Satanic Rule 3: respect peoples spaces

Each week I give my opinion on each of eleven Satanic rules of the Church of Satan. Rule number three is as follows:

“3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.”

This is a rule I totally agree with.  This blog for example is my lair, I created a few policies for this blog here. Readers who comment on my blog know where they stand if they read my blog  Respecting my policies is respecting me in my lair.

Here is my space in the world, you enter my space, respect me.  Makes sense.  Some Christian churches ban gay people from being married in their church, I have no problems with that, their space, their lair.  If the same Christians seek to impose bans on gays living in my community, I will have a problem with that, public spaces are not personal spaces or lairs.  If a Muslim comes to USA and hates Americans drinking alcohol and female freedoms, why did they come to live in the USA? Go back and live in a Muslim nation. Likewise, what right do the Western nations have to create western values in Muslim nations?

This is a good rule to live by, respect my space, I respect your space, everyone is happy.