Change comes too late for Luciferian forum


LRS going the way of the dodo?

Jeremy Crow a leading light of the religion of Luciferianism has written to all members of his forum Luciferian Research Society to say he is introducing a membership fee of $1 a month for each member.

Crow complained that the LRS had suffered its lowest membership activity to date, and donations had been very low for the $400 a year site.

I have been a member of LRS on and off for many years, a site open to all outlooks of the Left Hand Path.  Since the first years LRS has suffered low activity despite even my own efforts to promote activity.

LRS suffered from being hosted on the Ning hosting platform which limited the options of what could be done with the site.  Ning quickly became obsolete by better designed “free” social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

A few years ago I suggested to Jeremy Crow to move LRS to a different platform, adding a membership subscription.  Crow unfortunately did not evolve LRS with the times, keeping LRS in the same manner as it had been when the forum was created.

Unlike 600Club the public are unable to access ten years of quality content on LRS without becoming a member, so denying the public the opportunity to learn about the Left Hand Path religions.

Crow was tempted to delete his platform, which he kept going mainly at his own expense as a labour of love.

Although I wish Crow success in his subscription-only LRS forum, in my opinion this innovation has come too late to save LRS from extinction.

This is what Jeremy Crow said in his email to members of LRS:

Dear LRS Member,

After reviewing the past several months of activity on the Luciferian Research Society, a few things have become clear. First of all, the level of engagement is at an all time low. We have over 1700 registered members but only about 1% of those members actually use the site each month. Secondly, almost nobody is willing to contribute funds to support the operation of this site. To be completely transparent, and to give shout-outs to those who deserve it, only two people have donated money in 2018:

Thanks so much to both of you! Your generosity is highly appreciated.

The LRS didn’t receive any financial contributions in 2017 at all.

If we look at the number of members who contributed funds in the past 24 months (2 people) this represents only 1/10th of 1% of the total membership. The LRS costs roughly $30 USD every month to continue operating, not including the yearly domain name registration to maintain ownership of the website address Over the past two years, the total member contributions have covered less than 1.5% of the total costs incurred. The rest of this expense has been covered by me (Jeremy Crow.)

I’m beginning to feel like the LRS isn’t valued by it’s members and I have to ask myself why I continue to pay for something that almost nobody even cares about anymore. This was once a thriving community and the amount of content here is impressive, but I can no longer justify keeping it going, considering all of the above.

I seriously considered unceremoniously deleting the entire network without notice. I almost clicked the termination button… but I just couldn’t do it.

The LRS has been around for just shy of 9 years. It’s gone through it’s ups and downs and I have myself been guilty at times of being absent for a time before coming back again. And that’s fine! I don’t expect anyone, myself included, to maintain a dedicated presence here. We all have lives outside of the internet (I hope!) but I really like having this space that I can come back to and reconnect with people when I need it. There are a lot of memories stored here in the form of discussions, blogs, comments, photos, etc… I’d rather not see it go away. But it is clear that voluntary member donations alone will never be enough to keep this site going and that I am destined to pay out of pocket to keep this resource alive.

It is with this in mind that I am going to try something new. Within the next week or two I will be enabling a feature that will require members to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to continue accessing the site. At this point I’m thinking that $1 USD per month is more than fair. Even if you are on a fixed income, one dollar per month is not going to break you. It’s all about priorities. If you honestly cannot afford this small subscription fee then you should be seriously focusing on improving your financial situation rather than hanging out on an internet forum.

I’m hoping that not only will this cover the LRS expenses, but will result in a much more engaged membership. I know that a ton of members are going to drop off, but those who remain are going to be the ones who genuinely do value this community hub. These are the people who I really want to interact and share with.  I hope that you are one of these individuals and that you will choose to continue being part of the LRS going forward.


Jeremy Crow

P.S.  If anyone would like to contact me directly, you can reach me via email:

or send me a letter via standard mail at:

        LRS c/o Jeremy Crow
        1A-1881 Steeles Ave W.
        Suite 114
        Toronto Ontario M3H 0A1

Beyond LHP forums

No fan of LHP forums, I read the posts of their forum members as a non-member, a way of keeping an eye on trends amongst those that associate themselves with the Left Hand Path.  There are many LHP forums on the internet, the majority are like a cemetery, and most are on life-support with the occasional rare monthly post by a dedicated forum member.

600Club is probably one of the oldest LHP forums on the internet, but of 8700+ forum members might have less than 50 resident members contributing anything in a month, and a glimpse at their statistics shows a hardcore dozen contributing to a small number of topics.  The Sect of the Horned God deleted their LHP forum in the last week, following a number of forums that have closed, as idealistic LHP forum owners recognise their money, time and energy might be more fruitfully spent elsewhere.  A schism at the SIN forum as the majority of the hardcore contributing membership abandoned ship after a falling out with the site owner, creating their own forum, and leaving a moribund half-living site behind; the new site the exiles created with a membership of less than a hundred, with no membership growth and a third of the membership inactive, a familiar story of forums of any topic on the internet.

Internet forums such as Ning and offer an evolved version of the old Usenet bulletin boards, with the same problem of trolling, spam, low quality egotistical garbage that the internet drowns in.  Internet forums are like a compost heap, dung thrown on layer upon layer, where useful gems of Satanic insight drowned in a mountain of dung.  Look at any LHP internet forum, note how 95% of the forum membership are inactive, and how hard it is to find quality LHP information amongst the dung heap of low quality information.

The essence of Satanism has always been, and always will be, the manifestation of individual will.  The paradox of the individual seeking out internet infrastructure built around community, which is what internet forums are, communities, is why internet forums are dead-end projects of undesirable conformity.  I like the concept of blog sites as WordPress provide for these are individual islands of manifestation of individual will, where I have no need to post content in the same shared space as a moron as the forums unfortunately allow.  The ideal Satanic internet site of the future is an intimate relationship between the internet site and the individual user, not one where a space is provided for a bunch of people to self-organise into something little different from a community.