Nine ponies ritualistically attacked


An individual or individuals are ritualistically attacking ponies and horses for religious purposes in the UK.

Nine ponies were attacked in the Preston area of the UK by a person or persons unknown in the middle of the night on the eve of the solar eclipse on 20th August 2017, one pony died.

A stallion horse that acted as companion to the ponies was herded into a separate enclosure before the ponies were subjected to slashing by a blade or blades.  A pattern: targets of horses or ponies; nine victims; and the event of the solar eclipse; suggests the attack was motivated by religion.

Horses and ponies, the number nine and the solar eclipse holds no significance to those of the Left Hand Path, but has relevance to goddess-orientated outlooks such as witchcraft, paganism and the Order of Nine Angles (ONA.) In the case of the ONA, criminal actions, or harm to people and animals are carried out as a form of ritualistic insight role.

It is unlikely that Christians would creep about in the middle of the night attacking ponies in order to discredit alternative religions, since such deeds requires a degree of planning and execution, it being our view that fanatical Christians are lazy and intellectually unsophisticated.

Unfortunately, it would seem an individual or individuals gain religious release from the injuring, murder and rape of horses or ponies; this latest incident being one of a series of incidents of attacks on equine targets by such people in the last ten years around the UK.

Putting aside moral and emotional outrage over the unnecessary harm to innocent animals, one has to accept such delusional and twisted predators exist in UK society, and a practical approach is necessary towards this predator in the same way as owners of chickens take against the fox.  Investing in CCTV, alarms and other security, plus vigilance at times of subjective days and events of religious relevance such as comets, eclipses, equinoxes, solstices and pagan events such as Samhain is the only way to keep animals safe from these predators.


Christian Day Warlock flushed down toilet

Christian Day is a self-described warlock in the pagan community, who considers himself more Satanic than Satanists, offers an interesting case study of a fame hungry fraud who destroyed himself when encouraging rapists to rape women much to the anger of all his customers in the pagan community.  Christian Day built up his personal brand of fantasy through manipulation of the gullible US media rather like the Satanic Temple has done, building up a successful business and personal reputation amongst the pagans and other dabblers of the occult.

Based in Salem USA, the location of famous witch trials, Christian Day enjoyed riding around the city in full warlock regalia on his motorbike whilst pitching himself to the world as the chief spokesperson of all pagans.  Christian Day in recent years made US headlines with a public cursing ceremony of Charlie Sheen for daring to describe himself as a warlock, and has claimed he now owns the warlock brand with his own unique definition of the word.  Though in the context Daniel Defoe uses warlock in his 1726 The History of the Devil he describes a warlock as a male witch:

“Of the Tools the Devil works with, (viz.) Witches, Wizards or Warlocks, …” (CHAP. IX)

Note Defoe lists witches, followed by wizards and the key word “or” to link wizards and warlocks together.  It is unfortunately the case that mostly all pantomime pagans or Satanists like Christian Day are theatrical clowns who are largely ignorant about the paths they parade about in clothed in their Halloween costumes.

Pagans love their female goddess archetypes so the worst thing a self-described pagan can do is to encourage people to rape women as Christian Day did during a trollish flame war between himself and other pagans.  Feeling it was his moral duty Christian Day has been outing fellow witches by publishing their personal details on the internet, and in one case of an individual claiming to be stalked he said:

“I hope your stalker has some fun with you… Oh, and by the way, if he rapes you, please call out my name while he does so.”

One thing a business brand does not do is upset its customers, and Christian Day managed to achieve a spectacular torpedo strike against his own business when he upset the pagan community, his potential customers, when he encouraged the rape of women.

I know that some pagans feel they are better than us Satanists, but then I see this clown Christian Day, and I ask “really?”

Satanism and Christmas

In just over a week near half the world goes crazy over a festival called Christmas.  For the individual Satanist Christmas offers an interesting challenge in conformity.  Does the individual Satanist cave in to social pressure to celebrate a Christian festival that marks the alleged birth of Jesus? Even if the Satanist attempts to validate their celebration of Christmas as a pagan Roman festival, they are still following religion, invented gods and superstition.

In addition is the all-encompassing consumer and social pressures to spend lots of money on cards, gifts, decorations and the other paraphernalia of Christmas.  There is the pressure to share time with people the individual hates, to be nice to all of humanity and to be happy even if the individual is not.

The individual Satanist faces a test of their Satanic nature with Christmas, do they follow the masses in mindless celebration of superstitious religion and Jesus, prostrate themselves to the consumer bandwagon and social conformity to fit in to family, community and societies demands to be a part of the mindless hypocrisy of Christmas?

At this time the only day I mark is the Winter Solstice, why? No superstitious nonsense, but the knowing relief that the dark and cold of winter is in retreat.  In the North of the world the Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, after which the days get longer.  My personal delight at the natural mark of the peak of the winter is perhaps a few “Solstice” cards and gifts sent out to those that deserve it.

As I am self-employed I have made Christmas an ordinary day of work.  I have no decorations up.  I refuse to mark Christmas in any way.  The Solstice cards and gifts advance my personal business, and they cost me less than $100.  It is of no surprise that most of the mindless masses of humanity who live in societies that celebrate Christmas will drown in debt in order to conform to the requirements of this Christian-Pagan-Consumer festival.

What is not Satanism

“9.Do not harm little children.
10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.”
The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth
Church of Satan

The media and Christianity often portrays Satanism collectively with other outlooks such as Paganism as people who ritually sexually abuse children and murder or sacrifice human beings and animals. This inaccurate ignorance is reinforced by metaphorical writings and roleplay on human sacrifice by Satanic opinion formers such as the Church of Satan.

The school holidays brings an influx of children into internet Satanist forums who more mature Satanists will harshly educate as to what Satanism is rather than what the media and Christians paint.

Satanism is part of what some call the sinister tradition, this is one focussed on the subject of Satan.  Paganism, which focuses on nature, and Occultism which focuses on structured magical systems, are also members of the sinister tradition.  There are also hybrids of paths: Satanism and Paganism hybrids might be the Dark Pagans and the Sect of the Horned God; Satanism and Occultism might be the Order of Phophorus, run by Michael Ford; Paganism and Occultism might come together into organised orders such as the ADF druidism; Satanism, Occultism and Paganism may converge into Luciferianism; there is also a newer growing sinister path of Vampirism.

Nobody has authority over any of the sinister tradition paths, anyone can claim to be a member of any path, but there is a difference between a true member of a sinister path and one along for the ride, the parrots.  You can teach a parrot to speak, but it won’t understand the words; it is the same for the parrots who come into the sinister tradition, they claim the title, they play act what they think is the sinister tradition, but if you question them about their ideas you quickly realise they have no understanding about what they claim to believe.  The true member of the sinister tradition will walk rather than talk the path, know rather than know about, live rather than play act their path; it is a question of substance which the parrot lacks.

Anyone can claim to be a Satanist, but the parrots we Satanists refer to as Reverse Christians, come into Satanism with the pre-conceptions of what Christianity and the media has fed to them, they will slavishly worship Satan in the same manner as they slavishly worshipped Jesus; and they are the ones who will ignorantly indulge in the rape of children and the murder of human beings, as has been reported recently in the media of the self-proclaimed Satanist who killed and skinned his own mother. There is nothing we Satanists can do about Reverse Christians other than exclude them from our lives and activities, but they are the ones who hit the media headlines for murder and rape, which the ignorant will paint as representative of all those who follow the sinister tradition.

Colin Batley, self-proclaimed leader of a cult, used the cover of pseudo-occult interpretations to indulge in the sexual abuse of children and control over a group of followers.  Colin Batley was a parrot, he was another deluded man who play-acted and talked about a sinister tradition he was ignorant about, which he used as cover for abusing children.  Unfortunately everyone in the sinister tradition has been tarnished by the actions of Colin Batley, a parrot, who was never part of, or followed the sinister tradition.

Amongst the worst sins of those that follow the sinister tradition is that we are self-important, opinionated, are argumentative, aggressively individualistic and self-centred, but we won’t be raping children like a Roman Catholic priest, and we won’t be sacrificing your mother.

Pagan panic over Satan

“I should have no compassion on these witches; I should burn them all”

Martin Luther.

Many pagans work hard to build protective walls around themselves and their religion whenever Satanism is mentioned.  Ignorant Christians dump Satanists and pagans under the same roof, alleging both sacrifice people and animals to Satan, the same sort of rubbish that has been churned out for hundreds of years to scare children and simple folk with.  Certain mentally ill people and deluded Christians indulge in literal bloody sacrifices of living victims, but most Satanists and the majority of pagans do not.

I have nothing against pagans, but if they are to argue for differences between us Satanists and them, they need to do so with knowledge of what we are, since they mostly buy the Christian ignorance about Satanism.

Nothing is going to stop your average Christian putting a Satanist, pagan, even Muslims and Jews, in the same devil worshipping pot, this is ignorance for you, but do pagans want to be as ignorant as Christians?

My Satanic point of view is that if it exists then it is natural, i.e. Satan is as natural as your average oak tree the pagan likes to worship. The pagan argument that a boundary exists between Satanists and them is their worship of archetypes of nature, this is a fail as Satan, regardless of how Satan is defined, is of nature too.

Pagans and Satanists have in common ritual, worship of entities, magic, witches, cult groups, crazies, group-slavery, ignorance, dogmatism, atheism, theism, liking for sex, liking for horny archetypes, fraudsters, left hand path and beer.   Your bible bashing Christian would have a liking to burn a pagan to death as much as they would for a Satanist.

So where in fact do we have a clear boundary of us and them between pagan and Satanist?  I think it is the music, they like pan pipes, we like heavy metal.  There you are, the difference is musical taste, and we Satanists think tree hugging hippies are funny.