Kick Jesus out of Satanism, please

Lets have a Satanism free of Christian baggage.

Every individual is entitled to following their religion as longs as they keep their religion out of my face, so whilst I respect Christians to follow their path, I object to anything related to Jesus corrupting the Left Hand Path.

I like Satanism because it is a pure path that embraces reason, senses and experience unlike religions such as Christianity that is based mostly on opinion and lies.  Perhaps Christianity was in the first decades a path that did embrace values that I respect such as wisdom based on experience, but it has long lost its way, indulging in fantasy and faith, and is now best consigned to the trash can.

Satanism is the path for mature adults who value the empirical path of experience, senses and reason.  In dismay I observe too many Satanists and other LHP-orientated people hanging onto the robes of Jesus by bringing Christianity into the Satanic religion.  Why must my path require that black masses, upside down crosses and other Christian junk be part of the Satanic religion? Why do some Satanists need to call themselves reverend, or their groups a “church” or their guide books a bible such as “Satanic Bible?”

Hanging onto Christian baggage is like an adult still holding their moms hand.  It is time to let go and embrace a path free of the backward religion of Christianity.  It is fine for noobs and children to embrace Reverse Christian reactions and baggage such as those in the Satanic kindergarten of Joy of Satan, but when Satanists are over 18 and with a few years of Satanic experience behind them, I would like to think they passed puberty and embraced a Christian-free path.

The religion of Asatru embraces a path free of Christian baggage, and there is enough of a tradition in Satanism to build a strong path in the same way without Christianity.

Whats in a name? Satanism

In a world obsessed with image and branding it is occasionally suggested that Satanists should rebrand themselves with a new name, as if a new name will exorcise two thousand years of negative narrative against Satanism.  In truth most Satanists care nothing for what others think, but for practical reasons must hide their Satanism from others because of the negative stigma that is attached to Satanism.

Satanism is a word, it is what the individual Satanist brings to the table that defines what Satanism is to that individual, rippling out to define Satanism to the rest of the world.  Satanism to me is a powerful and effective paradigm, but there are too many people who enter Satanism who pollute the Satanic worldview with mediocrity and stupidity.  I offer three strong qualities of Satanism, and how some fail to aspire to these qualities.

1. Critical Thinking.

Many come to Satanism because they asked questions whilst involved with the organized religions such as Christianity, their questions met with hostility, silence or ineffective answers.  These individuals turn to alternative religions and philosophies for their answers, arriving eventually to Satanism.  The ability to question, to look for the truth behind the manipulation, ignorance and falsehood is the mark of a liberated wise individual.

Too many come to Satanism, taking upon themselves this name, but seem unable or unwilling to accept the quality of critical thinking.  These people set up and join groups such as Joy of Satan which embrace the same desire of the organized religions to deny the quality of critical thinking of their membership.  One Joy of Satan member wrote on a recent Satanic forum that he was kicked out of JOS for asking questions; he like most former JOS members on leaving that group express an incredible naivety and lack of understanding of Satanism, born out of the suppression of critical thinking in that group.

2. Individualism.

Individualism is a major quality of the Satanist, the individual who has embraced a path away from conformity and slavery to the herd.  Many in Satanism are critical of the organized religions, the sheep-like behavior of most of the followers of those religions. Large numbers of Satanists ironically behave like sheep, flocking to the group farms of groups such as Joy of Satan and Church of Satan.  It seems to me a sheep in the Roman Catholic Church is no different to the sheep in the Church of Satan.

3. Authority.

A Satanic quality is that the individual has chosen to be the primary authority in their own life.  Large numbers of Satanists have chosen to place groups, dogma, other Satanists and even Satan as the primary authority in their own lives, they choose to put themselves in the position of a slave to an external authority.

In the Joy of Satan, the spaceman they call “Father Satan” is always the master over the Satanist, and the leader of JOS, who profitably milks the JOS members like so many cows, tells the members how to think and act.  Peter H Gilmore and his partner runs Church of Satan as a personal business, charging gullible Satanists $200 plus other fees for a membership card of his “church” without any other benefits.  The COS seeks to be the primary authority of Satanism in their members lives, defining all aspects of Satanism as per the definitions of Gilmore and Anton Lavey,  expelling members who disagree with their views.

A name is defined by the qualities the Satanist brings to the name.

The name Satanist is a word, it becomes whatever qualities Satanists bring to the word.  I am sorry to suggest that over half of Satanists are little different from any follower of the organized religions, a sheep dressed up like a Satanist.  Embracing critical thinking, individualism and the choice of placing all external authorities as second in authority to self in the individuals own life are in my opinion the three initial basic steps the individual Satanist should be taking if they really value being a Satanist; a change of name is meaningless.

Go kill unicorns and rainbows with a machine gun

Satanicviews will often challenge the bullshit masquerading as Satanism: the trolling psychopathic clowns of the Order of Nine Angles, who market Satanism as a bunch of cannibalistic murderers and rapists; the Church of Satan, run by a husband-wife team who promote Right Hand Path values and militant atheism whilst excluding the legitimacy of all other more authentic Left Hand Path outlooks; the Nazi-obsessed groupies in the Joy of Satan; the fools who think Satanism is membership of a forum or is something associated with Heavy Metal.

The only worth Satanic action when meeting a unicorn and a rainbow is its obliteration with a machine gun.
The only worthy Satanic action when meeting a unicorn or a rainbow is its obliteration with a machine gun.

In recent years Satanicviews has come across those that paint Satanism as a path of unicorns and rainbows.  Too many Satanists on the internet are climbing upon their self-righteous soap boxes and promoting how law-abiding they are whilst condemning a Satanic individual or group for their alleged criminality.  In addition, there are those with the ear of the media, marketing Satanism as something associated with altruism, charity and Christian-like values.

The Satanic Temple, whilst achieving results in the constant battle in the USA defending the sacred split between religion and state, is attempting a marketing overhaul of Satanism in the eyes of the media akin to unicorns and rainbows.  One of the first campaigns the Satanic Temple organized was a community litter picking, whilst their ally on WordPress called Pride of Dawn has been attacking Satanic qualities like lex talionis, whilst promoting kindness and altruism.

Satanism is the dark path for a reason, the Satanist walks roads the group-minded sheep fear to travel in order to rise above conformity, slavery and ignorance.  The Satanist does not turn the other cheek and forgive like the Christian, they gift fire with fire, hate with hate, violence with violence.  The individual Satanist creates their own personal values, they reject the conformist templates of rules that external authorities such as the Church of Satan or the Satanic Temple preaches to the sheep.  My values are personal, I am as likely to break someone’s leg as save a kitten from drowning in a river, because I follow my own rules and choices, free of external authorities.

External authorities make up rules, laws and procedures in order to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of humanity, which is why 1% of the human population own half the resources of this planet, whilst nearly a billion other humans live on the borderline of life-and-death with limited access to clean water, air and food.  The individual Satanist will have to break rules and the law if they wish to prosper or be crushed into nothingness by authority.  Breaking rules is what makes a Satanist evil, since evil is a subjective judgement based upon a human-created rule – obey the rule, you are good, break the rule, you are evil.

Those that paint Satanism as unicorns and rainbows are adding to the pile of bullshit this blog despises.  The only worthy action to ideas of unicorns and rainbows in Satanism is their obliteration with a machine gun.

Normal blogging service will resume this Saturday (armed with a machine gun…)

Satanism used in propaganda war against terrorists

For the ruler Satanism has always been a useful tool in which to stoke up hysterical moral panics for political or religious ends. We are all familiar with the Satanic panics of Satanic ritual abuse of children, largely proven to be a false, but during the 1970’s the British authorities used Satanism to attempt to damage Irish terrorist groups.

According to various British media sources such as the Guardian newspaper British spies would plant black candles and other black magic regalia at scenes of terrorist activity, whilst circulating fictional stories in the media that Irish terrorists were involved in Satanism.  The aims of the the “psych-ops” was to damage support of the deeply religious Irish community for the terrorists who hid amongst them, whilst keeping children and teenagers off the streets.

The operation largely failed, but offers insights that Satanism is often used by ruling authorities in which to control their citizens through fear.  Apart from a few extreme elements such as Joy of Satan or the Order of Nine Angles the involvement of Satanists in ritualistic murder or child abuse is rare.  Most Satanists follow a path that is strongly individualistic and liberated rather than one that conforms to the typical Christian stereotype of a murderous sexually abusing devil worshipper.

The Satanist and the psychopath

I keep an eye on the world news media reports of Satanism, the familiar stereotype is repeated of the Satanic psychopath involved in sex crime and murder.  The US-based NBC reports recently of one of two teens who claimed to be a Satanist and murdered a classmate.

The traits of a pseudo-Satanic killer or sex abuser reported in the media

In my subjective view I list the following traits of many of these so-called Satanic killers and sex abusers:

  • they are teens.
  • they are low education achievers.
  • they have mental health and social problems
  • they are angry individuals.
  • they have below normal intelligence.
  • they are ignorant about Satanism beyond Hollywood or Christian stereotypes.

Most Satanists are teenagers

The regular trait I notice amongst the reports of self-proclaimed Satanist killers is they are teenagers or in their low twenties.  These people are at best pseudo-Satanists who were drawn to Satanism because of the propaganda that Satanists are all child-abusing murderous psychopaths, and if Satanism was not available these people would have found another label or social group to blame for their actions.

Satanic teens join Joy of Satan

Most teens who come to Satanism do so from influences in the media and the music industry, which provides for them a useful vehicle of transition from childhood to adult in the absence of effective modern rites of passage.  The number of Satanists in the world range from 50,000 to 100,000 Satanists, many who are teenagers.  Over ten thousand of these teenagers end up in Joy of Satan, a theistic-orientated internet group, often identifiable because they call Satan “Father Satan.”  Once the teenager has constructed their adult self they usually abandon Satanism for something else, but a few carry on to become more deeply involved in Satanism.

Satanists contribute to blame for media stereotypes

In my opinion Satanists encourage the media stereotypes of Satanists as murderous psychopaths and child abusers.  The Church of Satan could do with a facelift, and dropping its symbolic rituals of sacrifice.  Satanic forums could also take a stronger line against the pseudo-Satanists who troll and dominate them under the label of “Order of Nine Angles” (ONA); who at their core attract a verbose vocal few dozen of angry, manipulative and hateful psychopaths, who encourage the sort of stereotypes of murder and sacrifice that Satanism is being tainted with; and most recently, according to a certain ONA-poster on a Satanic forum, have become involved in the rape and pornographic exploitation of children.

Satanism and race

A Satanist recently complained because his Facebook page was deleted and his Facebook account blocked.  The Satanist had promoted white supremacy as part of his Satanic beliefs on Facebook, attacking other races as inferior, leading to Facebook taking action against the Satanist.

Racial and white supremacist ideals have become mixed up in many Satanist beliefs, especially of those who come into contact with the Joy of Satan.  My question is, does skin colour really confer advantage of one human over another, beyond subjective opinion?

Dogma slavery leads to failure

I watched an interesting video yesterday on why Hitler lost the war…

Hitler placed his dogma of Aryan superiority above military strategy, for instance dismissing USA as a Jew-led weak nation that would be unable to place soldiers on European soil until 1970. Hitler was a dogma slave.

The individual Satanist succeeds because they reject dogma-slavery.  If all the Satanist chooses is walking another person’s path then they have chosen dogma slavery.  If an idea is working against you, get rid of it.  Build a personal philosophy that reflects your personal situation and goals.

There are plenty of pre-packaged dogmas on offer in Satanism, from Church of Satan to Joy of Satan, but all these dogmas will enslave the individual to the benefit of others if they are adopted in slavish unquestioning fashion.  Take bits of any dogma that benefits you, reject the rest, and build a unique personal path that nobody but you will walk.  Dogma slavery means certain failure, whereas the liberated Satanist who builds their unique path will enjoy good chances of success.