The indifferent silence of a religion


Fanatics such as David Myatt (Order of Nine Angles) who promote murder in the name of religion opens a choice for members of that religion, either to accept it as truth of what their religion is by their silence, or challenge it with alternative narratives.

Deeds rather than words marks out the integrity of a religion, so it is unfortunate to see a leading religion of Islam manifested as a vehicle and/or knife attack upon innocent men, women and children around the world by Muslims. The newspapers and internet media outlets now carry the face of a seven-year old boy, the latest death from Muslim lone wolf attacks on innocent people, his only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time in a city in Spain.

Of course, those who believe that their religion is all about finding a crowd of pedestrians and mowing them down in a car on behalf of God and the Prophet are a minority. Still, the greater crime is that a religion of a billion members is deafening in their silence and lack of activity to engage, educate and curb the fanatical ideas and deeds of a few. It is this silence, apathy and inertia by Muslims that speaks loudly of a religion that has lost its way, hijacked by a vocal minority who flood the internet with their ideas, and encourage the murder of women and children by whatever method is at hand in the name of their god and religion. The younger members of Islam, like all the young, access their ideas from the internet, and what is mainly available to those young minds is the twisted version of those such as Islamic State. The voices of moderation in Islam have seemed impotent in getting their message onto the internet, and seem to have divided rather than engaged the younger generations from the older.

I am proud of my religion, the Left Hand Path celebrates liberty, life and responsibility. When Order of Nine Angels promotes the LHP as a vehicle to harm and murder people, I challenged them. When outsiders said the LHP was about the rape, torture, killing and eating of children, I challenged those as well. I earned the hatred of the ONA and those that promoted SRA fictions such as Hampstead; my lone LHP voice did significant damage to both the ONA and those SRA promoting Satan Hunters at Hampstead.

If one lone voice in a LHP religion of less than half a million can make the difference, where are the voices in a religion of one billion? The murder of a seven-year old boy in Spain by a representative of a billion strong religion is a public relations disaster of epic proportions for Islam; does this event cause many to do something about this in Islam? The indifferent silence is the deed that measures the quality of that religion.


UK Muslim leader attacks Satanism


Satanism has its own extremist problem known as the Order of Nine Angles under leadership of David Myatt.

Satanism provides a convenient hook to hang every ignorant negative issue upon when it comes to outsiders, and in the case of Abu-Khadeejah Abdul-Wahid a Muslim leader in the Birmingham area of the UK, it was to compare the actions of the Islamic extremist who attacked innocent people in London recently to Satanism, as if to say my religion is associated to:

““unbelievable” cowardice in targeting innocent men, women and children.”

The attack in London that killed four and injured some fifty others was undertaken by a Muslim, a man who was radicalised by internet propaganda and the views of fellow Muslims. This attack had no connection to the religion of Satanism, nor to any Satanist.  The responsibility rests fully and totally upon the heads of Muslims who because they have their heads stuck in the sand do little to counter the radicalisation of their young people.

Two of the leading Satanist groups in the UK quickly responded.  The London Chapter of the Satanic Temple said:

 “Mr Abdul-Waheed stated that the actions and values of the attacker were nearer to the values of Satanism than to Muslim values. I can’t think of anything further from the truth. And while we recognise the value in underscoring the ideological disparities between the actions of a lone radical and the Muslim world, we would prefer that any comparisons to Satanism be informed by facts.

Much like Islam, Satanism is often on the receiving end of speculation, scapegoating, and ignorance. And like Islam, the religious intolerance and prejudice behind these conspicuous accusations perpetuates fear and facilitates conditions that can threaten the safety and wellbeing of our members, inhibiting our ability to live and practice freely and openly. Far from the pervasive myth that Satanists sacrifice infants, commit incest, and participate in human trafficking The Satanic Temple has a mission that cites empathy, benevolence, and common sense as shared values. Like the Five Pillars of Islam, our members follow Seven Fundamental Tenets that inspire our daily lives with nobility in thought and compassion in practice. It might surprise you to learn that The Satanic Temple is in-fact an unrelenting advocate for the rights of women and children and for protection against domestic violence and institutional abuses.”

The UK-based Church of Rational Satanism gave their own statement:

“We would like to highlight that the actions of this man were in no way in line with any satanic philosophy. As stated above it would be in complete error for myself and us as an organisation to to speak for every Satanist as opinions cannot go further than the individual. What we can do however is demonstrate using the philosophical foundations of our belief structure as to why this statement is in fact untrue.

Satanism is a life loving philosophy that aims for the individual to get the best from life with self preservation and vital existence being the priority. Therefore the complete disregard of the attackers own life this goes against our core belief structure. Satanism is completely based around the individual with our organisation, as least, focusing on the excellence in the self in all aspects of life. Putting focus and energy into ideologies that go against the individual system, through our unique concepts, would simply be counter productive and go against the core values of Satanism. We use Satan as a metaphorical archetype (although we do not limit ourself to one archetypical figure) we also promote personal responsibility for an individuals actions.”

Muslims need to take responsibility for dealing with Islamic extremism

This Satanist has attended several Islamic conferences, and has a reasonable understanding of this religion. It is troubling that a billion Muslims have done little to allow a radical few to become the voice and image of the moderate majority. Until Muslims can take responsibility and the initiative to tackle extremist points of view in their own ranks rather blame other religions for their problems, attacks like in London will continue and increase in number.

The extremist problem in Satanist ranks – Order of Nine Angles

In finishing, this writer would like to highlight a problem within Satanist ranks called the Order of Nine Angles who share and promote similar extremist views to those of the Islamic State. The ONA was founded and is under the leadership of David Myatt, who formerly called himself Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt and Abdul al-Qari, and encouraged similarly extremist views as is pandered by Islamic extremists. The ONA are deeply embedded into Satanism, and sadly whilst they exist in our ranks, we are open to accusations of promoting similar outrages as has been inflicted upon the innocent by extremist Muslims. Like the Muslims it is down to the majority in Satanism to prevent the small minority (ONA) from being the image and voice of our religion.

A flaming welcome to 2015

2015 and this blog is back for another year of hardcore Satanic views.

I took a few months off from blogging to do sinister real world things that gave me no time for internet postings, but it is a joy to be back once again to blog during 2015.

2014 was marked in my view by two significant manifestations: ISIS and the Satanic Temple.  It is a joy to note that the fastest growing religion in this world – Islam – has managed to manifest a diabolical creation like ISIS, that has reduced over a thousand years of Islamic tradition and teachings to a mess of hypocrisy and barbarianism.  Whilst Christianity was dying, the religion of Islam was the newest possible contender against Satanism, the potential of which could have been a new era of burning Satanists at the stake, a sport so beloved of Christendom until a few hundred years ago.  The corporate-like PR of ISIS has managed to obliterate the credibility of Islam in the eyes of the many, whilst the moderate majority of Muslims sat silent and passive.  The Christian-inspired policies of the former US and UK leaders Bush and Blair effectively cleaned out two thousand years of Christianity in places such as Syria, Iraq and Libya whilst Christians like their Muslim counterparts sat watching and did nothing.  The inadequacy of Islam and Christianity is pleasing to my mind, showing that Satanism has a bright future without fear of much opposition.

It was a roller coaster of a ride for Satanic Temple in 2014 as it shoved the old goat called the Church of Satan aside to grab the headlines and the representation of Satanism in the minds of the media and the public masses.  Just when I thought Satanism was getting boring, the Satanic Temple made Satanism interesting again.  Yes, this blog has issues with some of the activities and policies of the Satanic Temple, but this blog respects all those who can shake up the status quo through deeds that deliver good results.

I raise my wine glass to 2015 with a positive mind that Satanism will manifest to the world a new era of sinister expression.

Christians and Satanists flee Muslims

It is rare that Christians find common grounds of agreement with Satanists but when it comes to an enemy that hates both equally and would massacre both without a thought they found it in the advancing armies of the Islamic State who advanced into their lands in Iraq this week.

Following on from the call of a religious crusade by the US President of the time George Bush and the UK leader Tony Blair that cleared out the old rulers of Iraq, and later paved the way for collapse into anarchy in Syria and Libya as well, the crusade succeeded in wiping out the Christian community in the Middle East, and allowed the rise of an Islamic Caliphate.

Thousands of years before the Church of Satan claimed ownership of Satanism the Yazidis could claim the title of Satanist.  Though hardly fitting the template of an individual Satanist the Yazidis worship a version of Satan of the Christian story who rebelled against the Christian/Muslim/Jewish god.  The Yazidis consider their Satan to be a peacock angel called Malak Taus.

The US currently has begun delivering food and water to the Yazidis, whilst bombing Islamic positions to stem the advance of the armies of the Islamic Caliphate to prevent total genocide of both Christians and Yazidis.

Rejecting dogmatic extremism

The media are full of stories at the moment about an upsurge of Islamic extremism around the world from Iraq to Kenya.  The story is about a bunch of Muslims who think their truth is the only truth, and they seek to impose that truth upon others through terror and murder.  I personally don’t care about Muslims, I will leave them alone if they leave me alone.  I have a problem when a Muslim or other dogmatic slave imposes their truth upon me, and think they are justified to murder me if I disagree with them.

The beauty of the Left Hand Path is that truth is unique to each individual, ours is a path of individuality and selfhood, rejecting conformity and slavery to the group-mind such as Islam or Mormonism.  Each individual in the LHP are unique and their truth is relative to themselves, nobody in the LHP are alike in their ideas.

I have only one answer for those who seek to murder me unless I enslave myself to their subjective truth, I shall take up gun and bomb and oppose them as ruthlessly as they do towards me.  Fortunately I live in the West, so that the Muslims who are murdering their way across the Middle East and Africa are only a limited threat, however, even in Satanism we have our own dogmatic extremists, such as the Satanic cult the Order of Nine Angles (ONA), who also in their many trollish posts in internet forums echo the same mentality as an Al-Qaeda fanatic that they will murder Satanists who fail to share their narrow-minded outlook.

Truth is relative.  Truth are ideas which an individual subjectively believes is true.  Any idea can give rise in the mind of the fanatic a dogmatic extremist mentality to impose through force their relative truths upon others, thus fanaticism is not limited to religion, but to any situation involving ideas.  There may come a time in the future when the Satanist will have to face fanatics be they Christian, ONA or Muslim who are prepared to murder them and their family, and it is useful to ask yourself what you would do if that situation ever arose.