Satanic Rule 3: respect peoples spaces

Each week I give my opinion on each of eleven Satanic rules of the Church of Satan. Rule number three is as follows:

“3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.”

This is a rule I totally agree with.  This blog for example is my lair, I created a few policies for this blog here. Readers who comment on my blog know where they stand if they read my blog  Respecting my policies is respecting me in my lair.

Here is my space in the world, you enter my space, respect me.  Makes sense.  Some Christian churches ban gay people from being married in their church, I have no problems with that, their space, their lair.  If the same Christians seek to impose bans on gays living in my community, I will have a problem with that, public spaces are not personal spaces or lairs.  If a Muslim comes to USA and hates Americans drinking alcohol and female freedoms, why did they come to live in the USA? Go back and live in a Muslim nation. Likewise, what right do the Western nations have to create western values in Muslim nations?

This is a good rule to live by, respect my space, I respect your space, everyone is happy.

Satanism and the media

Two Satanic personalities who have built up their own strong Satanic brands recently clashed on the Satanic forum known as 600club on the subject of Satanism and the media.  The first personality is a Zachary Schroeder who refers to himself in Satanism as Zach Black, who built up a strong following on YouTube, runs his own Satanic forum and appeared on a US comedy show.  The second personality is a businesswoman called Alison Jones, who uses Satanism to market her successful business brand.

Like most Satanists we have large egos, and the clash between Schroeder and Jones descended into a juvenile flame war.  The essence of the argument is how influential Satanism is in the media.

I personally have considerable experience in television, radio and newspapers, but for reasons of professionalism I keep my Satanism apart from my outside world activities.  My attitude to the media is blase, easy to manipulate, a tool to an ends.

For the novice, appearing on television is cool, and they feel that they are important after gaining their fifteen minutes of fame.  I see or read it often that the Satanist after appearing on a chat show lets the fame go to their heads, then thinks they are the ultimate authority on everything Satanic.  Zachary Schroeder carried his part in the comedy show well, but he and others need a reality check.  Satanism will forever be a minority outlook of individualism, it will never be universally accepted or adopted, we Satanists will mostly be in the shadows manifesting our own wills silently and anonymously.  Those few Satanists that rise into the media spotlight will always be highlighted as freaks, curiosities and beasts, the patsy of joke and condemnation.  Most Satanists such as me appear in the media, but never reveal our Satanism, but are highly effective in what we do.

The world of show business is a world of illusion and fantasy, nothing is real.  Satanism fits in well to show business, but is limited by stereotypes defined by Christian and storyteller.  Satanists fight against stereotypes, but the Satanist is no god in the entertainment industry, they must play as like puppets to the whim of market people and producer to stereotypes.  I bring Schroeder down with a bump when I say he is a patsy rather than a mover and shaker in the media.  Nor is Schroeder a mover or shaker of Satanism, for we all manifest our own unique wills, I move in my own way, Satanic Temple move in another, Alison Jones moves in another.

Ideally as individuals we use our disguises and manipulate the media in our own manner. In achieving our ends we leave our Satanism under our bed, we reveal nothing of our Satanism, we play the games the media plays, and turn those fantasies around to our benefit.

Satanic Rule 2: Keep your troubles to yourself

Each week I give my opinion on each of eleven Satanic rules of the Church of Satan. Rule number two is as follows:

2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.

Church of Satan claims that the Satanist pursues their beast-like nature in pursuit of their carnal desires. Is it also a part of human nature to share personal problems with others? How does anyone know you have personal troubles in order to ask you about them?

Like many rules this rule sucks, because it makes no allowances to exceptions to the rule.  What happens if you are a child being raped by the local Catholic priest, do you tell your parents, or is it unSatanic in the words of Anton LaVey to tell anyone your troubles? What about the individual suffering work related stress, should they tell their boss they are being overworked, or is this unSatanic?

I personally hate being burdened by other people’s troubles, but that is a personal attitude of mine.  If I am a boss or parent, then there is a legal responsibility to investigate and remedy personal troubles of those individuals the authority figure looks after.  There has been personal instances where I have kept my troubles to myself, then dug a hole for myself.

In conclusion this is one Satanic rule that I personally can kick into the trash can of history.

Satanic Rule 1: Giving Opinions and Advice

I am going to get into a regular habit of posting once a week on a Sunday, starting with dealing with the eleven rules of the Church of Satan.  I will deal with each of the rules in turn, giving my view on each.

1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.

This rule was created in 1967 when most people had no internet let alone a computer.  But in the era of mass internet communications everybody is encouraged to give their opinion and advice on everything.  This is one of the rules that makes the Church of Satan look backward.

This is one of the rules authority figures would like the masses to follow, to be silent unless invited to speak.  The old-fashioned statement “children should be seen but not heard.”

Looking at other Satanic rules in contrast to this rule I have the impression that Anton LaVey considers that Satanists should respect the freedom of others, that giving advice and opinion is a form of control, an infringement on the individualism of others.  Like any rule, the Satanist find themselves in a moralistic dilemma when exceptions to the rule arises.  Do you let your children play with matches and burn the house down, or do you give opinion and advice? What about if an authority figure is carrying out activity which is infringing personal freedoms, does the Satanist give their opinion about this or stay silent?

Satanists are freedom loving individuals, following imposed rules by others places limits upon personal expression and the empowerment of the individual. If I was to follow the rule of giving no opinions then this satanicviews blog would not exist.  I get the impression Anton LaVey wrote the Satanic Rules out one boring day on a train with no thought to the consequences.  The Church of Satan is at odds with the modern world with rules such as this, and even they now through their blogs and media interventions give their opinions and advice.

In my opinion this rule limits personal freedom and favours the authority figure.

Satanic Responsibility

Zachary Schroeder aka Zach Black who owns and runs the Satanist forum Satanic International Network recently boasted to his followers that he had been carted off to hospital due to his drinking problem.

Now I ain’t being moralistic and I am all for living in the hedonistic pleasure, but we Satanists enjoy a unique path of individualism free from the slavery of others, which includes being responsible for our own actions.  It is easy playing the rebel Satanist on someone’s dime, for instance the charity of parents or welfare, but try being a Satanist and paying your own way in life.  When you are out there alone living off your own wits and money you are the true Satanic individual, in this reality you starve if you can’t raise money, and then you see how health is important.

As a Satanist I don’t want others charity, nor their care, I am walking my own path free of slavery.  If someone ends up in hospital because they screwed up their body, why should I have to pay for their care? Those maggots should be laid out in a room and left to rot and die.  Those Satanists who think I should pay the care bills for their self-inflicted health problems can go die.  If a Satanist is going to be the self empowered individual, it follows that good health is part of the Satanic way, self-abuse leading to hospitalization and disability on my dime is not Satanism.

Satanists and their forums

It is crazy that Satanists proudly boast of individualism then flock into internet forums.  For the record I am a member of no Satanic forum, I believe the Satanist must walk the path in their actions as individuals, which includes rejecting membership of forums.

I like to surf the internet to pick up Satanic news, this includes visits to blogs, news sites and of course forums, but I act as the individual without having to be a member of any forum.

Forums by their nature are group-minded flocking machines, they turn individuals into a flock of sheep, if you like it or not.  The dynamics of the human brain is to follow the patterns of its environment, the group dynamic together with the brain’s need to fit in acts as a conforming process, so you are back to being a sheep again.

It beats me why an individual-loving Satanist would need to flock into forums.  Does the Satanist need personal validation by others to be a Satanist? What is the point of being a Satanist if you need personal validation by others to be one?

The claim that Satanists gather to network is rubbish, this is the path of one, and rarely do these internet forums ever result in people meeting face-to-face in the real world.  The Satanic path is the path of one, walked alone, mixing like a sheep in group forums seems counter to the individualist ideal.

If the Satanist wants knowledge, well there are tons of books and resources on the internet to read, including the PDF version of the Satanic Bible, you might need to dig a bit, but vast libraries of Satanic resources are located around the internet.  You build your own Satanic path in my opinion, so there is nothing gained adopting someone else’s Satanism.

Lastly, the need for Satanists to express themselves, me included, can be done through the medium of personal blogs, websites and video channels, you have no need to be a member of a group-collective to express yourself on the internet.

This need for forum membership in Satanism is personally quite funny to me.

The Satanist is their own God

The Satanist path is one of the individual, they are their own God.  The Satanist is the star, and everything in their life are the planets that revolve around them.  Even Satan is second to the individual, nothing is higher than the Satanic individual.

When I live my life as a Satanist it is with the clear idea that I am God in my own life, and I bow to nothing or nobody when it comes to what happens in my life.  I bow to no authority figure, no politician, no priest, no corporate, no group, no church, no guru, no family, no god, and no Satan.  I am God in my life, nothing comes above me.  I won’t grovel in the dirt, placing anything or anyone above me.

In my life I am God, and if a person messes with me, they are kicked out of my life.  There is no half measures with me in living my Satanic path, either people are working with me or against me.  Anyone, I care nothing who they are, family or friend, if they are toxic and undermining I kick them out of my life.  I bow to nobody.

The Satanist rules their own life, makes their own destiny, creates their own reality.  The Satanist associates only with those things and people that helps them to prosper in life.  The Satanist eliminates all the negative, gets rid of what holds them back, clears away what undermines and denies them the ability to be their own God.

There are no half measures in being a Satanist, if the Satanic man or woman rejected Jesus when they became a Satanist, why then fall to their knees like a sheep before Satan as they did with Jesus? All authority figures, including family are not above the Satanist, they must be working in a positive way in the Satanists life or be kicked out.

When I had family giving me trouble, when they refused to allow me the happy life I wanted, I kicked them out of my life.  Those toxic family are history, they no longer exist, and have been gone from my life for many years.  I as a Satanist will cut anyone and everything that works against me from my life.  I am my own God.