A review of the new Lucifer series on Fox

The long anticipated pilot for the Lucifer series on the FOX media network has appeared online via putlocker.

The pilot has attracted highly favourable ratings despite opposition from Christians in some quarters, who object to the positive portrayal of Lucifer in the series.

Lucifer seems to follow a trend since Star Wars by American directors to give the “evil” characters a British accent played by English actors to give them style or contrast against the American-played characters.  This Lucifer would be perfect playing 007 in the James Bond movies.

The pilot so far produces a simple and tame narrative focused on building character and depth, which sets this series apart from other productions of the occult genre, which have focused too much on complexity, action, unbelievable storylines  and shallow characters.  The team behind Lucifer have put a lot of thought and effort into the pilot, which I hope continues in the rest of the series.

Lucifer Morningstar is the son of God, given responsibility for the department of Hell in the family business, the place where truthers are sent to be tormented by demons for all eternity.  Lucifer is a playboy, bored by his life of mediocrity in Hell, so descends to Earth to an exciting life in Los Angeles.  Lucifer is portrayed as a character of style, wit and charm.  Visibly he is the tall dark handsome wealthy gentleman that most women fall for, but with edge and a touch of arrogance.

Immortal and able to seduce most people to reveal their desires, Lucifer manifests a sensitive and caring side to his complex personality as a lady he has attachments is gunned down in an apparent random hit.  The incident motivates Lucifer to embark on a quest to deliver lex talionis to those behind the murder, resulting in him teaming up with a former porn star who is now a female detective in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Lucifer dislikes children, causing entertaining challenges in his encounters with the daughter of the LAPD detective. The LAPD detectives husband provides another source of rising conflict with Lucifer, who is unhappy with their connection to his wife and daughter.  In the pilot the angel Amenadiel, a character with an intense dislike of Lucifer, makes several appearances to persuade Lucifer to return to his appointed position in charge of Hell.  Lucifer has an existential crisis between his caring side and the evil role demanded of him by God, and books an appointment with a therapist.

In summary, this writer loved the pilot, with a strong Lucifer character, humour, and lots of potential character, role and situational conflicts.  The Lucifer series has enough potential themes and storylines to maintain viewer interest for at least three series.

Satanist: predator or opportunist?

Many Satanists claim the Satanist is a predator, like a wolf stalking and devouring the weak.  If the mark of a Satanist is that of predator, how does this separate the Satanist from the many Christians who every day scam people out of money in the form of donations, or rape altar boys in their churches?

In my opinion anything that prevents the Satanist from manifesting their will as an individual is restricted by the baggage of slavery.  The notion that a Satanist must be a predator is baggage, it prevents the Satanist from the liberty of working with the circumstances as they find it.  The fox is a predator, but it is also a scavenger, an opportunist who adapts to situations, turning them into opportunities, it raids a trash can one day, kills a chicken the next day.

Better I suggest that the ideal Satanist is an opportunist.  Last week I purchased a large cake on special offer at 1% of its original price.  In the same week I saw someone had dropped a large denomination coin in a crevice of a self-service machine, upon which I claimed it as mine and was refunded the coin.  Rather than a wolf I suggest the Satanist is like a fox, we intelligently use our minds to create and seize opportunities to our advantage in life.  In real life the wolf is a diminishing species, hunted and shot, whilst the fox prospers because of their cunning and ability to adapt any situation to their advantage.