Military strategy and Game of Thrones


Those that want to avoid the fate of the dodo are well advised to heed simple strategic advice from philosophers such as Sun Tzu.

I am currently watching Game of Thrones series 7, supporting Queen Daenerys  Targaryen and her dragons.  How frustrated I am at simple military strategic errors by Daenerys, strategy anyone in the LHP and business can learn from.

At the start of series 7 Queen Daenerys has a winning hand of cards, her opponent Cersei Lannister at her weakest point, only saved by a competent adviser in Qyburn.  Daenerys makes her first mistake by failing to attack Kings Landing and destroying Cersei with all her combined forces, arguing that it would cause the deaths of thousands of civilians.  If Daenerys had moved immediately with all her forces, in one battle the war would be ended, but her error causes instead the war to become prolonged, losing her advantage, and resulting in the deaths by a multiple of ten or a hundred.  The greatest killer of civilians in war has always been famine and disease, which always follows in the wake of war.

Second error, Daenerys splits her forces, they are then eliminated piecemeal, her navy is destroyed, three principle allied forces are wiped out, one of her main armies are cut off.

Third error, Daenerys acting without use of spies and intelligence, resulting in being taken by surprise in three major battles.

Fourth error, having no scouts or their equivalent, so the enemy take her navy and armies by surprise.

Fifth error, failing to create lines of supply and communication, thus one of her armies has been cut off and faces obliteration deep in enemy territory.

This might be a work of fiction, but the formerly intelligent advisers to Daenerys look like a bunch of incompetent idiots.

All these errors are reasons why businesses can fail or succeed: keeping everything focussed; acting on good intelligence; retaining strong lines of supply and communication; striking at an opportunity fast and hard; having eyes and ears on the ground in advance of the main business actions to warn of changing market conditions.

After episode 3 of series 7, the Daenerys business brand is heading in the same direction as Twitter, towards extinction, due to simple strategic errors.


Good and evil is subjective

Honor, law, morality, ethics, all are rules.  Good and evil, is a subjective judgement based upon rules, the subjective point of good marked by compliance to the rule, the label of evil projected upon others based on their breaking of the rule.  I as a Satanist proudly embrace my evil nature, since I am a rule breaker.  My Satanism liberates me from the conformist mediocrity of other people’s rules.

Truth is relative, so are other people’s human-made rules.  I reject blind obedience to artificially manufactured rules, which often are created for the purpose of the ruler to benefit at the expense of the ruled.  In dealing with other people’s rules I calculate the positive and negative of doing so, I may obey the rule one day, and break it the next day.  I am formless, in that I will apply my own strategies to other people’s rules based upon my goals and situation, thus I am unpredictable, unlike the slave who will follow the rule regardless of outcome.

I highlight my contempt for artificially manufactured rules, but I will respect natural laws, such as that of gravity.  Place my hand into fire I will burn my hand, it is the nature of fire to burn hands, thus I respect the natural law of fire that it burns you by avoiding putting my hand into the flames.  In contrast the human rule “don’t steal” is a nonsense, all objects in nature constantly steal from each other to live, and humanity steals the life of animals or plants to feed himself.

Conclusion: respect natural laws, but apply the wisdom of benefit when obeying the artificially human-created rules.

Satanic creativity and strategy

A ten ton boulder rolling down a hill towards your home.  Is it productive to place a hand out to stop the boulder, or create a diversion further down the hill to divert the boulder away from the home?  You might agree that a diversion is a better policy than attempting to physically stop the boulder’s momentum.

Opposing the old is inefficient, better to add something new.
Many Satanists still entertain the policy of opposing metaphorical boulders, opposing for instance the tyranny of State or Church in might is right contests, often to no effect.  Satanic creativity offers an alternative policy where the Satanist takes a strategic viewpoint where they add something extra to the equation that creates an outcome they desire, the equivalent of creating a diversion in the path of the boulder.  A war of attrition against an object of tyranny is energy inefficient, trying to stop an object under motion of its own nature requires a huge outlay of energy, and leads to highly unpredictable results.  Better to add something extra, thus change outcomes in energy-efficient predictable ways.

The success of The Satanic Temple adding the new rather than opposing the old.
The Satanic Temple for instance is using Satanic creativity, adding something new, which then creates stunningly effective results, for instance, rather than directly opposing the Christians pushing the ten commandments monument onto the State of Oklahoma, The Satanic Temple added something new to the equation to the horror of Christians, their own Satanic statue.

The success of President Putin over the Crimea.
I watch with some admiration the strategy over the Crimea by Russian President Putin who effected a beautiful Sun Tzu outcome of victory without a fight.  In opposition NATO nations protests are ineffectual noise revealing the manifest weakness of leaders such as US President Obama.  The Satanic creative approach to the Ukraine question is adding a new variable into the equation of what is likely a predictable future act of Putin to annex more Ukraine territory to his empire, which is barracking NATO troops across the Russian/Ukraine border, a new variable that will effectively stop Putin from considering any further expansion at the expense of the Ukraine.

Opposing what already exists without adding something new is ineffective.
That already exists has its own nature and momentum, it is a form of kinetic energy in motion under its own inherent pattern, something which makes such objects difficult to oppose.   It is easier, energy-effective and more certain by placing into the world something that did not exist before, with a nature you created and launched with energy that you gave it, the new object interacts with the old object creating a more stable and predictable outcome, such as diverting a metaphorical boulder away from your house.

Use strategy and new variables to win.
If the Satanist can think of their world as a Go board, they can place new variables onto the board to change outcomes without using any attrition-based tactic.  The capture of space as Putin did with the Crimea with little bloodshed is the highest form of victory as per Sun Tzu, this is done through effective strategy and placing into the world new variables rather than opposing existing variables.

Dogma slavery leads to failure

I watched an interesting video yesterday on why Hitler lost the war…

Hitler placed his dogma of Aryan superiority above military strategy, for instance dismissing USA as a Jew-led weak nation that would be unable to place soldiers on European soil until 1970. Hitler was a dogma slave.

The individual Satanist succeeds because they reject dogma-slavery.  If all the Satanist chooses is walking another person’s path then they have chosen dogma slavery.  If an idea is working against you, get rid of it.  Build a personal philosophy that reflects your personal situation and goals.

There are plenty of pre-packaged dogmas on offer in Satanism, from Church of Satan to Joy of Satan, but all these dogmas will enslave the individual to the benefit of others if they are adopted in slavish unquestioning fashion.  Take bits of any dogma that benefits you, reject the rest, and build a unique personal path that nobody but you will walk.  Dogma slavery means certain failure, whereas the liberated Satanist who builds their unique path will enjoy good chances of success.