The curse of reverse Christianity

Reverse Christianity is an interpretation that Satanism is about rape and murder, propagated by Christians and Hollywood.  Satanists will often encounter reverse Christians who proclaim themselves as Satanists, and will promote murder and rape either in word or deed.

Satanism is and always will be a philosophy of the individual manifesting personal will to be their own god in their own lives, often in the face of conforming oppression.  Reverse Christianity is another of those traps that seek to imprison the individual into slavery, and thus its agents and ideas are better rejected wherever it is encountered by the individual Satanist.

Individual or slave, no middle ground

Some Satanists argue that they can have the best of both worlds, as an individual and a group-slave.  There is no middle ground between liberty of individuality or slavery of group-think.  The individual must choose between individuality or group-minded slavery, sitting on the fence pretending to be both individual and group-slave is a delusion.

I have seen some weird logic going on in some Satanic forums where one person claims another is not a member of their exclusive group because they do not in their subjective opinion conform to an unwritten code, the argument being that if everyone pretends that a code is not written, then it cannot be considered group-minded slavery, and if one self-proclaimed authority passes judgement that a code is broken and therefore the target of their criticism is not one of them, then this is not group-minded mentality either.

In individual Satanism there are no external codes, judges or groups holding the individual to ransom, the individual is god in their own life.

Becoming your own god

Satanism is a choice that an individual makes every moment of their lives, thus to say that Satanism is a state of becoming, one that is happening in an eternal cyclical moment.  If the Satanist one moment performed a ritual declaring their personal Satanism, then made the choice to unquestioningly follow a group or pre-packaged dogma, then they stopped becoming a Satanist.

Satanism is unfortunately full of self-proclaimed leaders who claim ownership of the Left Hand Path or attempt to impose on others their personal interpretation of what Satanism is to them.  Such people are like spiders spinning webs to catch unthinking flies, that they will devour to their own benefit, but to the loss of the deluded slave that was caught in the trap.

One Satanist recently declared they was the leader of Theistic Satanism based on a claim of 10,000 followers of their blog.  Another Satanist declared they was an authority based on a large number of views and followers of their YouTube channel.  Such claims are forms of marketing designed to blind and seduce the individual for the gain of another at the expense of self.

I recently exchanged comment with a self-proclaimed guru who desired to impose their own personal Satanic standards upon everyone else, one who considered harming others should be a Satanic ideal.  Satanists made an effort to break away from restrictive dogma such as Christianity, only to find in the liberated boundaries of Satanism other people desiring to create and impose rules or standards of their own relative truths upon the individual.  When the individual gives up their own standards, beliefs and dreams in exchange for that of an external authority, they give control of their minds to others.  The hidden agenda of anyone seeking to impose standards on others is a form of control, since if all individuals reject their own standards in favour of externally created standards it becomes another form of dogma such as exists with the Roman Catholic Church.

I like the Satanic idea of “self becoming their own god through the manifestation of personal will” which is undermined if the individual places an external authority above themselves in their own mind or life. The path that the Satanist walks is a crooked path, covered on all sides with traps that will seduce and capture, a journey that the individual walks every moment of their life, a series of choices in a becoming of godhood through the manifestation of personal will.  The blind unwary individual can in one moment fall into the abyss of slavery, thus Satanism is a path for the attentive questioning fighter, a path few manage to attain.

The Satanic delusion of harming others

Many new visitors to Satanism suffer a temporary delusion that being Satanic they must do harm to other people or property.  Some Satanists never grow out of this ignorant idea, often planted into their heads by Christianity and the media, that being Satanic is about killing people and destroying property.

At the heart of the Satanic ideal, regardless of theistic or atheistic viewpoint, is the idea of individualism, and manifesting the innate will of self for personal advancement.  The Satanist casts aside slavery, and advances to riches, power and other individualistic progressions.  There is nothing in the metaphorical Satanic small print of enslaving self to delusional notions of culling people or burning churches down, the churlish delusions of the immature, slave and lowly intelligent.

The confident Satanist is like an experienced martial artist, strong in their ability to defend their personal interests, but avoiding the need of the weak to validate themselves by harming others or property to hide inherent powerlessness.  Instead, the powerful Satanist strives to improve themselves, and manifests the concept of lex talionis, eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth, only when another individual does harm to the Satanist.  The business rival who stole a client of mine this week will know my lex talionis when I start targeting his clients to take them from him.

Satanic individualism and truth

The individual enjoys choice of a life outlook of individualism or conformity to the group.  The choice the individual makes places them on a point between two outlooks, one of individualism where the self is god in their own life, which is the Left Hand Path, or one where self has been sacrificed and absorbed into a group mind, which is the Right Hand Path.  Both points have their extremes, but there is a boundary that identifies the individual as LHP or RHP.

Satanism is firmly in the LHP where the individuality is aspired to rather than conformity to the group mind.  Unfortunately there is delusion and ignorance amongst some who tag the title “Satanist” to themselves.  These sheep, for this is what they are, rather than choosing individuality drown themselves into membership of groups, unquestionably following self-proclaimed authority figures and follow blindly pre-packaged dogma.  The first hurdle the authentic Satanist must overcome is slavery to external influences, cutting through delusion and ignorance enslaving the self to guru, group and dogma.

Truth is relative, each individual must find their own truth amongst the rubbish heap of opinion and trickery.  Nobody in the LHP has overall authority over truth.  Everything seen, read and heard should be tested and questioned, the self finding their own meaningful patterns from the vast complexity of ideas that infest the human consciousness.  Beware the many traps that infest human society, including Satanism, that seek to entrap the individual so that another benefits at the expense of the self.

It does not matter what truth the individual holds, in reality there are no new ideas, just recycled old ideas packaged as new.  If something someone said makes sense to the individual, then embrace the idea as longs as the self has tested and questioned it.  Read widely, expose the mind to many different ideas, and spin a new personal philosophy from diverse ideas.  By questioning, testing and constantly exposing self to new ideas the self evolves.  In Satanism self has no need to validate themselves to anyone, and those that attack the self, asking self to embrace another’s truth without question do so to benefit themselves at the expense of self.  It does not matter what the self believes, it is a starting point along a long road of personal transformation, but the self must always be the god in their own life, body and mind, remembering the individual is central to Satanism, and all ideas must be tested or questioned before embracing them as a truth that the self can live by.

The moment the individual stops being an individual, and stops questioning ideas, is the moment someone else has become the master of self for their benefit at the expense of self.

There are no enemies in Satanism

I give my opinion that the group has no place in Satanism, a path of the individualist.  Heretic! spits the group-minded slave who uses the title Satanist but is blind to the essence of the individualism that Satanism expresses.  I am declared by the group-slave as an enemy, a threat to the only real truth of the universe that the group-slave exists in.

Satanism existed long before the invention of Christianity, the essence of individuality rather than conformity, the gift of the evolved minority who choose to manifest their personal will beyond the group-minded monkey-state that the majority of humanity exist in.

In the worldview of the individual Satanist they are their own god, and thus to place another god or personality into that relationship of self with self is to interfere with the perfection of Satanic individualism.  How misguided the new self-styled Satanist is who then declares that Christian or other label is their enemy.  Hate always places the individual into servitude to the subject of the hate, giving attention to the hate figure rather than manifesting individual will to be greater than the conformist masses.

In business I have rivals, though they are no enemy, rather hurdles to jump over by creating a better product or service than them.  In the life of the individual Satanist there is only self, no other, thus no enemies.

Beyond LHP forums

No fan of LHP forums, I read the posts of their forum members as a non-member, a way of keeping an eye on trends amongst those that associate themselves with the Left Hand Path.  There are many LHP forums on the internet, the majority are like a cemetery, and most are on life-support with the occasional rare monthly post by a dedicated forum member.

600Club is probably one of the oldest LHP forums on the internet, but of 8700+ forum members might have less than 50 resident members contributing anything in a month, and a glimpse at their statistics shows a hardcore dozen contributing to a small number of topics.  The Sect of the Horned God deleted their LHP forum in the last week, following a number of forums that have closed, as idealistic LHP forum owners recognise their money, time and energy might be more fruitfully spent elsewhere.  A schism at the SIN forum as the majority of the hardcore contributing membership abandoned ship after a falling out with the site owner, creating their own forum, and leaving a moribund half-living site behind; the new site the exiles created with a membership of less than a hundred, with no membership growth and a third of the membership inactive, a familiar story of forums of any topic on the internet.

Internet forums such as Ning and offer an evolved version of the old Usenet bulletin boards, with the same problem of trolling, spam, low quality egotistical garbage that the internet drowns in.  Internet forums are like a compost heap, dung thrown on layer upon layer, where useful gems of Satanic insight drowned in a mountain of dung.  Look at any LHP internet forum, note how 95% of the forum membership are inactive, and how hard it is to find quality LHP information amongst the dung heap of low quality information.

The essence of Satanism has always been, and always will be, the manifestation of individual will.  The paradox of the individual seeking out internet infrastructure built around community, which is what internet forums are, communities, is why internet forums are dead-end projects of undesirable conformity.  I like the concept of blog sites as WordPress provide for these are individual islands of manifestation of individual will, where I have no need to post content in the same shared space as a moron as the forums unfortunately allow.  The ideal Satanic internet site of the future is an intimate relationship between the internet site and the individual user, not one where a space is provided for a bunch of people to self-organise into something little different from a community.

Rejecting celebrity obsession

There are a bunch of Satanists who appear unable to follow their own will but choose to preoccupy themselves on what another Satanist is doing.  A certain Satanist has decided on a life change, moving to a Satanic community that is being formed, other Satanists seem obsessed about what this Satanist is doing, wasting internet bandwidth judging the life style and choices of the target individual.

In the same manner as the above mentioned Satanists the average sheep is celebrity obsessed, following every small word and deed of media, sports or music celebrities.

Can the individual Satanist rise above the need to follow the lives of others and concentrate on their own self instead? Is it a surprise that so many sheep, and many Satanists, are failing to become a success in their own lives because they waste precious time, money and effort upon what others are doing?

Wolf packs or sheep?

Human psychology interests me, so it fascinates me why so many of my fellow Satanists, all who in theory express individualism, feel the need to gather together into groups to beat down a fellow Satanist.  The question I ask, are these Satanists a pack of wolves or mere sheep?

In the school playground as a child I would often see some kid fall out of favor in the group, and everyone would gang up in an often violent and spiteful campaign to bully them.  This happened to me too in my early experiences in employment, my Satanist desires to be individualistic setting me apart from the conformist culture, resulting in many ganging up to force me to conform, upon which I would after a bloody fight resign with a handsome payoff.  Now I am self-employed and call the shots.

As I often mention in my blog posts, Satanism is a path of individualism, and thus I argue we should keep clear of groups, and strive to build our own unique Satanic paths.  However, too many Satanists prefer to gather in their groups, such as on forums, and adopt pre-packaged off-the-shelf ideologies that someone else created such as Laveyanism, which they slavishly follow with no understanding or attempts to adapt to their individual circumstances.

One classic example of the slavish nature of some so-called Satanists is in internet Satanism, they gather in their groups, some individual incurs the displeasure of the group by being Satanically individualistic, and the wolfpack forms to tear apart the individual that dared to be different.  Likewise if some new student of Satanism happens to express noobish ideas, as we all often did when we started out in Satanism, it is an invite for the wolfpack to rip them apart.  The wolfpack delight in drama, seeing some controversy to cause mischief they gather together like the children in the playground to destroy the object of their torment.

I give credit to Zachary Schroeder for his strong response against those that seek to destroy his forum, like a mother cat protecting her kittens, Schroeder has and is taking a hard-line against a Satanist wolfpack that seeks to rip apart his forum.  I have no respect for wolfpacks, they are sheep, who lack the imagination to be individual, preferring to destroy that which they envy than be creative and build an alternative such as their own forums.  Yes, I admire strong leaders, people like Putin, the world are full of weak sheep, which is why this world is falling to pieces.  I have zero tolerance for sheep dressed as wolfpacks, and I fully support the notion of packing them all into a room and machine gunning them to death.

Satanism is for the individual

“In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself.”
Albert Einstein

It strikes me as funny that Satanism is the path of individualism, yet rarely do we treat it as a path of individuals.  It is a shame that the father of modern Satanic thinking Anton Lavey failed to create a work about individualism, instead he created an organisation called the Church of Satan and a set of books that conveyed group-think rather than individual-think.

It is only in the last few years I have seen Satanists adopt the idea of independent Satanism, walking the path as the individual rather than as often it appears as a group of sheep following a shepherd.  We often talk about true and false Satanism but we miss the obvious elephant in the room that Satanism is about individualism, the rebellion against the authority of conformity.

Sticking the Satanic label to your name then joining the herd from one Satanic group or internet forum to another is hardly the Satanic spirit that Satan would have expressed.  I would loudly cheer the Satanic thinker who for once would write an influential book, or get it into the head of Satanists that this is a path of individualism, which means groups, forums and blindly following someone else’s dogma ain’t what Satanism is about.