Comment on the proposed pardon for witches in Scotland

This is Sabine McNeill, a modern hunter of witches, who subjected a whole community of London to terror by accusing them of ritualistic rape and murder of children from 2014 onwards. McNeill is doing nine years jail time for her activities. It is vital that the narrative of those accused of witchcraft is not obscured by empty pardons and apologies, because people want past events to fit a politically correct and santised modern interpretation, as it helps those like McNeill to do exactly the sort of things that got thousands of innocent people killed for witchcraft hundreds of years ago in Scotland.

A petition has recently been submitted to the Scottish Parliament with three demands in relation to 4000 witches who were executed under the Witchcraft Act 1563 demanding: a pardon for all those convicted under the act; an apology; a national monument.

The petition has drawn a mixed response from people: Solicitor advocate Andrew Stevenson called it “shameful and absurd”, examining the legal issues around the petition; the historian Dr Peter Maxwell-Stuart of St Andrews University called it a “dishonest gesture”, an attempt to rewrite history; supporters of the petition insist that “victims of witch trials deserve a pardon”.

As both a campaigner for religious freedom, as someone who advocates for justice, and as a historian, I also have reservations about the the idea of a pardon and an apology; but support the idea for a monument.

As a historian, I feel that the trend to demand apologies and pardons for historic and unpleasant events or injustices is an attempt to hijack and rewrite history, which does neither the victims of the past, or, potentially, victims of the future, any justice. For politically correct or feel-good reasons, campaigners feel the need that if the narrative of history is added to, that in some manner it will be changed, but in doing so, they will deny a dark narrative for which the living can gain from. History is only useful if the story is something that the living can learn from, so that it is never repeated. History is saturated with injustice and dark events, but, if obscured by rewrites, people lose part of what made them what they are; for individual, community and society is the sum of all that has gone before.

The injustices and dark events of history only are helpful to the living, if they stand raw, bloody and nasty for all to see. Pardons and apologies does nothing for the dead; it does nothing to undo what the victims suffered, their lives cut short. The dead do not care, they are dead; even if some believe there is life-after-death; the dead have moved on to other things such as via reincarnation. The narrative of history is useful to the living, if people can emotionally react to the raw unfettered narrative, not a rewritten feel-good version.

I have to deal with a modern day version of witch hunting against alternative religions and innocent individuals. Just as in the days of witch hunting, people are being accused of rape, torture, murder and eating of children in “Satanic” rituals. The whole community of Hampstead in London have suffered years of witch hunting, accused of Satanic Ritual Abuse, for which they are still being harrassed for seven years after the allegations were first made in 2014. A vindictive individual called Becki Percy has accused her family and the people of Hull UK of the systematic murder, rape and eating thousands of children in Satanic Rituals. It is because of the allegations from individuals like Percy that many innocent people were murdered in Scotland due to false allegations of being witches; and it is because of allegations by those like Percy, that people in the modern day could be harmed. But, if we cannot learn from the raw narrative of injustice in history, because it has been rewritten by apologies and pardons, then the injustices of what the dead suffered will be repeated upon the living.

I ask: why must the child feel shame and apologise for the sins of the parent? The living, and the instititions they run, are not responsible for the injustices that killed thousands of people hundreds of years ago. Why must those individuals take upon themselves the shame, the responsibility of their ancestors, for apologising for the decisions and deeds of people have been dead for hundreds of years? Someone of the living is being asked to take on the burden of thousands unjustly murdered in order to justify an apology for those injustices. Shall the one who apologises, be also expected to walk naked through the streets of Scotland, pelted by rotten fruit? This is how stupid this idea is to ask the living to apologise for the deeds of the dead hundreds of years before.

The laws of the time was what applied for the beliefs and needs of the time. It is a nonsense to attempt to try and rewrite the laws and judgements made hundreds of years before by trying to use modern legal systems to rewrite those long since invalid laws to satisfy modern cultural opinions and feelings. What does this achieve legally? We, in the modern world, may dislike the decisions and events of laws of hundreds of years before, but that is what they believed and acted upon in their society and time. Those peoples of hundreds of years before will seriously hate and oppose the modern laws and deeds of our modern age.

It would be legally unsafe and unreasonable in my view to do a blanket pardon for crimes of witchcraft of hundreds of years ago. If it has been the decision of the people of the time that if black magic has happened, that on conviction, the penalty is death; and if black magic is real, and there has been a victim of black magic, then amongst those thousands of cases there will be some cases justified for that outcome. If the position is taken that black magic is superstition, but that there have been people who have used the superstion of people to harm them, for which they then get accused of witchcraft, and executed; are they the agents of their own misfortune? There are ocultists in the modern age such as Nathaniel Harris of Bristol UK, who is actively casting ritualistic curses on the victims he is harrassing; and there would have been a number of individuals like Harris who have been executed for this type of abuse amongst those Scottish “witches” who have caused untold suffering on a very superstitious people. It is belief that gives many magical systems such as Voodoo their power over people, thus if an indivual believes they will die by a curse, they can die from it. In addition, in the age when witches were executed, people could be executed for stealing a horse; so if some fraud had gained a horse by reason of claiming to be a witch, the penalty of stealing that horse by the fraud is much the same as stealing it – death. To give a blanket pardon is not justice; because to be just one has to examine each case individually, where records are poor and would take up an awful lot of resources that would be better applied to the cases of unjust allegation making of the living.

Having a monument to the injustices visited upon innocent people of allegation making of witchcraft is something I fully support. A monument draws attention to the cruelty, injustice and superstition that caused the deaths of so many innocent people. Many of those victims, who a few minutes before they died due to the charge of witchcraft hundreds of years ago in Scotland, would have a position that their descendents never suffer a similar fate. A tribute to the fate of those victims would be to give them a monument, but never obscure their narrative with empty pardons and apologies; because the legacy they would have wanted is to have their fate not visited upon the children of the modern age; the deaths of those victims will be for nothing, if their raw bloody story has been lost to history thanks to politically correct touchy-feely sentiments, who dislike the dark narrative of what those victims suffered.

On liberty and responsibility

Liberty comes with responsibility, otherwise the liberty is restricted or lost.

There is no escaping it, most citizens are part of a greater entity called the State, subject to the laws of that State, which forms the contract between the citizen and the State. The contract sets out liberties such as the liberty to freedom of speech, contractual duties like the paying of tax, and penalties for breaking a rule of the contract, a fine or a restriction of a liberty such as imprisonment.

The internet is a new medium of communication, a tool that remains at this time lightly burdened by contractual laws defining what the citizen can and cannot do upon it.  The citizen has many liberties in how and what they express on the internet, yet these liberties come with personal responsibility.  When the few abuse a liberty to harm, lie and steal about or from another citizen, and the many through apathy or active encouragement allow this behaviour to continue and grow, then the liberty becomes restricted or lost.

In my own personal experience, when citizens such as Nathaniel Harris and Kris Costa, writes upon the internet dishonest stories about me, linking me to an innocent man called Julian Vayne, with the knowledge and hope that Order of Nine Angles (ONA) vigilantes might attack Vayne, then it is an abuse of a liberty given to the internet.

When a father (RD) and his two children are pursued by a baying mob of thousands of self-appointed vigilantes desiring their abduction and destruction based upon a false Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative, then a liberty given to the internet is threatened.

When internet companies such as Google profit from linking advertising to content promoting hate, or in the case of the Hampstead SRA hoax pimping a false narrative, the faces and names of abused children, then a liberty of the internet is going to be lost.

When despite dozens of referrals and complaints to an internet company called Patreon about illegal and child abusive content, that clearly breaches its own terms and conditions, and its own moderation systems appear incapable of speedily dealing with it, then the internet suffers a loss of a liberty.

All liberties come with responsibility, or they are restricted and lost.  A citizen that loves a liberty, has a responsibility to treat others with the same liberty, and also defend that liberty from being abused.  When the State brings about changes to the contract to restrict or remove liberties previously enjoyed by the citizen on the internet, it is no use complaining, the citizen harvests what they sow.

On the subject of Julian Vayne

This blogger is James Hind, not Julian Vayne.

Julian Vayne contacted me today, he had been approached by a member of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA.)

I put it on record yet again, that I am not Julian Vayne.  I post on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and WordPress as James Hind, satanicviews, views_s, with the clear uniform green avatars, none which have any connection to Julian Vayne.  I take full ownership of the content I post on those four accounts, and I stand and fall by them.

People can abuse, troll, threaten, complain to the police, whatever, but please address them against me James Hind and not innocent men like Julian Vayne and his family.  It is unjust, unfair and dishonorable to target an innocent man and his family in order to get at me, even when I have repeated countless times, I am not Julian Vayne.

The man who has been playing off the ONA against Julian Vayne is a man called Nathaniel Harris, who has been bombarding my blog on many occasions with threats and abuse targetted at Julian Vayne and his family.  The only reason that Nathaniel Harris has not been busted for his activity is that Julian Vayne is a nice guy who puts Christians to shame, who is forgiving, not troubled by Nathaniel Harris and feels pity for him.  Vayne is not even of my religion, he is the Right Hand Path religion of Thelema.

In addition to Nathaniel Harris trying to link Vayne to me, so have some Satan Hunters (those who promote the Hampstead SRA hoax) including Kris Sue Costa, Angela Power Disney and others.  This is a dangerous and stupid game these Satan Hunters are playing, since they are putting an innocent man and his family in danger, and also causing him  unnecessary trouble.  Nathaniel Harris, Kris Sue Costa and those others, if you have a problem with me, at least have the courage and target me rather than innocent people.  Because these actions are exciting the police, there is a realistic chance it will backfire with police going after Harris, ONA or anyone else involved, I would rather not be dragged into that.

Unlike Satan Hunters such as Kris Sue Costa and Nathaniel Harris, the ONA do fact check before they target someone, which is why the strategy of Harris to play off ONA against Vayne has failed.

With regards to the Order of Nine Angles, get over it, I have called upon you to honor your published code of honor with regards to children.  Take this as an opportunity to put your house in order, throwing tantrums, making threats against me, or acting upon those threats because I have called you out, is utterly pathetic and sub-human.  I am not entering into debate with you, or entertaining your egos.

It appears to be the fashion at the moment that every sensitive snowflake threatens to or runs to the police if I say anything to challenge their illegal and unethical conduct.  Go right ahead, but I am sure the police have better things to be doing with their time.

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ADDENDUM: Julian Vayne has updated me: (15/03/17)

“The only addendum is that while I like a bit of Thelema it is not my religion (see The Pope and the Prophet) on my blog.”

Justice catches up with internet trolls

2016 marked the year it legally became open season on internet trolls in the UK.

The year 2016 marked the point when justice came of age and began to move against internet trolls.  In former times internet trolls were considered one of the accepted irritants of life on the internet, those drama producing individuals behind many flame wars, the sort most are familiar with on Satanic internet forms such as the trolls of the ONA.  The internet troll has now evolved into something like the ones who waged a disturbing war upon a mother and her disabled daughter.

For two years I have fought against Satan Hunters who have targetted innocent people including children with allegations they are involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse.  The motivation of these Satan Hunters is revenge, making money and gaining social status through the making of false allegations and the pursuit of those allegations as self-appointed vigilantes against paedophiles who they say are also powerful Satanists raping, killing and eating babies.  The Satan Hunters invite through internet postings others to kill named individuals, they plot and orchestrate the abduction of named children, they post the medical reports, images and videos of abused children, to which one said he masturbated over.  No longer merely drama seeking, these trolls now target people to destroy them, their lives, their families and livelihoods.

The internet since the beginning has been a place where people have enjoyed the false feeling that what they post came with no consequence, they were anonymous and the internet was a playground that censorship had no place.  The internet has grown up, everything and everyone is now interconnected down to their teddy bear, and one posting can instantly be shared a million times to destroy an individual overnight.  The internet troll now has the sense of a god, pursuing their targets through their keyboard with real world consequences as the regular reports of suicides reveal.

During 2015 I got to see all the internet troll tactics of the Satan Hunters, the impacts of those tactics, and the limitations of dealing with those tactics.  In 2016 I noticed a major change in attitudes by those in legal authority towards internet trolls such as the Satan Hunters; it is difficult to identify any one event which is causing this change, but I think it has been an ongoing set of events that caused the pendulum to change direction.

A child is pursuing a legal action against Facebook over internet trolls posting nude images of her on social media, a case everyone is watching with interest as it will impact all the information merchants around the world.  All the social media giants are introducing new strategies in 2016 to deal with internet trolls, something I have noticed impacting Satan Hunters who have had tantrums over the loss of content or account suspensions.

I have lost count of the number of Satan Hunters who have been arrested, sectioned, charged in relation to their internet postings in the Hampstead SRA hoax.  The LHP’s own sick clown who hunts Satanists in relation to his SRA fictions Nathaniel Harris has also been pulled in by the police, and may face charges.

The UK attorneys office known as the Crown Prosecution Service has issued guidelines to all the police and its lawyers on internet trolls, and based on these guidelines a consultation is going out to the public for 13 weeks before new laws are formed to end the reign of terror of the internet troll in the UK.

A case of mistaken identity

“If you want to be taken seriously don’t dress like a fucking clown.” Zach Black of Satanic International Network.

It has come to my attention that a mentally disturbed misfit called Nathaniel Harris, self-styled occult nobody,  professional clown and the former mentor of Luciferian Michael Ford, has teamed up with Satan Hunters, those promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax in London to wage a campaign of harassment against a group of magicians that they think are either me, or connected to me.

Let me be clear that those running The Blog of Baphomet have no connection to me.  I did not want innocent people pursued based upon misidentification that they are me.  I am happy for Harris and the other sheep to entertain me with their delusions that they can do anything to me other than write some bullshit on social media on what I might have done, or who I might be associated with.  Even though I have warned the magicians to expect clowns at their door, I have no interest in associating with those connected to the Thelema religion, a RHP outlook of little relevance to the LHP outlook of Satanism.

The Satan Hunter Jake Clarke was sectioned in a mental asylum by his own agency, encouraged by Satan Hunters Angela Power Disney and Rupert Quaintance.  I warned Clarke what to expect since I foresaw what would happen to him if he continued on his path, he ignored me, he suffered the fate he deserved.  Any misfortune that Harris and his Satan Hunter fellows bring upon themselves is by their own agency, it has nothing to do with me, Satan or any other external agency.

Established occult writer and possible inventor of the term “chaos magic” Peter Carroll recently offered me his opinion on the claims by Nathaniel Harris.  He said:

“…I have come across no evidence whatsoever that Batley ever had any association with the people Harris accuses, perhaps your article should make that clearer.

I think Harris merely noticed Batley in the news and then tried to add him into the mad mix because of the alleged SRA, however the case for SRA seems pretty thin there, a mere bit of window dressing borrowed from widely available Crowley books.”

Harris and his partner are failed magicians, they are discredited dishonest individuals who create fictions of Satanic Ritual Abuse to cover their own inadequacies as parents and scholars.  People don’t buy the books by Harris because they are badly written poorly researched containers of bullshit.  Harris cannot work as a children’s entertainer as he is a potential danger to children.  Harris and his partner used a child as a means of pursuing personal vendettas against people in their failed relationships.  Appropriate to his creepy clown persona Harris no longer has the support of occultists and magicians, because nobody takes him seriously and he borders on the psychotic.  The issues Harris and his partner faces is their own agency, nothing to do with any criminal conspiracy.

The type of magicians Harris used to hang out with in the UK are a small intimate circle of specialists of occult literature who Harris seeks to smear on the basis that one bad egg called Colin Batley participated in their events, who was later arrested and convicted of sexually molesting children in his personal sex cult.  There is no evidence that anyone Harris and his partner besmirches with their wild SRA fictions is connected to any wrongdoing.

Even though I am now retired from campaigning against the Hampstead SRA hoax, considering that it is now a dead hoax, I am happy to be entertained by the clowns, but please target the right people for the right reasons.   Better still, go and piss off the Order of Nine Angles.