Rejecting dogmatic extremism

The media are full of stories at the moment about an upsurge of Islamic extremism around the world from Iraq to Kenya.  The story is about a bunch of Muslims who think their truth is the only truth, and they seek to impose that truth upon others through terror and murder.  I personally don’t care about Muslims, I will leave them alone if they leave me alone.  I have a problem when a Muslim or other dogmatic slave imposes their truth upon me, and think they are justified to murder me if I disagree with them.

The beauty of the Left Hand Path is that truth is unique to each individual, ours is a path of individuality and selfhood, rejecting conformity and slavery to the group-mind such as Islam or Mormonism.  Each individual in the LHP are unique and their truth is relative to themselves, nobody in the LHP are alike in their ideas.

I have only one answer for those who seek to murder me unless I enslave myself to their subjective truth, I shall take up gun and bomb and oppose them as ruthlessly as they do towards me.  Fortunately I live in the West, so that the Muslims who are murdering their way across the Middle East and Africa are only a limited threat, however, even in Satanism we have our own dogmatic extremists, such as the Satanic cult the Order of Nine Angles (ONA), who also in their many trollish posts in internet forums echo the same mentality as an Al-Qaeda fanatic that they will murder Satanists who fail to share their narrow-minded outlook.

Truth is relative.  Truth are ideas which an individual subjectively believes is true.  Any idea can give rise in the mind of the fanatic a dogmatic extremist mentality to impose through force their relative truths upon others, thus fanaticism is not limited to religion, but to any situation involving ideas.  There may come a time in the future when the Satanist will have to face fanatics be they Christian, ONA or Muslim who are prepared to murder them and their family, and it is useful to ask yourself what you would do if that situation ever arose.