Beyond LHP forums

No fan of LHP forums, I read the posts of their forum members as a non-member, a way of keeping an eye on trends amongst those that associate themselves with the Left Hand Path.  There are many LHP forums on the internet, the majority are like a cemetery, and most are on life-support with the occasional rare monthly post by a dedicated forum member.

600Club is probably one of the oldest LHP forums on the internet, but of 8700+ forum members might have less than 50 resident members contributing anything in a month, and a glimpse at their statistics shows a hardcore dozen contributing to a small number of topics.  The Sect of the Horned God deleted their LHP forum in the last week, following a number of forums that have closed, as idealistic LHP forum owners recognise their money, time and energy might be more fruitfully spent elsewhere.  A schism at the SIN forum as the majority of the hardcore contributing membership abandoned ship after a falling out with the site owner, creating their own forum, and leaving a moribund half-living site behind; the new site the exiles created with a membership of less than a hundred, with no membership growth and a third of the membership inactive, a familiar story of forums of any topic on the internet.

Internet forums such as Ning and offer an evolved version of the old Usenet bulletin boards, with the same problem of trolling, spam, low quality egotistical garbage that the internet drowns in.  Internet forums are like a compost heap, dung thrown on layer upon layer, where useful gems of Satanic insight drowned in a mountain of dung.  Look at any LHP internet forum, note how 95% of the forum membership are inactive, and how hard it is to find quality LHP information amongst the dung heap of low quality information.

The essence of Satanism has always been, and always will be, the manifestation of individual will.  The paradox of the individual seeking out internet infrastructure built around community, which is what internet forums are, communities, is why internet forums are dead-end projects of undesirable conformity.  I like the concept of blog sites as WordPress provide for these are individual islands of manifestation of individual will, where I have no need to post content in the same shared space as a moron as the forums unfortunately allow.  The ideal Satanic internet site of the future is an intimate relationship between the internet site and the individual user, not one where a space is provided for a bunch of people to self-organise into something little different from a community.