On walking the crooked path


The Satanist is the individual who walks the crooked path in life.

Given the choice between the path from A to B that is safe and half the distance of the alternative crooked path that is double distance twisting through dangerous ravines, caves, rivers, forest and mountains populated by numerous bandits, wild animals and treacherous weather, the normal mundane person chooses the safe path; the Satanist chooses the crooked path.

The Satanist stands separate from the majority because in their choice of walking the crooked path they are in ever-changing, unexpected and adverse conditions. The crooked path is an undiscovered land that is unsafe, unknown and surprising. The Satanist learns quickly that they are on their own relying upon their own wits, abilities and agency for success or failure in their journey.

The mundane chooses the safe path which is known, secure and pre-packaged. The mundane sleep-walks through life: school; college; 9-5 job; mortgage; house; car; wife; two kids; retirement; death in a dull monotonous fashion of routine and certainty. The billions of mundanes walks a pre-packaged life already mapped out for them, predictably following the manipulations of dull-minded rulers whose only difference from the ruled is they are privileged by inherited wealth and power, but are as mundane as the ruled.

The Satanist chooses the crooked path because their journey is a process, their focus is in the present upon the steps in the journey rather than the end goal. In contrast the mundane has their mind always upon the goal rather than the steps in the journey towards the goal, they either have their heads in the past or the future, never in the present. Once the mundane achieves their goal, their mind fixates upon another goal, so they never enjoy the experience in the present, the steps in the journey towards goals. Life is a process, never a goal.

Because the crooked path is adverse and challenging, the Satanist gains wisdom through experience and knowledge through the senses. The Satanist is forced to follow the rules of nature to survive, and thus they gain reason, which only exists in nature. When life throws up unexpected adverse challenges, the Satanist is best able to overcome challenges because they have evolved the ability and hardy mind to deal with adversity.

Since the start of November 2016 I have been besieged by an army of adverse challenges. The mundane might answer such a situation with drugs, a therapist, Jesus or screaming blame on others for their adverse situation. I, the Satanist, the agent of my own success and failure dug in for a siege. By creativity, luck, strategy and hard work this Satanist overcame challenges and captured unexpected opportunities. For this Satanist, the future is gathered in fog, unknown and uncertain, and so this is a journey of the moment, steps along the road to adventure and mystery.

Church of Satan throws tantrum about journalists


Church of Satan is increasingly becoming the dodo of Satanism, an irrelevancy waiting to go extinct.

A stark difference between the Satanists of Church of Satan and Satanic Temple is that the Satanic Temple are experts in working with journalists.  Either Satanic Temple is creating or seizing opportunities to promote themselves and their causes, which is why they are generating news every week.  In contrast Church of Satan has lost touch with reality and the media, they prefer to hide behind an elitist detached image, referring journalists to their website rather than offering relevant comments to media enquiries.

On the election of Trump as US President the journalists of Rooster approached both Satanic Temple and Church of Satan for comment.  Satanic Temple gave Rooster plus other journalistic outlets plenty of quotes, which became the headline story of thousands of Satanists joining Satanic Temple in reaction to Trump.  Church of Satan either are stupid or ignorant about handling journalists: rubbed the journalists up the wrong way with their arrogance; failed to give comment to specific questions; made it hard for journalists to get information they requested; and worse, made no efforts to control the story, leaving the journalists to write their own narrative based upon a referral to the Church of Satan website.

There is no surprises that Rooster wrote an article that pasted Satanic Temple in positive ways, and gave a story about Church of Satan which was not to their liking.  One of the problems of Church of Satan is their secrecy and aloofness, which makes them unattractive to the media and potential recruits.  Satanic Temple is approachable and open to both media and recruits, and day by day become the face of Satanism to the world, whilst Church of Satan is slowly forgotten and pushed into insignificance.

On issues such as Satanic Ritual Abuse, Anton Lavey preferred in his later years to avoid challenging false narratives against Satanism, whilst those outside of Church of Satan picked up the fight.  Satanic Temple has since its inception been a keen fighter against SRA.

In their ranting article against Satanic Temple and journalists Church of Satan said:

“—the feeling evoked when watching someone make a fool out of themselves while just sitting back to watch the whole thing play out..”

And this is a central problem for Church of Satan, fools who prefer to watch others manifest their Satanism whilst Church of Satan slide into irrelevant obscurity.

Trump election causes membership surge in Satanic Temple


Politically to the left the Satanic Temple has an inclusive approach to membership which contributed to a new membership surge after Trump was elected US President. 

With over 50,000 members before Trump was elected, the Satanic Temple has enjoyed a major surge in membership after getting thousands of enquires within 36 hours of Trump winning the US presidential election.

Satanic Temple politically is liberal, becoming the left wing of the Satanic religion.  Satanists who are politically right wing tend to be part of organisations such as Church of Satan and post on LHP forums such as 600club.

With Trump visibly moderating his positions on matters such as prosecuting Hillary Clinton and on Obamacare, Satanists are waiting to see what Trump does before deciding their own positions relative to Trump and his Republican government.

I never celebrate Christmas


There are better ways to spend my time and money rather than on consumer Christmas.

It is around 46 days until Christmas Day, I am reminded of this when I visit most shops which push into my face their merchandise with the Christmas theme.  Despite the enormous social pressure I have a militant position of refusing to celebrate Christmas in any form: no cards; no gifts; no decorations; no parties.  I am the reincarnation of Scrooge in the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. 

Most people around me have been informed of my position on Christmas, even if many of them are unaware I am a Satanist.  For many this position is a challenging one to maintain against social pressures from family, work and friends, I formerly compromised by marking the period as a celebration of Winter Solstice rather than Christmas Day.

As a Satanist it is a nonsense that I should celebrate a Christian festival, I have serious issues over the whole concept of Christmas.  This festival leaves me cold, it embraces so many things that I despise and hate.

I am not a materialistic person, this day marks the avalanche of consumer greed on an epic scale, too many unwanted gifts that will become unloved, broken and discarded in landfill.  The huge waste of food, people contributing to the destruction of their health, using their body like a prostitute in cramming in food and drink to make them feel sick and unwell.  The stress of putting up decorations, preparing food and drink, buying gifts, and hosting events for ungrateful people, including people they hate, simply for the sake of seeking approval.  The unnecessary burden of entering into debt.  The hypocrisy of remembrance of the homeless, lonely and poor for one day out of 365 days.

This is the period I wish to get away from the crazy consumerism, stupidity and hypocrisy, to embrace simpler pastimes such as walking through the Forest of Dean, or amongst ancient standing stones in Avebury, or the land of fire and ice in Iceland.  Spiritually I turn to nature, since the consumerist excesses of Christmas makes me feel ill.  Nature is pure, simple, healthy and harmonious, a time where I recharge my batteries.  My body, mind and bank account remains healthy come New Year.

Satanists in the military


Lt. Col. Michael Aquino is the best known Satanist who served in the military with distinction.

Forces TV a media outlet for the UK military in March this year ran an article on a Satanist member of the Church of Satan who worked in the British navy.  Chris Cranmer had his religion and right to practice as a Satanist in rituals on navy ships registered in 2004 including a Satanic ritual for his burial at sea if he were to be killed in action.

At the time politicians, admirals and Christian religious figures complained, but Cranmer has been recognised for his work ethic and promoted to a position in the Military of Defence.

The UK military has a vigorous selection policy which weeds out those unsuited to a role in the military, but for those with the right skill set and attitude, their religion of Satanism would not bar them from service or promotion in the military.  The UK laws also now protects Satanists from discrimination based upon their religion.  Generally those that have issues with Satanists in the military are pandering to subjective folk tales that cast Satanism in a negative light based upon Christian and Hollywood stereotypes.

In the US military Michael Aquino rose to the rank of Lieutenant colonel, and made a significant contribution to military intelligence philosophy despite Christian evangelists working hard to destroy his career.

The few individuals who do publically identify themselves in the military as Satanists have proven to be excellent and dedicated military officers, and have a good track record in their careers.  Indeed, the military would benefit from a study of the qualities of Satanists that make them excellent military officers, then make greater efforts to recruit them to the services.

Satanism as a process of activity


Rainbows are an example of entelechy, which is a process of motion that is moving to completion, but paradoxically is complete.  Satanism is another form of entelechy.  It is worth considering what process of motion to manifest Satanism to pursue each moment of the day.

Entelechy is a word in philosophy that expresses an idea, a paradox of something complete but which is at the same time in a process of action to completion.

In nature is the rainbow, a final state of completion, but is maintained by an ongoing activity of the interaction of rain and sunlight.  Once the motions of sunlight and rain ends, the rainbow vanishes.  The rainbow is an example of entelechy.

Consciousness and aliveness is an entelechy.  The neurons of the brain are firing every moment giving rise to consciousness.  The parts of the body is in motion such as the heart at every moment, giving rise to a sense of aliveness in the body.  If ever the motions of heart or brain neuron ceases, so will consciousness and aliveness in the individual.

The true artists describe their art as a process rather than the end products, which is why some might destroy their artwork without much concern.  What these true artists describe is an entelechy, a process of activity that is completing and working to completion.

Satanism is an entelechy, a process of action that will go on until the individual dies.  To define what Satanism means to the individual is variable from individual to individual, but a starting point would be to consider it as a process of motion.

I describe my own process of Satanism as a continued pursuit of wisdom born of experience, of knowledge born of senses and reason born of following the patterns of nature.  From reason, senses and experience, all other things manifest in my Satanism, for instance those in power who desire to enslave me will always attack my process of following senses, expereince and reason, and in this I quickly can identify the parasites from those that empower me.

It is worth considering what processes of motion the individual can manifest every moment of the day, and use this as the foundation of their Satanism.

A Satanist living in two worlds


This Church of Satan ritual with a child of Anton Lavey would be a cause of many misunderstandings to the mind of a not-Satanist “muggle”, a reason why there needs to be a barrier between the LHP and non-LHP worlds.

It is the nature of Satanism that most Satanists live in two worlds due in part to the prejudices society has against our religion, but also because we see reality differently to most people.  For instance I have a Twitter account for my Satanism and another for my life outside of Satanism.

A Luciferian blogger who is a Harry Potter fan refers to those outside of the LHP as muggles.  The Luciferian rightly argues that those in the LHP follow a magical path, one that the muggles folk such as Christians find strange and scary.  The world of the LHPer is like Diagon Alley in Harry Potter co-existing with but invisible to the muggle world.

It saves me a lot of trouble by keeping a barrier in place between the non-LHP and LHP worlds, for example, apart from a few exceptions I tend only to follow LHP accounts on my Satanist Twitter account.  On occasion I have a muggles attack me because they feel upset that they are excluded from my LHP-only social media accounts, those types don’t understand that just as in Harry Potter the worlds that Satanists live in and that of ordinary folk is so different and often is incompatible.

Kick Jesus out of Satanism, please


Lets have a Satanism free of Christian baggage.

Every individual is entitled to following their religion as longs as they keep their religion out of my face, so whilst I respect Christians to follow their path, I object to anything related to Jesus corrupting the Left Hand Path.

I like Satanism because it is a pure path that embraces reason, senses and experience unlike religions such as Christianity that is based mostly on opinion and lies.  Perhaps Christianity was in the first decades a path that did embrace values that I respect such as wisdom based on experience, but it has long lost its way, indulging in fantasy and faith, and is now best consigned to the trash can.

Satanism is the path for mature adults who value the empirical path of experience, senses and reason.  In dismay I observe too many Satanists and other LHP-orientated people hanging onto the robes of Jesus by bringing Christianity into the Satanic religion.  Why must my path require that black masses, upside down crosses and other Christian junk be part of the Satanic religion? Why do some Satanists need to call themselves reverend, or their groups a “church” or their guide books a bible such as “Satanic Bible?”

Hanging onto Christian baggage is like an adult still holding their moms hand.  It is time to let go and embrace a path free of the backward religion of Christianity.  It is fine for noobs and children to embrace Reverse Christian reactions and baggage such as those in the Satanic kindergarten of Joy of Satan, but when Satanists are over 18 and with a few years of Satanic experience behind them, I would like to think they passed puberty and embraced a Christian-free path.

The religion of Asatru embraces a path free of Christian baggage, and there is enough of a tradition in Satanism to build a strong path in the same way without Christianity.

A UK Satanic view on US Presidential election


Presidential US candidate Cthulhu would get my vote if I could vote.

As a UK citizen I keep a dispassionate eye on the ongoing US Presidential election, mainly because I may bet on the outcome.

It is interesting that on my Twitter feed for “Satanism” Hillary Clinton gets plenty of mentions of being a Satanist, even though I think Trump has more in common with Satanism on account of him being an individualist, an asshole and a major challenge to the status quo.  As an enemy of globalism and the banking system I welcome disruptive elements to the system such as Trump, though I think this crazy maverick having access to nukes and probably sending Satanists to concentration camps is unsettling.  Islamic State and Russian President Putin would like Trump to win, probably because Trump is such a divisive figure capable of plunging the US into a new civil war.

With three weeks to go before voting day, I think that the outcome is already known: the US will join the UK in having a female leader in Hillary Clinton.  Even if Trump had done everything right, his core vote of the white Christian patriarchal conservative is a demographic too small to get him into the White House.  This is a numbers game and the Republicans have failed to reach out to other demographics such as the ever expanding Latino vote.  Trump has killed off a large part of the female vote and also the Latino block, even his core Republicans might be voting elsewhere.

It is unfortunate that the US population has to face voting for such a crap set of candidates.  If I had the vote I would not vote for either Trump or Clinton, and since the only third choice candidate I know about is Cthulhu, I would vote for the god who promises to end of the world.

If I placed a bet on Clinton today, I would get a 18% return for any investment, which is the only positive outcome I can expect from this election.

A basic introduction to memetic magick


This image has been effectively used by me against Satan Hunters who promote narratives of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) which offers a positive relationship of a child with Satanism, this challenges and shakes their mind map narratives, they find these attacks upsetting and uncomfortable.  In of itself this memetic attack has limited impact, but as part of an overall campaign where you want a Satan Hunter to do or say something that destroys them or their message in the eyes of other people, they are powerful attacks.

There are many different ideas about memetic magick, here I offer my own.


I consider that memetic magick is a branch of mentalism, the discipline which Derren Brown practices.  I also consider that memetic magick is aligned to the ideas of magician  Alan Moore the creator of the stories such as V for Vendetta,  who considers magick as art.

Influence of memetic magick

Memetic magick can influence how the individual thinks, feels and acts; can influence how others react and treat the individual; or controversially what events happen to the individual, for instance if the individual believes a pigeon will shit on them tomorrow, they might suffer a metaphorical or actual experience tomorrow of being shit upon.

The focus of memetic magic is the human mind

The place of action of memetic magick is in the minds of the individual or of other people.  Memetic magick is scientifically sound, those who wish to practice memetic magick will find the study of how the brain and mind works helpful to the application of this skill.

The memetic magician works with mind maps

The individual deals with self, the world and their place in their world via a map in their brain.  As an example, when light hits the eye, electrical signals are sent to parts of the brain to process and then throw up an understandable image of what is being sensed, if the image is useful, it is added to existing images in memory, or a new memory is created.  Incoming data is usually incomplete, so the brain attempts to fill in blanks to make a complete image.  All images in the brain become a map, and at all times the individual is working with this map rather than with what is outside of the brain.  The memetic magician is working with these mind maps.

On mind maps and body image

Body image in self is due to a mind map.  If an individual suffers loss of limb, the mind map may cause the the individual to believe the limb is still present, they suffer a condition known as phantom limb syndrome.  Those who identify as transsexual have a mind map that has a different gender to that which they physically have.  Some individuals suffer a fault in their image map so that they believe a limb does not belong to them, or belongs to someone else, this experience causes the victim great distress, which doctors sometimes alleviate by amputating a healthy limb.

Motivation coaches uses memetic magic to change attitudes

Positive thinking coaches work with mind maps by attempting to persuade individuals that they can change their mind maps, and hence their attitudes and lives.  Sean Stephenson is a motivational coach who invites people to change their mind maps, in a video he teaches prisoners that prison is only a state of mind.

Mind maps impact how individuals see others

The mind maps of individuals impacts how they see other people. The mind maps of many causes them to only see Hitler in purely negative terms, they will ignore some of Hitler’s positive contributions such as his passion for animal rights.  The individual can observe their own selective biases due to their mind maps, seeing only the positive in those they like, and the negative aspects of those they dislike.

Mind maps as paradigms that hold back progress

Groups of people can be caught in a group mind map, a paradigm, that can hold back scientific progress.  Ignaz Semmelweis suggested that death rates would fall if doctors washed their hands, a challenge to a paradigm of the time which resulted in him being sectioned in a mental hospital.  Artificial intelligence is obsessed with AI that replicates a human being, ignoring the possibilities that plant AI can bring.  Everyone is obsessed with the internet of things, a paradigm that in its current form will end in failure for many due to security and complexity issues.

My use of memetic magick against Satan Hunters who promote SRA

I use memetic magick against Satan Hunters who promote Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) narratives.  The mind map of a Satan Hunter describes a world that is ruled by Satanists who harm children.  Appeals to reason or emotion, nor any threat will stop a Satan Hunter believing and acting upon their SRA narratives.  A Satan Hunter however is vulnerable to memetic attacks on their mind maps, rather like an individual can hack into the software of a computer system.  I can deliver to the Satan Hunter experiences, images and video that shows Satanists caring for children, or children adopting Satanism, or the Satan Hunter as a clown or monster, all that are contrary to their mind maps.  The Satan Hunter have strong reactions to these type of attacks in which they feel uncomfortable, their mind maps shaken, they might obsessively pursue a campaign against me, or against Satanism, or block me.  I can in a positive way deploy images to motivate and enhance the mind maps of those that fight SRA, and some images I have created for Hoaxtead are being used by them.

Memetic magick can be used with animals

By studying how the brains work of different animals I can manipulate and enhance their experiences in situations, for instance I tap on a thing rather than point to it if I want to draw the attention of a cat to a thing.

Business uses memetic magick

Advertising, marketing and branding are forms of memetic magick I successfully use in my business.

Memetic magick can be used with other forms of magick

If the individual believes that the human mind can influence events in nature, then memetic magick can be effectively used with other forms of magick.