There are no enemies in Satanism

I give my opinion that the group has no place in Satanism, a path of the individualist.  Heretic! spits the group-minded slave who uses the title Satanist but is blind to the essence of the individualism that Satanism expresses.  I am declared by the group-slave as an enemy, a threat to the only real truth of the universe that the group-slave exists in.

Satanism existed long before the invention of Christianity, the essence of individuality rather than conformity, the gift of the evolved minority who choose to manifest their personal will beyond the group-minded monkey-state that the majority of humanity exist in.

In the worldview of the individual Satanist they are their own god, and thus to place another god or personality into that relationship of self with self is to interfere with the perfection of Satanic individualism.  How misguided the new self-styled Satanist is who then declares that Christian or other label is their enemy.  Hate always places the individual into servitude to the subject of the hate, giving attention to the hate figure rather than manifesting individual will to be greater than the conformist masses.

In business I have rivals, though they are no enemy, rather hurdles to jump over by creating a better product or service than them.  In the life of the individual Satanist there is only self, no other, thus no enemies.