Defend your personal space

A Christian evangelist stopped me today, forcing a religious leaflet into my hands.  When I told the evangelist I was not a Christian he had the arrogance to tell me I was a Christian today.  I then told him I was a Satanist, then I walked away as he mumbled about me burning in hell.

My experience with this religious salesperson reminded me that it is down to each individual Satanist to defend their personal spaces from invasion by others.  Nobody will defend our personal spaces for us, if we fail to enforce strong personal boundaries against those that would use and abuse us, we will be invaded and raped of everything we hold sacred.  There are millions like the religious rat I met today, which includes Satanists. As always responsibility remains with the individual Satanist to filter out the garbage of the world as we walk the path of becoming the gods in our own lives.