Satanism as an idea

A blog I read asked is Satanism a philosophy or religion? I consider Satanism is an idea, from which a personal philosophy or religion may emerge.  My Satanism starts with an idea:

“Manifestation of personal will to become the god in my own life.”

From this initial idea is the foundation upon which I build my values and associate other ideas. I condemn those individuals who enslave themselves to groups, gurus and religions, putting themselves second to those external authorities in their lives because such attitudes and actions runs against my foundation idea. I value the genetic quality of intelligence, for this quality is required for the individual Satanist to question their reality and society in order to become the god in their own lives.

Once the individual Satanist has defined their initial founding idea of what Satanism is to them then it becomes a matter of work and time of building a unique personal path brick by brick on the initial idea’s foundation.  Too many so-called Satanists who wrap the Satanist title around their heads have failed to do the basic preliminary work of working out what Satanism is to them, so their Satanism is like a house built on poor foundations, which collapses the moment it suffers any challenge from life; such people are vapid, shallow and sway from one external influence to another because they have no internal point of reference on which to build their Satanism to anchor them and navigate themselves through the noisy conflict and chaos of reality.


9 thoughts on “Satanism as an idea

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  2. Hi, thought I would drop in and just shake hands! This might sound a bit backwards, but I haven’t read any post of yours that I disagree with! Chuckle. That does say quite a bit. It seems I’m in the process of radicalizing my own perspective although I use the term Luciferian. Take Care!

    • Hi Joe, thanks for stopping by and your comment. I am glad you have found my blog useful.

      Regardless of how an individual in the Left Hand Path describes themselves – Luciferian, Satanists… it is the meaning they bring to the word through their ideas and actions that matters.

  3. Dear Satanic Views, I am sure you hold true to your Satanic views, just the same way Christians hold true to their Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. He came down to earth, died for our sins, and has indeed liberated us from the torment and everlasting destruction of Hell. This Hell is run by Satan and his followers like yourself. So I understand that you feel that Satan is prospering you, and all those that follow him. However, to each his own. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whosoever believeth on Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16). God gives each of us a free will to choose good or evil. Therefore, you have made your choice to follow Satan, but I and many others have made our choices to follow Jesus. I do respect your views, but do not chastise mine as paranoid delusions. I won’t allow any darkness to dictate to the Light. With that said, there shall be a day when the True Light which lights the world shall return for all those who obey and follow His commandments. On the contrary, all those who made the decision to follow Satan will be doomed forever in the lake of fire, unless they acknowledge and seek Salvation, by following Jesus Christ, before it’s too late.

    • I always appreciate ideas that oppose mine, and I thank you for your comment. We are on different sides, with opposite views. This world would be a boring place without such opposition, don’t you think?

      I am also knowledgeable on the history of the evolution of Christianity, which in the first hundreds of years never had a concept of hell, something invented to scare the ignorant in the age of Dante.

      • I understand your idea regarding the concept of Hell being one to scare the ignorant. However, I believe it’s a true concept, but one can be spared if they follow the right path. Hell is not for good people, but evil people. With that said, there is no need to be scared if one is doing good and following God’s commandment, which is simple to love one another, to be kind, not to steal, etc. You’re created by God who also created Satan. Therefore, God is the creator of all. Hence, he’s supreme and above all else, and for such, mankind should be grateful and serve Him. He’s not scaring anyone, but giving His love, so that we can all have eternal life. I do understand that you are delving into the background of Satanic ideas, in order to have a better knowledge of the operation of his world. However, I would like to invite you to delve into the background of Jesus world. If you do, you will see His true love express to you, and this is nothing to scare you. God bless. Thanks for stopping by my site.

  4. The soul is an extrusion of the physical body, grows and becomes strengthened through intense effort. After death it is able to continue and is reborn, will always be reborn. The soul that refuses to reincarnate will over thousands of years rise into the light and fade away gradually losing awareness of itself and extinguishing itself in the godhead. I consider that an abomination! We are to be co-creators in this universe, not to extinguish ourselves! I believe the worst lie is to say that immortality of the soul is dissolution into the light. Shrug, have a nice trip!

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