On Power and Nature

The self is rooted in its own pre-defined potential nature, the more it is embraced, the stronger the self becomes.

When an individual has a sense of power, what does this mean?  Here follows my own philosophical answer.

On Nature

Nature is an information system, it is better to describe things in Nature as information rather than energy, even though these two things are both different and the same.  Information in Nature can be potential, in that it is in a separate dimension, subsists and is eternal; some call this the spiritual aspect of things.  Information is also kinetic, in that some image of the spiritual state of a thing is liberated, becoming energised, material and visible; we call this our material world, or our body.

On Cause and Strength

The Derveni Papyrus describes all things as having both strength and a cause (its daemon.)  The cause is that process that goes on until death where an image, an aspect of something that subsists in the potential state, is liberated through a collision of opposites, giving all things in the material world their nature, an oak tree its oakness, the sun its star-like nature.  This cause becomes the spirit, nature or soul of a thing until death.  All things are bound by their cause, to step outside of their boundary leads to their suffering and destruction.  As both Heraclitus and the Derveni Papyrus says:

“The sun … according to nature is a human foot in width, not transgressing its boundaries. If … oversteps, the Erinyes, the guardians of Justice, will find it out.”

The strength of all things comes about from following their nature.  An oak tree follows its nature and the greater common patterns of nature, it becomes strong.  Humanity has freewill in that they become aware of themselves and nature, and so have a greater liberty of choice to navigate the common patterns, become stronger.

The Derveni Papyrus describes the common patterns of nature as being made known as if something sings and utters them, and those that become aware, understand and follow these utterings, they follow naturally what is good and true, both in themselves and in nature, thus they find their strength, becoming strong.

On Hubris

Hubris describes those who become ignorant of their own nature, and that of the greater common patterns of nature.  These hubristic people hold opinions that are false and contrary to nature.  Since all things in the material world arise out of what is potential, what is already set and defined, then what is not potential, is both false and empty.  An oak tree cannot be a yew tree for it has no potential for being a yew tree, to attempt to do so, it would die, become non-existent in the material world, for all that is kinetic feeds off its potential source, and starved of its potential fire, vanishes.  History is witness of hubristic individuals and empires who destroy themselves, those such as Napoleon Bonaparte or the Nazi German Empire of Hitler.

Nature in blessing humanity freewill gave humanity the ability to evolve more in its own potential through understanding its own nature and the common patterns of nature, rather than attempt to become something contrary to human potential nature.  If hubristic humanity chooses to kill the bees, poison the air, land and water, then it is justice that in following choices contrary to nature, humanity must suffer and die.

Since self is of Nature, its own internal potentiality, its nature, is a reflection of Nature, both are the same, try to follow one but not the other, the self will follow neither, and become destroyed. Nature is merciless to what is contrary to it.  Nature is everything, the sum of all things, and the ultimate authority.  Nothing is beyond, outside of, or above Nature.  What seeks to separate from Nature, separates from potential, then decays, vanishes starved of its own internal fire.

On Children

Children are like growing acorns, they become aware of their own self, their world and the relationship of their self with the world.  Since these questions are grounded in their own pre-determined potentiality and the common patterns of nature, they become strong, growing into mighty oak trees.  However, hubristic people, who follow opinions and choices contrary to their own nature, and thus have lost their own strength, feed upon the child, vampires on the strength of others, and then the child loses their awareness, cut from their own potential and the greater common patterns of nature, they lose their own strength, the human species become less.

On Power

In conclusion, the power of self is a manifestation of the cause (potential of a human being) and the strength (the awareness, understanding and following of the potential of the human individual and the common patterns of Nature.) Most of nature follows their own natures because they have limited agency over themselves and their environment, they follow what is instinctive to them.  Humanity is gifted freewill, choice to determine the best path to manifesting their internal potential nature, self-power rises and falls determined by these choices.

There are no Satanic victims

In my post about three Satanic questions I said the individual Satanist is the god in their own lives, they manifest their will like a painter painting the life they desire on the blank canvas of the world.  In this context there are no Satanic victims.

If the individual Satanist is the god over their own lives, and manifest their will to become whatever they desire in their lives, then they are responsible for whatever happens in their life.  Victimhood is a Christian trait, and there are too many Satanists playing their victim card showing that they have yet to put aside their Christian baggage.

As the god in my own life I have cleaned out the people, beliefs and other baggage that work against me, replaced with people and things that reflect the life I wish to have.  I refuse to compromise, I am the ultimate authority in my life, and woe anyone who seeks to challenge that.

Hate your job? Get a new one, or better go self-employed.  Hate Facebook? Leave Facebook.  Hate your weight? Go on a diet.  The moment the individual Satanist plays the victim card, they give their personal power and authority over their lives to someone else.