On liberty and responsibility


Liberty comes with responsibility, otherwise the liberty is restricted or lost.

There is no escaping it, most citizens are part of a greater entity called the State, subject to the laws of that State, which forms the contract between the citizen and the State. The contract sets out liberties such as the liberty to freedom of speech, contractual duties like the paying of tax, and penalties for breaking a rule of the contract, a fine or a restriction of a liberty such as imprisonment.

The internet is a new medium of communication, a tool that remains at this time lightly burdened by contractual laws defining what the citizen can and cannot do upon it.  The citizen has many liberties in how and what they express on the internet, yet these liberties come with personal responsibility.  When the few abuse a liberty to harm, lie and steal about or from another citizen, and the many through apathy or active encouragement allow this behaviour to continue and grow, then the liberty becomes restricted or lost.

In my own personal experience, when citizens such as Nathaniel Harris and Kris Costa, writes upon the internet dishonest stories about me, linking me to an innocent man called Julian Vayne, with the knowledge and hope that Order of Nine Angles (ONA) vigilantes might attack Vayne, then it is an abuse of a liberty given to the internet.

When a father (RD) and his two children are pursued by a baying mob of thousands of self-appointed vigilantes desiring their abduction and destruction based upon a false Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative, then a liberty given to the internet is threatened.

When internet companies such as Google profit from linking advertising to content promoting hate, or in the case of the Hampstead SRA hoax pimping a false narrative, the faces and names of abused children, then a liberty of the internet is going to be lost.

When despite dozens of referrals and complaints to an internet company called Patreon about illegal and child abusive content, that clearly breaches its own terms and conditions, and its own moderation systems appear incapable of speedily dealing with it, then the internet suffers a loss of a liberty.

All liberties come with responsibility, or they are restricted and lost.  A citizen that loves a liberty, has a responsibility to treat others with the same liberty, and also defend that liberty from being abused.  When the State brings about changes to the contract to restrict or remove liberties previously enjoyed by the citizen on the internet, it is no use complaining, the citizen harvests what they sow.


Liberty works both ways

The individual Satanist rejects conformity and slavery, favoring freedom to express their own individuality in their own unique way.  Liberty works both ways, if the Satanist demands the liberty to express their own mind, body and life as they would wish it, then they must afford that same desire to others to express their mind, body and life as they would like.

Liberty in my opinion is one of the foundation stones of Satanism, we demand the liberty to manifest our personal will to be our own god in our lives.  The Satanist opposes the priest, politician or marketing man who seeks to tell the Satanist how to think and act, opposes all conformity and slavery.  If we hold liberty as sacred in our own path, then we must allow others to express their own ideas in their own way, as longs as it does not infringe our own liberty.  Liberty cuts both ways.

Webs on the crooked path

If the Satanic path was a crooked path, and things such as conformity were metaphorical spider web, and if you could see all those spider webs, you would be shocked how many there were to ensnare you in their enslaving embrace.  It is a challenging path the Satanist will walk, a journey that will go on unto the last breath of life.  At every step of the journey there are the spider webs, and if you should fall to them you are forced to waste precious time, energy and money to become free of them.  Part of the Satanic approach is to see the spider webs in order to avoid them every second of the day, every choice the Satanist makes.  The potential friend, are they really a friend, or are they another spider web waiting to entrap you? Is the choice you are making one that will increase your liberty, or push you further into slavery? The journey is yours to make, but watch always for the spider webs.

Satanism inside

I was taking my wolfhound for a walk today in the grounds of an old Christian church, now all ruins, roof gone and the walls standing as a forgotten relic of its religious past.  The walls conveyed to me the harsh restrictive nature of the religion it once contained.  I was glad to be a Satanist, an outlook of liberty, free of restriction.  I know of Satanists who dream of building their own Satanic building.  I am glad that these dreams are unlikely to happen because Satanism is inside the Satanist never out there in the world.