LHP and the Group-Mind

An ignorant clown declares on a LHP forum that if the global system breaks down the clown will gather together all their LHP gang friends, move to Victoria Island in Canada, then through assassination of leaders and intellectuals gain control of the island.  I laughed.

The whole idea of group, gang or community in the LHP, a path that is about individualism, is ignorant.  The clown apparently reads a lot of books then forms untested ignorant opinions about how the world works.  I have news for them, forget the books and get a life.

Apparently the clown considers that Pol Pot is a great case study for gaining control of a people, kill all the leaders and the intellectuals, the people become controllable sheep, though there is a flaw in their idealistic LHP plan.  This notion of gaining control through the mass murder of leaders and intellectuals works in a nation like Russia if Stalin did it, but won’t if Hitler did it, the reason is that Stalin is of the Russian tribe and Hitler is an outsider.

Gather a group of people together, for instance at a sports event, and they will naturally synchronize as one group-mind.  This group-mind is greater than its parts, and will survive even if key players in the whole die.  The hormone and electrical pathways of the human brain is designed to be tribal, the same systems that will trigger racist notions against an outsider.

The LHP clown and their gang friends can visit Victoria Island, and they might kill all the leaders and intellectuals of the indigenous population of the island, but the population as a whole, the group-mind, will perceive the LHP clown and their ignorant gangster friends as an outsider, and will fight back.  If I had the means I would be delighted to drop the LHP clown unarmed upon North Sentinel Island where they can experience first-hand how tribalism works when it comes to invading outsiders.