On liberty and responsibility


Liberty comes with responsibility, otherwise the liberty is restricted or lost.

There is no escaping it, most citizens are part of a greater entity called the State, subject to the laws of that State, which forms the contract between the citizen and the State. The contract sets out liberties such as the liberty to freedom of speech, contractual duties like the paying of tax, and penalties for breaking a rule of the contract, a fine or a restriction of a liberty such as imprisonment.

The internet is a new medium of communication, a tool that remains at this time lightly burdened by contractual laws defining what the citizen can and cannot do upon it.  The citizen has many liberties in how and what they express on the internet, yet these liberties come with personal responsibility.  When the few abuse a liberty to harm, lie and steal about or from another citizen, and the many through apathy or active encouragement allow this behaviour to continue and grow, then the liberty becomes restricted or lost.

In my own personal experience, when citizens such as Nathaniel Harris and Kris Costa, writes upon the internet dishonest stories about me, linking me to an innocent man called Julian Vayne, with the knowledge and hope that Order of Nine Angles (ONA) vigilantes might attack Vayne, then it is an abuse of a liberty given to the internet.

When a father (RD) and his two children are pursued by a baying mob of thousands of self-appointed vigilantes desiring their abduction and destruction based upon a false Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative, then a liberty given to the internet is threatened.

When internet companies such as Google profit from linking advertising to content promoting hate, or in the case of the Hampstead SRA hoax pimping a false narrative, the faces and names of abused children, then a liberty of the internet is going to be lost.

When despite dozens of referrals and complaints to an internet company called Patreon about illegal and child abusive content, that clearly breaches its own terms and conditions, and its own moderation systems appear incapable of speedily dealing with it, then the internet suffers a loss of a liberty.

All liberties come with responsibility, or they are restricted and lost.  A citizen that loves a liberty, has a responsibility to treat others with the same liberty, and also defend that liberty from being abused.  When the State brings about changes to the contract to restrict or remove liberties previously enjoyed by the citizen on the internet, it is no use complaining, the citizen harvests what they sow.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax big fish arrested

belinda-mckenzieI am pleased that a major promoter of the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax in London Belinda McKenzie has been arrested.  Posting on YouTube yesterday McKenzie said:


Belinda McKenzie a lead promoter of the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax has been arrested in London.

According to McKenzie she is on bail until Friday 24 March 2017 and seems to be expecting criminal charges to be raised against her.

The team on the anti-hoax campaign site known as Hoaxtead are pleased that a major fish such as Belinda McKenzie has been arrested known by some as the Teflon Lady because nothing seems to stick to her.

McKenzie is a well known figure on the British conspiracy scene, and has for many years  orchestrated or bankrolled many scams and conspiracies from her Highgate residence.  McKenzie was associated with a charity scam connected to Iran where millions of pounds vanished, a possible undercover operation for undermining the Iran regime at the time.  McKenzie speaks fluent Farsi the language of Iran and has close connections to some who have campaigned for regime change in Iran.  Hampstead may be the moment when the untouchable is brought down.

Belinda McKenzie, along with Sabine McNeill, Ella Draper and Abraham Christie were the original four who helped either to design, execute or orchestrate the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax in 2014 which saw two children tortured, abused, starved, drugged and brainwashed in making fictional allegations against their father, classmates, teachers, coaches, schools, businesses and an entire community in London of ritual abuse, murder, rape, torture, cannibalism, that has slowly evolved into a global conspiracy being linked to all other Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes such as Pizzagate.

Those that associate with the Left Hand Path might like to become aware of the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax as the children at the centre of this hoax have become the banner standard of the global SRA conspiracy movement, and the father of those children (RD) is dishonestly being paraded as the figurehead of hate by that movement.  The Hampstead hoax has grown to such an extent as a living urban legend that it will be used as the vehicle to attack anyone associated with the LHP for years to come.

Localism first in Satanism


The future in Satanism and society is local not global.

It is great to see that Left Hand Path (LHP) organisations have been moving away from centralist power structures towards localised self-organised branches, those including Satanic Temple, Satanic International Network and Assembly of Light Bearers.  Centralist groups such as Church of Satan, controlled by a select few individuals are increasingly an irrelevant relic of the past for the new generations of LHPers that now identify with the LHP.



Society is moving towards a focus on local rather than global

Satanism reflects a paradigm change in society as a whole where people are becoming focussed away from globalist ideas towards localised ones.  Strong leaders have emerged such as Putin of Russia and Trump of USA who have stuck two fingers up at globalism, and place their own nations first.

I am hostile to globalism, passionate about Localism

My personal position as a Satanist is open hostility to globalism and a passion for localism.  I supported Brexit, the move by UK to leave the European Union. I support the independence movements of the Basques to leave Spain and France, and Scotland to leave the UK.

Globalist organisations like NATO should be abolished

I would like to see international white elephants like the UN, EU, IMF and NATO dissolved, all that are ineffective faces of globalism.  The irrational argument of the threat of Russia as the basis for the continued existence of NATO ignores the truth that Russia is a shadow of the beast that was the USSR. The Russian military is creaky, its lead aircraft carrier breaks down, its soldiers inexperienced noobs.  A few years ago Russia launched a military adventure into Georgia, and the world learned it “performed poorly during the conflict” due to badly trained soldiers, out of date equipment and inept commanders.  The reality is that Russia would struggle to fight a successful war against a small Baltic state, let alone a more sophisticated opponent such as Turkey.

Many local print media are flourishing in their communities

Just as traditional media are dying, so localised print media built around their local community are largely thriving, those such as Welsh language community newspapers. The globalist internet monsters such as Facebook will never offer an effective answer to the needs of the community, and therein they can be destroyed by smaller localised social media platforms.

Hampstead SRA hoax shows why global internet giants will fail

The ugly face of globalism manifests in a Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax where thousands of largely anonymous vigilantes around the world wage relentless war upon a small community in London, a place called Hampstead, which most of these angry keyboard warriors have never visited, but demand their destruction on the basis of a fictional story.  The globalist social media giants such as Twitter, Google, Facebook and Indiegogo either ignore or oppose any efforts to protect the little community of Hampstead from years of abuse, harassment and threats.  One of the predictable outcomes of Trump is that other nations will put their own interests first, will begin to attack the globalist internet giants such as Facebook as they begin to protect their own communities such as Hampstead, and put localism first.

Challenging the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse

This week this writer has spoken with or been in e-mail communication with the police, media and various organizations in what has become an information war with those promoting the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax.  Hoaxstead Research is a wordpress based blog that has been the principle source of information and coordination of those opposed to the Hampstead hoax.

Three cohorts of people who promote SRA.

There are at least three cohorts of people who would benefit from persuading the world Satanists abuse and kill children as part of a widespread cult of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  The first cohort are the therapists and other experts, who stand to make a vast fortune from an industry dealing with SRA.  The second cohort are the Christian evangelists, who would seek to wipe out Satanism on the back of fear and falsehood of SRA.  The third cohort are the conspiracy industry, who believe that an organized Satanic or Luciferian elite is running the world, and is responsible for all perceived injustices against the citizen.

Involvement of Satanists in Satanic Ritual Abuse is a fiction.

In reality there has never been any evidence of SRA, nor is child sexual abuse a particular problem in Satanism, in contrast to the widespread issues the Roman Catholic Church has with institutionalized child sexual abuse.  Most of those accused of SRA have been ordinary people, mostly Christians. Jews as a race are not Satanists, and the number of Satanists in political office are too few to make any viable difference in world politics.  The few isolated cases where an individual harmed a child whilst claiming an affiliation to Satanism on examination revealed an individual who was mentally ill or was largely ignorant about Satanism.  Satanic groups such as Church of Satan and Temple of Set ban any involvement of children with their activities.  Even the notorious Order of Nine Angles bans harm to children.

The fiction of those who claim to have suffered SRA.

Practically all those who claim SRA are vulnerable and suggestible individuals who have been led to believe their fiction by pro-SRA authority figures, or discredited techniques using hypnotherapy.  Adults who claim SRA are usually mentally ill, with many suffering Multiple Personality Disorder.  Children who claim SRA have in every case been coached to make those claims by an adult, in the case of Hampstead an adult used drugs, violence and intimidation to get two children to make their elaborate SRA fictions.  In the 1960/70’s the victim of sexual abuse might claim sexual abuse during an alien abduction, but in the following decades it has evolved into an elusive Satanic cult of abusers.  Whilst some who make SRA allegations were subject to real child abuse, sadly they have been persuaded to add fictions to their child abuse claims, making it impossible for them to obtain the support and justice they need.

Challenging SRA wherever it rises.

All child abuse should be reported, investigated and prosecuted.  If the child abuse is real, the investigation and prosecution will substantiate it.  If an individual believes they have been sexually abused, then they should report it to the police.  When individuals or groups go about claiming SRA without the support of a successful prosecution, they should be vigorously challenged.  Satanists and other minorities targeted by  SRA have a lot to lose if those who promote SRA fictions are successful in influencing the public mind: which includes loss of liberty to express their beliefs in a free democracy; having their children taken into care; being associated and treated in the same manner as a paedophile; being legitimately discriminated against, for instance employment positions.

A blogger who claimed to have suffered SRA was upset when this writer offered an alternative view to their situation.  Such individuals live in a cocoon of fantasy where all their readers reinforce their SRA delusion by accepting and giving support to those claims without question.  It is beneficial to those with mental issues to gain an alternative opinion, and it is good that SRA claims are seen to be challenged when they are made in the public domain.

Satanic comment on Hampstead ritual abuse hoax


This is a long post about Hampstead SRA and our proposed response to future hoaxes. 

Sarah Good was a victim of the witchfinders in the Salem witch trials, hanged 1692 for witchcraft. There are strong parallels between witch hunting in the seventeenth century and the modern-day witch-hunt in Hampstead. It is probably no exaggeration that some of the witchfinders involved in the Hampstead hoax would have had the innocent victims of the SRA hoax in Hampstead hanged.

Sarah Good was a victim of the witchfinders in the Salem witch trials, hanged 1692 for witchcraft. There are strong parallels between witch hunting in the seventeenth century and the modern-day witch-hunt in Hampstead. It is probably no exaggeration that some of the witchfinders involved in the Hampstead hoax would have had the innocent victims of the SRA hoax in Hampstead hanged.

Satanicviews has been closely following a Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax for most of 2015 in the Hampstead area of London in the UK, becoming vocal against the witchfinders, those promoting and encouraging the hoax, in the last few months.  Hampstead is the first SRA case we have become involved in, initially objecting to yet another false internet-media wide narrative suggesting Satanists ritually rape, kill and eat children.  After viewing hours of video, and reading countless postings, documents and reports, this writer became fully aware of the depth of malicious depravity that witchfinders would plunge, and the horror they inflicted on their innocent victims.  Satanicviews over the months read countless other SRA cases, all disproved and all horrifying in their impact on the victims.  The similarity of modern SRA and the 17th century witch trials such as in Salem USA and those all over the UK was striking.

Background on Hampstead hoax

Ella Draper and Ricky Dearman divorced, a bitter custody dispute arose between them over a boy aged 8 and a girl aged 9.  Draper initiated a new relationship with Abraham Christie, a domineering and aggressive partner, with a history of violence and dishonesty.  From the beginning the children hated and were in conflict with Christie, were involved in stealing from him and other incidents of conflict.  After the children were caught in sexual experimentation, as most children do, Christie used the incident to build an elaborate story of Satanic Ritual Abuse against the teachers, parents, other children, and various other individuals in the children’s lives, with the principle leader of the “cult” being Ricky Dearman the father of the two children.

During the summer of 2014, including whilst on holiday in Morocco, Christie brainwashed the two children by introducing and building ideas in their heads of a vast cult in Hampstead involving schools, businesses and churches raping, torturing, killing and eating babies and children.  Christie hit the children with spoons, pushed them against walls, drugged and tortured them by pouring water over them, whilst questioning and repeating again and again various SRA narratives, which they had to say.  Although it is unclear what role Ella Draper took in the brainwashing of the children, she at least took a passive role in allowing Christie to abuse her children.  In a later police interview the children begged the police to protect them from Christie.

On his return from holiday Christie passed video he had taken of the children with various SRA claims onto a family member with connections to the police, video that showed Christie coaching the children.  The family member immediately contacted the police, who swiftly reacted by interviewing the children by video, and carried out initial searches of locations the children alleged incidents happened, but found nothing.  After the first police interview, the children were taken into protective custody, and social workers became involved.  The police carried out multiple video interviews with each child separately, where the children narrated elaborate and far-fetched claims against various individuals, schools and businesses, as part of a Satanic cult led by their father Ricky Dearman.  By the final police interviews the children had withdrawn all their allegations, stating Christie had made them say these things, a man that they hated and were terrified of.

The two children were subject to a humiliating and unnecessary medical examination to determine sexual abuse, using a scientifically discredited technique that caused the doctor to conclude sexual abuse consistent with the SRA claims of the children; in addition to confirmation of various injuries inflicted upon the children by Christie in events the children mentioned in the police interviews.   Controversy over the discredited technique meant the children had to undergo a second medical examination, and a full case conference of many doctors concluded the sexual abuse findings were a false positive.

Care proceedings were initiated to take custody of the children away from Christie and Draper, but allowing Ricky Dearman the father continued access.  Realizing that the legal system was starting to move against Draper and Christie, they fired their legal team and fled the country. Draper turned to two so-called McKenzie friends Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie to assist them in their publicity and legal actions to regain access to the children.  McNeill and McKenzie were two notorious truthers, heavily involved in the conspiracy movement, with a controversial background and a belligerent suspicion of the legal system.  Through a mix of incompetence, ignorance of the legal process, maliciousness and a pursuit of their own agendas, McNeill and McKenzie hijacked the case; caused the leak of sensitive medical reports, video and other documents to their followers; initiating a massive internet and publicity campaign to return the children back to Draper and Christie; and demanded a full investigation into a cover up of a Satanic ritual abuse cult, with the narrative expanded to include judges, police and social workers.  

During the early part of 2015 the truthers aka “witchfinders” embarked upon a campaign of harassment, intimidation, threats and invasion of privacy of the parents, children, teachers, a priest, a school, a church and the father of the children.  The school and church in Hampstead had to deploy security guards and the police to protect themselves from self-appointed judge-jury-executioner witchfinder vigilantes.  Every scrap of personal information on teachers, parents, their children, and especially Ricky Dearman, was dug up and posted on the internet.  Many people became afraid for their lives, harm to their property, family and children from the vigilantes.  The two children at the centre of the hoax had their faces, names, medical reports, police video interviews and other videos posted and reposted across the internet, a situation that will haunt them in years to come.  The judge in the care proceedings Judge Pauffley took the unusual decision to make public a judgement in the case to declare the Satanic narrative a fantasy, clearing father and all others accused of the Satanic allegations as innocent, and criticizing Draper, Christie and various witchfinders of initiating and perpetuating the hoax, to widespread media publicity.  The police began a manhunt for Draper and Christie.  Ricky Dearman was forced to make several media interviews to counter the false allegations against him.  The witchfinders answered by initiating a campaign of harassment against Judge Pauffley, and stepping up their internet campaigns, including many petitions.  

Multiple court orders were initiated to shut down sites and accounts harassing the victims of Hampstead, and attempting to get the identifying information of the two children removed, but the witchfinders responded by reposting on more sites.  Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill made little or no effort to discourage or ask their followers to cease harassing Hampstead victims, or to stop posting identifying information of the two Dearman children.  The Dearman children twice were forced to change foster locations due to their secret locations being compromised by witchfinders.

Around July 2015 the witchfinders broke into factional fighting, accusing each side of being members of MI5.  Witchfinders were being arrested or fled the country.  Multiple injunctions were served on various witchfinders to prevent harrassment.  Draper and Christie became isolated in exile, and all their legal attempts to recover access to the children were rejected.

The conclusion of the Hampstead SRA hoax

On 11 and 12 August 2015 the final court hearing was heard in secret to confirm full custody to the father.  Although Satanicviews does not know the outcome of the case, the apparent silence by everyone involved in the case indicates there are probably strict conditions in place binding the father and Draper to strict confidentiality in anything related to the Dearman children.  On balance of probabilities the father probably has full custody of the children.  It addition it is likely various orders have been made to the police and other agencies to take action against the witchfinders.  Predictably the father and other victims at Hampstead will litigate against the witchfinders for extensive damages.  Draper and Christie will probably eventually be arrested and charged for various breaches of the law including child abuse, neglect and contempt of court.  McKenzie, an individual who is relatively wealthy, and underwrites various truther campaigns, will probably be sharing that wealth with the various victims she helped to harm in Hampstead.

A small band of people connected to the Hampstead victims has done considerable and clever work in exposing and destroying the Hampstead Satanic hoax, plus its supporters.  It is only a matter now of a mopping up operation to make sure the witchfinders who contributed to the hoax enjoy their just rewards such as jail time and a day in court.  Satanicviews has offered a small contribution to the fight against the witchfinders, and noted with interest how afraid and sometimes submissive a witchfinder can be as soon as a real Satanist turns up to challenge them.  Satanicviews will continue to report on any major developments in the case as witchfinders are metaphorically crucified Jesus-style in the legal system.  As far as we are concerned the battle is won, the Hampstead hoax and its supporters campaign is destroyed.

A Satanic response

The depths that a witchfinder of a SRA hoax will go, and the horrifying damage they can inflict upon a victim is astonishing, echoing the witch hunts of the seventeenth century.  Most victims of the SRA hoax are Christians or non-religious types, such hysteria cares nothing for reality or rationality.  Most Satanists have an indifferent attitude to SRA, or the false association of Satanism with ritual child abuse, murder and cannibalism, perhaps considering these things a problem for someone else, a situation that is tolerated rather than challenged.

The people of Hampstead were fortunate that none were revealed to be real Satanists, and that they all had the establishment on their side.  In the majority of cases of the past, the establishment has been on the side of the witchfinder.  Although today the establishment is skeptical about SRA, there are thousands of witchfinders in positions of influence trying to convince the media, politicians and society that Satanists are raping, torturing and murdering children in the worship of Satan.  All the witchfinders need is a good example of SRA, perhaps provided by the growing challenge of superstitious poorly educated African immigrants, for SRA to evolve to become a serious problem for Satanists.  If the one accused of SRA is a real Satanist, or lives an alternative LHP lifestyle, prospects of fending off a witchfinder campaign is a lot harder than that the Hampstead victims faced.

I ask would Satanists allow another Satanist to be falsely accused of SRA and destroyed by witchfinders?  Would a Satanist consider it better to take some action not only to counter these SRA fictions, but also to prevent another Salem or a Hampstead SRA situation occurring again? I answer, I would fight SRA.

I and others will be speaking with several Satanic groups who have organized themselves on a local level, for instance the Satanic Temple is organized into local chapters, with one proposed for London later this year.  In addition to Satanic Temple, there is also potential for Satanic International Network and the Greater Church of Lucifer to add campaigns against SRA into their various activities.

Satanicviews intends to build a website as a useful resource by which anyone with an interest in fighting SRA can use to achieve that goal.  We are particularly interested in identifying and monitoring all the key witchfinders, so we can take preventative steps to make sure that they cannot move into a position of influence unchallenged to pursue their SRA agendas.  Some people take care never to speak of the devil, in case they bring the devil to their door, but in the case of Hampstead, I believe the witchfinders made that mistake.

On UK Satanic ritual abuse hoax

Late in 2014 during a custody dispute over two children, the mother and her new boyfriend coached the children using drugs, physical and emotional abuse, to make claims of Satanic ritual abuse and murder against the father, teachers, social workers, police, priests, students, parents and businesses in the Hampstead area of London.  The case resulted in a high profile court case and widespread reporting in the UK media, with lurid allegations of schools dedicating their wednesdays to sex orgies between adults and their pupils, baby meat sold at McDonalds with fries, babies delivered by Fedex to be converted into shoes for upmarket local shoe shops.  An unnamed cult of Satanists were alleged to be running the whole enterprise, and amazingly the Order of Nine Angles was considered too tame to be worthy of being considered for inclusion in the fantasy.

Enter every crazy Christian evangelist and conspiracy nutjob in Britain to make sure the names, faces, and other intimate details of child victims of abuse, including police video interviews and medical reports of examinations of the children’s sexual parts was posted all over the internet for the consumption of millions of people.  When court orders and police arrests were made of these nutjobs, they portrayed themselves as the victims of a vast government conspiracy to hide Satanic ritual abuse.

The case is now moving through its final legal stages where the children will be returned to their father, and the major task of hunting down, arresting and bringing major damages claims can begin against the “witchfinders.”  The primary website of the witchfinders is hampsteadresearch.com whilst a site that opposes them and other UK-based Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes is called Hoaxstead. The people behind Hoaxstead have employed some creative and talented people in the use of quality memetic videos, images and cartoons as satire against the witchfinders, worthy of emulation by Satanists in any political campaign a Satanist chooses to get involved in; example as below:

Truthers link Satanism to child abuse

Despite efforts by some Satanists such as Fraize to teach “truthers” behind the latest ritual child abuse panic in the UK about Satanism, their principle spokespeople have today decided to describe alleged pedophiles and child murderers as Satanists.

It was always going to be a struggle for those Satanists, as well-intentioned, respectful and reasonable as their efforts were, to persuade a bunch of hysterical delusional misfits that Satanism has nothing to do with child abuse.

Hampstead Research blog is a typical truther conspiracy blog that is daily devoted to reporting any scrap of information in support of their tenacious claims that Satanists are involved in a cult shipping babies in by Federal Express to be eaten by hundreds of parents and teachers of local schools at McDonald’s in Hampstead London UK.  The claims including mass sex orgies at Hampstead schools with the school children on Wednesdays, and a cottage industry in the manufacture of fashionable shoes made from baby skins, are so far-fetched that even many truthers have disowned these nutters.

Despite the vast amounts of information about Satanism on the internet, including Satanic Views, or established books such as the Satanic Bible, the helpful feedback of Satanists such as Fraize, the truthers failed to learn the basic ideas about Satanism.  The Hampstead Research blog complained that Satanism did not have denominations, failing to realise the essence of Satanism is about individualism, thus there is no motivation to herd together like Christians do in their denominational churches.  In addition, the Hampstead blog complained about lack of support from Satanists, again failing to realise that most Satanists have better things to do with their time than pandering to the hysterical claims of evangelical Christians; indeed, the choice of supporting the delusional claims of these crazy people in exchange for not linking their allegations to Satanism, seemed to this writer like offering a choice to a Satanist of drinking cyanide or hemlock.

The innocent families, teachers, priests and business people the truthers behind the Hampstead Research blog are relentlessly harassing and defaming are neither Satanists or are involved in child abuse and murder.  The HR blog follows the dishonest and ignorant notion that all Satanists and Satanism is about the sexual abuse and murder of children. The HR blog supports child abuse because they undermine and sensationalize sensitive pedophile investigations into the British establishment via wild and false claims of ritualistic abuse and murder of children by Satanists.