Use it or lose it

Nature loves motion; the human body and brain is designed for motion.  Nature removes what is not in motion; use it or lose it.

Satanism is the path of action, thus the subject of this blog post. 

A plant by my window, all its leaves turned towards the light.  The leaves facing the light are strong, vibrant and healthy, the leaves away from the light are small, weak and shriveled.  All living things are energy-efficient by deploying limited resources to what is in use, eliminating or reducing that which is of limited use.

Lazy stupid people will reap a terrible harvest for themselves in later life, for they condemn themselves to disability and poor health.  It is the way of things that the human body will gradually become weaker in brain and body through old age, but the common natural pattern of living things to eliminate what is no longer used will accelerate this process over time.

Go out in nature, push the boundaries of the body and mind in active challenges.  Use all the brain and body, and make it challenging.  What is hard encourages the body to build and maintain biological structures.  In the reverse, the brain that no longer uses brain cells to create solutions to challenging problems will let those brain cells die without replacement, and the individual will forever be limited in what they can do without those brain cells.  Heart disease, diabetes, dementia have common causes or motivators from inactivity of the body and brain.  Use it or lose it.