Liberty works both ways

The individual Satanist rejects conformity and slavery, favoring freedom to express their own individuality in their own unique way.  Liberty works both ways, if the Satanist demands the liberty to express their own mind, body and life as they would wish it, then they must afford that same desire to others to express their mind, body and life as they would like.

Liberty in my opinion is one of the foundation stones of Satanism, we demand the liberty to manifest our personal will to be our own god in our lives.  The Satanist opposes the priest, politician or marketing man who seeks to tell the Satanist how to think and act, opposes all conformity and slavery.  If we hold liberty as sacred in our own path, then we must allow others to express their own ideas in their own way, as longs as it does not infringe our own liberty.  Liberty cuts both ways.