Go kill unicorns and rainbows with a machine gun

Satanicviews will often challenge the bullshit masquerading as Satanism: the trolling psychopathic clowns of the Order of Nine Angles, who market Satanism as a bunch of cannibalistic murderers and rapists; the Church of Satan, run by a husband-wife team who promote Right Hand Path values and militant atheism whilst excluding the legitimacy of all other more authentic Left Hand Path outlooks; the Nazi-obsessed groupies in the Joy of Satan; the fools who think Satanism is membership of a forum or is something associated with Heavy Metal.

The only worth Satanic action when meeting a unicorn and a rainbow is its obliteration with a machine gun.
The only worthy Satanic action when meeting a unicorn or a rainbow is its obliteration with a machine gun.

In recent years Satanicviews has come across those that paint Satanism as a path of unicorns and rainbows.  Too many Satanists on the internet are climbing upon their self-righteous soap boxes and promoting how law-abiding they are whilst condemning a Satanic individual or group for their alleged criminality.  In addition, there are those with the ear of the media, marketing Satanism as something associated with altruism, charity and Christian-like values.

The Satanic Temple, whilst achieving results in the constant battle in the USA defending the sacred split between religion and state, is attempting a marketing overhaul of Satanism in the eyes of the media akin to unicorns and rainbows.  One of the first campaigns the Satanic Temple organized was a community litter picking, whilst their ally on WordPress called Pride of Dawn has been attacking Satanic qualities like lex talionis, whilst promoting kindness and altruism.

Satanism is the dark path for a reason, the Satanist walks roads the group-minded sheep fear to travel in order to rise above conformity, slavery and ignorance.  The Satanist does not turn the other cheek and forgive like the Christian, they gift fire with fire, hate with hate, violence with violence.  The individual Satanist creates their own personal values, they reject the conformist templates of rules that external authorities such as the Church of Satan or the Satanic Temple preaches to the sheep.  My values are personal, I am as likely to break someone’s leg as save a kitten from drowning in a river, because I follow my own rules and choices, free of external authorities.

External authorities make up rules, laws and procedures in order to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of humanity, which is why 1% of the human population own half the resources of this planet, whilst nearly a billion other humans live on the borderline of life-and-death with limited access to clean water, air and food.  The individual Satanist will have to break rules and the law if they wish to prosper or be crushed into nothingness by authority.  Breaking rules is what makes a Satanist evil, since evil is a subjective judgement based upon a human-created rule – obey the rule, you are good, break the rule, you are evil.

Those that paint Satanism as unicorns and rainbows are adding to the pile of bullshit this blog despises.  The only worthy action to ideas of unicorns and rainbows in Satanism is their obliteration with a machine gun.

Normal blogging service will resume this Saturday (armed with a machine gun…)

27 thoughts on “Go kill unicorns and rainbows with a machine gun

  1. Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Plus I recently read that H.P. UncircumcisedPenis….I mean Hoodedcobra666 of the Joy of Satan said that Mother Lilith told them that, and I quote her “We are Nazis.” Question: Does anyone know a metaphysical or magical technique to put my brains back into my skull?

  2. It’s funny you mention that, I was a follower of them for a short while and while what they were doing with the Baphomet statue and the informed consent laws were interesting. Digging into the wretched cesspool they call a Facebook group showed a definite herd mentality, where you had one person dictating rules and “acceptable” forms of Satanism to others while silencing or chastising people who had differing (Pro-LaVey) views.

    Just another bullshit religion preying on the weak minded.

    1. Hi Observer, I recently was informed that any Joy of Satan Facebook Group and Page was NOT official or authentic in any way at all and that they had only recently created an official Twitter account, but no other form of social media was being run by anyone within their groupie sheeple. This was directly from one of the site admins.

  3. Greetings,

    I’ve been reading some of your blog’s entries as I recently began delving into Satanism and after reading this entry I got a little confused: if you say that Satanists aren’t altruists then why does it upset you that 1% of the world populace has half the resources? Why would you care about the rest if you are, apparently by the way you write and the capability to maintain an active blog, someone who lives relatively well? Isn’t the “Satanic way” to be selfish and take advantage of the poor and miserable? I’m also curious about the “Right Hand Path” approach of the current CoS administration you seem to denounce. Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. Roamer, thanks for your comment. I hope you are finding Satanicviews insightful.

      In my above blog post I made the point that the Satanist follows their own rules rather than follow the rules of external authorities. The individual Satanist should recognise with open eyes that the institutions and rules of external authorities benefit the ruler and not the Satanist. The individual Satanist is self-serving, their form of altruism is similar to how Ayn Rand would describe it as follows:

      With regards Satanicviews, I in theory write once a week, but sometimes it can be a gap of many weeks, as I fit it around my life. Writing a blog post once a week is a small impact on my busy life, and I can write a blog post reasonably fast.

      As Rand explains in the link above, selfishness is a “virtue.” Selfishness is about advancing the self in a society that would crush the individual under its wheels without a thought. How the individual Satanist advances is different from Satanist to Satanist, but I would suggest there is little to be gained from predating on those in poverty and misery when there are better prospects concentrating upon those with wealth and power.

      I see little difference between RHP of COS than I do of the Roman Catholic Church, the same nonsense of dogma, rules, top-down hierarchy, self-appointed leaders with titles, the hypocrisy of atheistic members denying the viability of other Satanic paths whilst parading around in their own baggage of religion.

      1. I used to really hate Ayn Rand, but through the Satanic Bible I came to understand her philosophy much better and also personal experiences made me realize the futility of communities and social movements, however I still have many ideas in my mind that need clarification. One of them is: if ideals are rejected by Satanists due to their pragmatism, how do they explain the evolution of mankind in aspects such as technology and overall quality of living? Aren’t these advances the product of people who had an ideal of a better world? Also I’ve reading your past posts and while I do agree with some of the things you say, there are others which to me seem a bit harsh, for example the fact that you, as a Satanist, have no issues cutting out contact with immediate family for being an “obstacle” to the fulfillment of your goals, I know I’m getting too personal, but I just want to know: is the destruction of family ties a common thing among Satanists? Do Satanists condone this? My family, though flawed as any other, has given me lots of support and material comfort, and I’d feel ungrateful if I were to reject them in the future due to their rejection of my outlook in life. And on a similar subject, do Satanists love? What is it to them?

        About the CoS, before my question there were a lot of things I didn’t know about them which have put my wishes of belonging to their church “on hold” now that I’ve learn about the way they do things now. Do you think that their problem might have been that they are taking the CoS way too seriously? My supposition is that LaVey just wanted to mock Christianity and never intended for the CoS to be something serious and if that’s the case then I can’t really look up to what Gilmore and co. have done with it.

        I also read one of your posts about what Satanism is: the “accuser” who has some independence but still answers to the jewish god. if Satanists are just that, then aren’t they under the command of the jewish god? If not, what would happen to Satanists if the jewish religion (and Christianity) was vanquished from the planet?

        And finally, resources. It seems to me that the big three (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) rely on herds and collectivism, therefore individualism is their enemy, so one could say that in some way Ayn Rand was “satanic”, right? What books should I read to understand her philosophy better? Are there any other authors that could be considered “satanic”?

        Thanks in advance for your reply, I know this was a lengthy post and I apologize for making a baseless judgement of the time you spend blogging here.

      2. Hello Roamer, thanks for your questions, I shall attempt to answer in brief.

        INNOVATION. The Satanist makes up a small fraction of the human population, perhaps 100K out of 7 billion people. Most of the innovations have come from RHP leaning non-Satanists, who are motivated by altruistic utopian notions, but more likely motivated by selfish motives such as making money from inventions and art.

        FAMILY AND RELATIONSHIPS. It is different from Satanist to Satanist how far they wish to go in pursuing their Satanic goals. I take a hard view that I only carry relationships with people who support my goals. If family or friend cannot accept the individual, their beliefs and goals, why keep them? I am ruthless, but other Satanists are less so.

        LOVE. There are many definitions of love. The individual Satanist embraces all sides of their humanity, including feelings of love for a thing or person.

        COS. I think COS has a problem of hubris, which is a problem of most Satanic groups. COS lives in the past, unable to accept the viability and benefits of working with alternative truths and groups. Lavey was always evolving in his ideas, he was serious about his ideas and the group he created. COS did not evolve with the changes in the ideas of its founder, indeed it has stopped living and growing, living on past glories, a dodo waiting for its number to be called.

        “ACCUSER.” The first mention of Satan is in the Jewish Book of Job, which describes Satan from the Jewish point of view as an angel in the employ of God testing the Jews so that they maintained the quality as expected of them by their god. Satan over time has evolved to be different from that of the original Satan in the Book of Job, so that Christians have their interpretations and Satanists over time have given other interpretations of what Satan is to them. As a Satanist my personal Satan is the individual will that exists in each human being, which the RHP religions seek to extinguish in slavery and conformity to their paradigms. The individual rebels and opposes all the forces of conformity and slavery through the manifestation of their will, they will oppose the Jewish and Christian religions, or whatever dominant enslaving paradigm that replaces those religions if they ever vanished.

        RESOURCES. There are books on Ayn Rand or by Ayn Rand you can read, Google it. The Satanic Bible should be read to get a foundation on modern Satanic thought. A good book on general philosophy will give a general overview of philosophical concepts. The 600Club forum front page has 12 useful books for Satanists.

  4. Thanks for your reply, now I have a better picture concerning Satanism but I still have some confusion regarding the CoS.

    So the problem with the CoS is that they haven’t evolved at all since LaVey’s passing, but why does evolving go in hand with accepting new truths and working alongside other groups? Aren’t Satanists supposed to reject groups? Wouldn’t alternative truths deviate Satanists from the path that was paved by LaVey or does Satanism encompass a bigger spectrum of ideas and practices? If LaVey was serious about the CoS, wasn’t having a group contrary to his own philosophy?

    Your site is very informative and useful, there’s plenty of stuff going on around Satanism that I had no idea about.

    1. Roamer, COS was the product of its times, initially expressing most of the ideas of Lavey. COS has not evolved with the times, for instance to reflect the needs and aspirations of new technology and generations. Evolution means that the individual or group lets themselves be open to new ideas and worldviews, which helps everyone to stay current and relevant. COS decided to shut itself off from the new world, to live off past glories, so it is becoming no longer relevant to younger generations of Satanists.

      Individual Satanism ironically is a new trend, breaking away from the old paradigm that the individual had to be a member of a group to be a Satanist. The internet in part has broken up the monopoly of control over information, which allows individuals to build their own path without any need to join groups.

  5. Just the other day a friend was talking to me about religion and that its followers had to consider the context in which they were created, and that not doing so caused the birth of fundamentalists. Is this the same with Satanism? The fact that a Satanist can choose his/her own path means that both theistic and atheist Satanism are valid? Does this mean that they can consider magic as real?

    I’ve seen the book recommendations at the 600 club and I’ll read as much of them as possible, however I checked the Amazon page for “48 laws of power” and I already encountered some ideas that clashed with my values, such as taking credit for other people’s work.

  6. Hey I like rainbows! I just don’t need to convince myself there’s a pot of gold waiting for me at the end in order to appreciate it’s beauty. 😉

  7. Hello there. Love your blog. I like studying different religions and satanism is one of the most fascinating I’ve come across. I think true satanists are amazing people, not the criminal minded, gullible retards that try to call crime satanism. The ability to hold self in high regard while wanting the best for the world is a mark of sheer intelligence. I respect that satanism does not need brainless slaves but encourages people to be the fierce warriors they are. Although I’ve never met them face to face,I admire the solid, quiet strength satanists have.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kassie, yes, Satanism offers a positive outlook for those that embrace it, and who can look beyond the ignorant misinformation of its enemies who always wish to paint it with stereotypical notions.

      1. Hi. Sorry for delayed reply, I’ve been rather busy this days. True words indeed. I’ve been asking myself though: what would happen if Satanism where to change its name? I mean no offence but what if Satanism could somehow be (completely) disassociated with how society percieves it through how it’s presented? I’m not saying turn it into a bunch of fluff-no. I just think it will be interesting when Satanism is no longer seen as a reaction to Christianity. Sure Satanists have good counter arguments against Christianity, they’ve made their point . I’d like to see more of what Satanism has to offer on a deeper level- without (reference to) Christianity. It would be a big step me thinks. What do you think?

      2. Satanism unfortunately owes its existence to Christianity, so it is difficult to separate the reactionary element to Christianity. There have been attempts to rename Satanism, for instance some have called themselves Prometheans. Satanism is one branch of the Left Hand Path, there are other outlooks in the LHP such as Luciferianism, which claims to have older roots than Christianity.

        I think most Satanists are happy to be called Satanist and have little need for the approval of others by way of rebranding themselves with a new name.

  8. Oh well, I guess that’s the order in the chaos:-). Still think it rocks though. What one thinks of self trumps what people think. I’ll take that statement home with me. I appreciate your insightful reply

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