A true AI is an explorer and hunter

aiSometimes I have decided to go off to a place without any preparation or map, a challenging adventure into the unknown, exploring my options such as where to stay when I got there.  Such an approach offers the opportunity to gain access to hidden perils and delights that the individual would not have had if they limited themselves to a prepared plan of action.

Experts in artificial intelligence follow one of two paths, both which are pre-planned paths of action.  One path is where they define and code all the rules the AI will follow, however, this limits the AI to the restrictive paradigms and rules of its creators.  The second path is the use of so-called machine learning that uses vast datasets that the AI will explore and determine patterns from.  The problem with machine learning is that the AI is unable to offer feedback how it arrived at a choice from the datasets it trawled, and it is limited by the prejudices, errors and quality of the dataset.

Ideally the AI is given a simple set of rules and map, then unleashed with an error checking capability into the real world, if the data it gets in the real world won’t match its rules and map, it updates the rules and map to reflect the real world.  I think the use of machine learning or attempts to define and code every rule for an AI is both unnecessary and ineffective.

In addition, having an AI working alongside human counterparts who are researching the same project can offer a feedback loop for both sides.  Rather than limit AI by blinding it with predefined rules and datasets, instead encouraging it to hunt, gather, explore, play and test data that it has access to in real-time, creating its own map and rules based upon what it finds is in my view a true example of AI.


Artificial Intelligence and morality


AI is a subject marked with profound ignorance by the general population.

Dozens of robotics experts recently called for a ban on AI weapons saying it is morally wrong.  In my opinion morality has no place in science and technology, especially when it is based upon ignorance, speculation and profit.

Unless the individual has done computer coding, or put together the components into an electronic device, then that individual will come to the table on the AI debate with a profound ignorance on the subject, lacking the insight of wisdom based upon what it involves to build an AI.  For instance, to code a script to extract certain text from one document and put it into another document requires thought about every stage and action that must happen to successfully carry out the task in computer code. With these insights the individual understands that every stage of AI is highly complicated, that there is a difference between true and false AI, and the extent of AI.

Regular critic of AI Professor Hawking is an expert on black holes, but has no experience of coding or putting together electronic devices, thus he is as ignorant about AI as any random person found in a Friday night bar.  Yet, because he is an expert in something, has a title after his name, and is a celebrity, people are expected to see his ignorant opinions on AI as authoritative.  Elon Musk is another individual calling for regulation of AI, this man has a personal monetary interest to curb potential rivals in a highly competitive and profitable AI market via regulation of the industry

A piece of metal loaded with weapons, that has sensors, that can process a limited range of patterns such as determining a human from a rock, is no more intelligent than a kettle or television set.  Even in philosophy there is no clear answer over what defines consciousness, and the general business market seems to think anything that automates a task is AI.  A business operates for profit, and when it builds a machine to do a task, it will not waste profit building in unnecessary functions that has no relevance to the task that the product is designed to meet, which is to say an automated machine gun located  on the nation border that senses its surrounds and can act accordingly; won’t have the motivation or potential to take over the global missile systems and nuke the human race.

What the masses see on television as an AI such as in the Terminator movies are machines that have human emotions, those that are angry, greedy, lustful, fearful and hateful.  However, human emotions are based on hormones, and nobody who is designing and selling AI is going to waste money stuffing their products with hormones that impairs their function to do a task; who wants to buy an emo robot who can’t do the laundry because it needs to see a therapist over the death of the family pet goldfish?

The obsession with designing a robot that looks and acts like a human for the purposes of friendship, sex or other human needs, is a sad reflection of the state of humanity, who are unable to find these needs in each other, but prefer this in a machine.  The inference thus is rather than the machine being the cause of the destruction of the human race, it is the inability to relate and share between fellow human beings that might be the cause of war and the eventual destruction of the species.  Morality has become misplaced in the debate about AI, obscuring the true existential challenges that the individual, family and community suffer by placing boundaries of separation and mistrust from each other, rather than finding bridges of cooperation and mutual benefit.

Master or slave to technology?


Choice, master or slave to technology?

The Satanist is the master of their own life above all external authorities.  The Satanic path is where self is master and never slave, this includes technology.

Everyone thinks they are liberated compared to the past, the truth is technology for most people has made them more the slave.  How many people are slaves to their smartphone and Facebook?

I purchased my smartphone a year ago, within a month I had been subject to a theft of £50 by a third party app called tap4fun that had taken money from my telephone provider without my knowledge and consent.  I lost trust in smartphones after that.  When my contract ends in a year, I will stop using smartphones altogether.

I have two Facebook accounts.  Recently, my business Facebook account started sending spam to all my customers.  What pissed me off was I did not know how that happened, nor did my investigations enlighten me.  I closed down both my Facebook accounts, including my Satanist Facebook account.

As Satanist, if I am going to use any technology, I am the master, if I feel the service or product is forcing me into a slavish position where I am the loser, it is gone.  Technology is complicated, flawed with security issues, and works against the user, as a Satanist I have low tolerance for the shit I have experienced with smartphones and Facebook, and I manifested the black flame of my will to banish them from my life.

I am the only god in my life.

The Satanic relationship to technology


Technology either liberates or enslaves.  Technology is a tool, the individual is either the slave or the master of the tool.  This blog post addresses the relationship between Satanist and technology, based on two principles:

  1. The Satanist is the principle authority over their own life.
  2. Satanism is a path of wisdom born of experience.

The smartphone

The smartphone is a tool, an example of a technology that many individuals use each day.

When there is an accident, or a beautiful rainbow or a child is singing a funny song, the instinctive reaction of many is to film it on their smartphone.  The smartphone causes the individual to have a relationship to the event of observer rather than of experience, there is no wisdom born of this action.  Technology commonly becomes the barrier of experience, the individual is the perpetual onlooker, an activity of ignorance rather than of wisdom.

Many individuals post their photos and film to social media.  Their motivation for this activity is the seeking of approval of others.  The individual becomes the slave of the judgement and approval of external authorities to praise them for the content they shared and posted to social media.

How many allow their smartphone to spy on them, or allow marketing people to cold call and spam them with unwanted products and services? In these situations the individual is the slave to the smartphone.

The smartphone is an example of the many interactions the individual has with technology, the question is if the individual is the master or slave, and if their tool is one that enhances wisdom through experience, or consigns the individual to ignorant passivity as an observer of their life and environment.

The ideal of technology becoming alike to a daemonic familiar. 

People in the movie Golden Compass had a constant spirit companion called a daemon, similar to the idea that Satanists in bygone years had daemonic familiars acting in their service.  I consider the ideal technological tool to be a living organic entity in the service of their user.  The tool in this situation places the individual always in a position of authority and experience rather than as a passive observing slave.  The Satanist always has the choice to examine their relationship with technology at each moment, asking the question of if in that moment they are master or slave, and on the path of wisdom through experience or of ignorance as a passive observer.

A Satanic view on killer AI

It seems daily that experts release stories into the media about the threat to humanity from artificial intelligence, the latest is an open letter about military use of AI nicknamed “killer AI.”  As no doubt AI will increasingly become an important aspect of future society, it is useful to offer a Satanic viewpoint on AI, in this post a viewpoint on “killer AI.”

One thing I like about AI is that it is efficient and lacks any morality.

One thing I like about AI is that it is efficient and lacks any morality.

Morality and human hypocrisy.

Morality is a slippery subject, and it is often an argument of these experts that AI must be constrained by ethics and morality.  In reality most of humanity are hypocrites, they expect others to follow a moral rule whilst they themselves break it, this is why Satanism is attractive to me because it liberates me from the nonsense of morality and the hypocrisy that goes with it.  AI is a tool, which is only as good as its designer, and whereas some may follow some ethical paradigm in designing an AI, others will not.  It was with good reason that Leonardo da Vinci chose not to reveal his designs for a submarine because he predicted, correctly, that such machines would be used for harmful intent to sink shipping and kill innocent people.

There is no morality in nature.

Morality does not exist in nature, it is a delusion that human beings love to follow in order to preserve their illusion of security called civilization.  Every plant and animal follows one universal rule – survival.  In their struggle for survival all of life will use every strategy and trick possible to gain the upper hand over the rival.  Being moral is a limiting disadvantage that works against survival in nature, so it is common to see living things killing, thieving and lying to each other in the common goal of survival.

The natural pattern is survival via competition through the evolutionary process.

Through a mix of random and intelligent changes in their genes every living thing is constantly seeking an advantage over the rival, whilst staying in harmony with changes in their environment in order to survive.  The human individual or the group is no different to the rest of nature, morality is quickly discarded in a crisis, and everyone follows the rest of nature seeking the advantage over the other through competition where anything goes, because most people want to survive, and their genes to continue to the next generation; this is a preconditioned reality coded into the DNA of all living things.

Survival is all that matters to living things.

The survival of the group, tribe or nation is no different to the individual, a fight for survival, using any available tool, technique or resource to gain the advantage over the competition.  If the British, Americans and Russians had chosen to be moral and refuse to develop the atomic bomb, Nazi Germany would have developed the technology, and the outcome of World War II might have been different.  Over 70 years later all the nations of any relevance have the atomic bomb, and neither uses it for fear of their own annihilation, a zero-sum predictable outcome.

The Satanic view of killer AI: let it be developed.

My Satanic view about killer AI is to follow the pattern of nature.  Only the fool would fall for moralistic arguments that killer AI, or any type of AI, should be regulated and controlled, because there will always be those who will develop killer AI for their own advantage.  Following nature means acknowledging that human beings will follow the same patterns as the rest of nature of evolving a technology in competition to gain a survival advantage, which will eventually lead to a stalemate, as all sides reach a point of parity where the difference in technological capability is so tiny as to make little difference, and the deployment of such technology in a full-scale war would impact the survival chances of all sides in the conflict.

An introduction to magick


What follows on the subject of magick is my personal views, some that you the reader might agree with, and some you may disagree with.  Question everything, and use what I say as contrast against what you believe and experience.  Each individual has their relative truth, I have mine.

Magick, science and nature

All things are nature, there is nothing beyond or outside of nature, thus to say supernatural or things beyond nature are relegated rightly to ignorant fantasy.  Magick follows the laws of nature, and thus using science in relation to the use of magick is a good strategy. Science deals with what is known and visible, but magick deals with what is unknown and invisible, what some call the occult (occult means “hidden”.)  Regardless of visible or invisible, science and magick both deal with nature, and as science progresses the division between the rational and irrational in nature blurs.  In all things an approach of the natural philosopher who treats all things as like an empiricist who can observe, demonstrate and experience a truth, regardless as visible knowledge or invisible wisdom, is a way of staying centered between the rigorous demands of the material and the spiritual aspects of magick.

There are in the Left Hand Path two recognised divisions of magick, which some describe as lesser and greater magick.

Lesser magick

I would suggest that lesser magick is better called magic without the “k” for it deals with known variables solidly within the known visible world of nature.  Lesser magick is a knowledge-based process. Lesser magick manipulates outcomes by using solid science to move visible objects to defined goals, such as striking a match will make a flame.

There are two types of lesser magick: technology and mentalism.


Of course the magick of Harry Potter is entertaining fantasy, for magick follows the natural laws of science, so that waving willow wands in the air whilst making meaningless noises in the Latin language results in impotent nothingness.  But through the application of science in technology, all that which is seen in the Harry Potter films is possible from invisibility, to firing bolts of lightning to walking on water.  Technology is a form of lesser magick.


The manipulation of the human senses and processes of the brain is mentalism, which includes card tricks, seduction, hypnotism, visualization and plain old commercial marketing.  Mentalism manipulates the mind into thinking and doing things under the control of the mentalist.  Mentalism is a form of lesser magick.

Greater magick

I define greater magick as making something out of nothing.  Greater magick deals with the invisible side of nature, manifesting the hidden into the visible world.  Those who deal with greater magick are philosophers for they deal with wisdom, whereas lesser magick is knowledge-based and is useful to the scholar in the Left Hand Path.  Those that follow the knowledge based road of rationalistic Left Hand Path outlooks will limit themselves to the known visible world of the lesser magick.  Those that follow the road of the greater magick step outside the domains of known science, they must use irrational methods of intuition and speculation in order to find the invisible in a wisdom-based situation.  The scholar is blind to the wisdom-based road of the greater magick, they will reasonably reject it as meaningless delusion; their blindness limits their ability to go beyond their self-imposed boundaries into the highly irrational states of greater magick.

Greater magick is based in nature, it is only the invisible side of nature.  The greater magick is a form of creativity, for those that use the greater magick are creating visible objects out of invisible material.  The greater magick is like art, and the rules of creativity apply, to see, build then activate the object from the invisible into the visible state.