Addressing some of the allegations of Nathaniel Harris

False allegation maker and fantasist Nathaniel Harris faces a court hearing in October 2021, which hopefully will finally end his reign of terror against his many victims through his false Satanic Ritual Abuse allegation making.

It has come to my attention that Satan Hunters Angela Power Disney from Oldcastle in Eire and Matt Taylor from Brighton in the UK have been repeating false allegations sourced to another Satan Hunter known as Nathaniel Harris from the Bristol area of the UK.

The first false allegation is that I am Julian Vayne. The reality is that I am not Julian Vayne. It is no insult to be misrepresented as Julian Vayne, even though my spiritual outlook is totally different to that of Vayne. Mr Vayne is a successful writer on the subject of chaos magick and other similar themes, who is widely respected for what he does; and has run scores of workshops that has benefited thousands of people, from children to the elderly. For information on Julian Vayne, his website is here.

The second false allegation is that I and Julian Vayne are in some way involved with the Kidwelly sex abuse cult. The source of this false allegation is Nathaniel Harris, who himself has zero connection to the Kidwelly case; but decided to take that case, include himself as a victim in that case, and also everyone he had a disagreement with he falsely claimed as members of that cult, who were he alleged in an epic conspiracy focussed on Harris. Despite many opportunities to give evidence to the police, social workers and a court custody dispute over a boy with learning difficulties, Harris has offered zero evidence in support of his fantasies and false allegation making.

Nathaniel Harris is a failed writer on the occult, unemployable, friendless, and in the 51st year of his life, looking ten years old than he is; festering in his own poison and delusions. Whereas Julian Vayne is fully cleared to work with children and the vulnerable, I personally would not let Nathaniel Harris babysit a hamster.

Julian Vayne and others will be going to court against Nathaniel Harris in October 2021 to get a court order finalised to forbid him from making any further false allegations of the type he has been making against innocent people on pain of imprisonment. Nathaniel Harris will again have an opportunity to provide evidence in support of his allegations; but since they are all fantasy, it is unlikely. I will leave Julian Vayne with the last word on the failed human being known as Nathaniel Harris, which can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Addressing some of the allegations of Nathaniel Harris

  1. I still remember Nathaniel Harris’ name attached to some of Michael W. Ford’s early books, such as Book of the Witch Moon. One wonders how a loser like Harris ever ended up in Ford’s circle of friends.

      1. Yeah, I’m well aware of that. That ONA association is still the worst of them all, because I find his claims to have left it all behind can’t be taken at face value and collapse with sufficient scrutiny.

  2. Michael W. Ford has a history of spouting occultic-sounding gibberish, endlessly, in a series of books that say nothing about anything. IMO.

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