What the spirit cooking hoax reveals

The spirit cooking hoax sums up how the internet has caused politicians, media and the population to become lazy and unconcerned about truth.

As a UK citizen I have taken only a slight interest in the crazy 2016 US Presidential election, but it was hard to ignore my Twitter feed which was lit up on the subject of “spirit cooking” by Satanists buzzing like angry bees on the latest low that suggested that the Clinton team were involved in Satanic rituals called “spirit cooking.”  I cannot remember ever seeing Satanists united with one voice  as they became in condemning this hoax.

Spirit cooking is evidently an invention of a new age white lighter which includes in one “recipe” of mixing various body fluids such as blood and urine together and throwing this mixture over idols.  The Trump campaign have from the beginning tried to paint Democrats and Clinton as Satanists, they then took out of context a mention of “spirit cooking” in a Democrat e-mail and invented an elaborate fiction of Clinton involved in Satanic rituals.

What the spirit cooking hoax reveals is a disturbing trend in USA, UK and other nations that could have serious ramifications in an already unstable world: the politicians no longer bother with being moderate and factual, preferring to feed the media and population grand sensationalist falsehoods.  Both the Scottish independence referendum and Brexit was subject to “Project Fear” when politicians daily fed stories out of apocalyptic outcomes should the population vote against the official position.  With NATO trying to justify the huge expenditure to maintain it, the narrative is about the dangers of Putin and Russia, despite the reality that the Russian military can be summed up by the knowledge that their only aircraft carrier needs an escort in case it breaks down, and the aircraft carrier toilets don’t work.  The media and the population are willing to accept this fall in standards by their politicians, and even encourage it.

It is easy to blame the politicians for this situation, but the blame must rest with the individual, as the tool of the internet has been abused and misused to spread falsehood rather than factual truths, the consumer has become lazy preferring to accept without question the fantasy served up by authority figures.

The internet has become a fountain of enslavement and falsehood rather than a source of liberty and truth.

Satanic Temple statue is unveiled

Satanic statue
Satanic Temple finally revealed their Satanic statue to the world in an unveiling event in Detroit.

A beautiful statue of the Satanic Baphomet was revealed shortly before midnight on Saturday at an industrial building near the Detroit River by the Satanic Temple.  A well attended party at what was a secret venue for the unveiling marked the long awaited unveiling of the statue at an event without incident.  Hundreds of Satanists and supporters attended the event, heavily outnumbering the few dozen Christian protesters.  Photographs and press statements were later released to the world media on what was a critically successful event and final version of the statue.

The UK to allow Satanic prayers in local government meetings

The UK unlike the USA retains a close connection between Church and State, for instance Christian Bishops vote and pass laws in the House of Lords, which impacts all the British citizens regardless of their outlook.  Recent attempts by atheists to kick Christian prayers out of local government meetings has resulted in Christians sponsoring a law through the UK Parliament to make it lawful for prayers to take place at the local government level.

One of the UK legislators in the Parliament, James Arbuthnot, publicly declared his atheism and his opposition to the law, pointing out that it would allow Satanists to legally insist on Satanic prayers in local government meetings.  Satanists in Britain currently do not enjoy a British version of the Satanic Temple, since it would be interesting to see Satanists insisting on Satanic prayers if the law is passed.

The video showing the speech by James Arbuthnot MP is as below:

Rejecting celebrity obsession

There are a bunch of Satanists who appear unable to follow their own will but choose to preoccupy themselves on what another Satanist is doing.  A certain Satanist has decided on a life change, moving to a Satanic community that is being formed, other Satanists seem obsessed about what this Satanist is doing, wasting internet bandwidth judging the life style and choices of the target individual.

In the same manner as the above mentioned Satanists the average sheep is celebrity obsessed, following every small word and deed of media, sports or music celebrities.

Can the individual Satanist rise above the need to follow the lives of others and concentrate on their own self instead? Is it a surprise that so many sheep, and many Satanists, are failing to become a success in their own lives because they waste precious time, money and effort upon what others are doing?

Order of Nine Angles disbands

Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. Mark Twain

There are probably many relieved people in the Satanic world after a bunch of annoying misfits finally called it a day and disbanded the latest incarnation of a discredited Satanic group called the Order of Nine Angles (ONA for short.)  It says a lot for the integrity of a group when it can be hijacked via the internet by a few High School girls hiding behind hundreds of pseudonyms, blogs, forums and e-groups, who for a period of time before they were laughed out of existence even had many long time Satanists fooled that the ONA was a reborn legitimate Satanic group.

From roughly 2008 for five years a group of school girls barely out of diapers led by Chloe Ortega and Kayla DiGiovanni orchestrated a clever convoluted scheme to seduce Satanism by flooding the internet with thousands of pages of pseudo-occult mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus aided by others over time to give the appearance of an international secret group.  Apparently with nothing better to do they spent five solid years and every waking hour creating drama, tens of thousands of internet postings, and scores of blogs building an extraordinary illusion of a powerful Satanic group with thousands of members.  Academics, Satanist opinion formers and many incredibly gullible Satanists were seduced by the illusion and either participated in or gave respectability to what was a well organised sham.

The ONA was originally founded as a way of recruiting the large number of neo-nazis who associate with Satanism in the 1980’s and 1990’s but fell quickly out of favour with the neo-nazi movements in the UK, after attracting  strange and weird characters into the movement.  David Myatt who originally founded the ONA under his pseudonym Anton Long distanced himself from the ONA and it vanished into history.  Chloe Ortega and others decided to revive the dead name of the ONA, and went to extraordinary lengths, even playing the roles of Anton Long and David Myatt in giving new life to a long dead group.  By about 2010 the high school students had built up sufficient momentum to attract dozens of Satanists to their new movement, inventing various forms of the ONA they nicknamed nexions, effectively branches of one or more people.

Chloe Ortega decided to make this new incarnation of the ONA (she called at one point ONA 3.0) a version without any leader or central hierarchy, resulting in an anarchic free-for-all where various individuals claimed the leadership of the ONA, fought amongst themselves and created multiple versions of their own interpretations of the ONA, thus in Iceland one psycho advocated eating people, others wanted to create a race war, others pretended to be gangsters, jihadists, or hardcore nazis.  By 2012 when the movement started to unravel the name ONA had become a joke, an excruciating embarrassment for many on the Satanist scene.

Satanic forums for five years endured drama and immaturity as the founders of the new version of the ONA supported by others made a nuisance of themselves, wiping several established forums out in the process.   All illusions come to an end, and with most of the students becoming bored and moving on to better things, it was left to Chloe Ortega to keep the illusion going, but who called it quits earlier this month and disbanded her version of the ONA.

In hindsight this was an incredibly clever game, a psycho-drama that convinced scores of Satanists of its legitimacy and were suckered into playing out its games such as living in cardboard boxes for three months as a tramp, or breaking into churches, or getting drug addicts into trouble with the police, all as a form of silly tests to see how far Chloe and others could push deluded Satanists in their convoluted mind games.   Whilst some Satanists went on to forge their own unique interpretation of Satanism they claim as influenced by the ONA, the fools in this game were all the hundreds of Satanists who participated in a game run by a couple of Californian High School students.