suddenly found they were as meaningless as a discarded empty can of beer.  

The internet is a tool of communication, nothing more, and any Satanist thinking otherwise is incredibly deluded.  Too many Satanists live their path through the medium of the internet, specifically forums.  In any individual forum a member may rise to be a figure of importance, but outside of their little niche they are in reality nothing.  What matters is what we Satanists do in real life, rather than living our lives through internet forums.

I suspect that the established members of the forum attacked the forum owner Zachary Schroeder out of envy, people whose only expression in Satanism was internet forum postings, whilst Schroeder has intelligently built up a reputation for himself in real life through his internet activity and forum to be invited on media shows and be an increasingly relevant voice of Satanism in the real world.

Satanic Responsibility

Zachary Schroeder aka Zach Black who owns and runs the Satanist forum Satanic International Network recently boasted to his followers that he had been carted off to hospital due to his drinking problem.

Now I ain’t being moralistic and I am all for living in the hedonistic pleasure, but we Satanists enjoy a unique path of individualism free from the slavery of others, which includes being responsible for our own actions.  It is easy playing the rebel Satanist on someone’s dime, for instance the charity of parents or welfare, but try being a Satanist and paying your own way in life.  When you are out there alone living off your own wits and money you are the true Satanic individual, in this reality you starve if you can’t raise money, and then you see how health is important.

As a Satanist I don’t want others charity, nor their care, I am walking my own path free of slavery.  If someone ends up in hospital because they screwed up their body, why should I have to pay for their care? Those maggots should be laid out in a room and left to rot and die.  Those Satanists who think I should pay the care bills for their self-inflicted health problems can go die.  If a Satanist is going to be the self empowered individual, it follows that good health is part of the Satanic way, self-abuse leading to hospitalization and disability on my dime is not Satanism.

Satanic comedy superstardom

“If you want to be taken seriously don’t dress like a fucking clown” – Zachary Schroeder

Since the death of Anton Lavey, founder of the modern form of Satanism called Laveyanism and the Church of Satan, there have been plenty of Satanists vying for the lime light, usually on forgettable second-rate talk shows.  Once they had their 15 minutes of fame, they think they are as famous as Lady Gaga and for years after attempt to create a personality cult as a mega-Satanic-superstar.

The most recent lucky break has come to the founder of the Satanic International Network Zachary Schroeder based in California, USA, who commonly refers to himself as Zach Black or SIN.  Mr Schroeder has been invited to appear on the Jeselnik Comedy Central show on 28th June of this year in an episode involving Satanists in a Catholic Girl School.  The Jeselnik show has a reputation for dealing with controversial issues and media subjects, with Satanism evidently selected for the comedy treatment. Though better than the usual media reports of crazy Satanists killing babies, no doubt Anton Lavey would turn in his grave at the comedy treatment of the Satanism he worked hard to give credibility to.

Mr Schroeder is no stranger to media involvement with one of his YouTube videos dealing with him under the influence of drugs making the media spotlight, and a failed attempt to milk fame from a suicide-murder of a former member of his Satanic forum.  The media being an unpredictable beast Mr Schroeder may be walking into disaster or into superstardom.