Robots, AI and teaching

teaching and ai

The experts live in fantasy land if they ever think that AI machines can ever replace the emotional and social aspects teachers and schools bring to child learning. 

Yet again I see the experts proclaiming ignorant opinions and predictions over robots and artificial intelligence, this time they claim robotic AI will replace teachers of children. I call bullshit.


As anyone who has taught children in any capacity will know, children require an emotional and social context in order to learn, and robots cannot provide this.  The experts follow the same line of thought as those who cram hens into cages on industrial scale egg farms, treating children like cattle that can be force-fed information by machines without the need of indulging in the emotional and socialisation aspects of child development.

Most children learn best when they are in groups, through play and social interaction.  Children also learn faster when they are in oxytocin related emotional situations, for instance learning to read with a human rather than a machine.

The role that AI has in human caring or interactive roles is to do the administration so that the people can concentrate on the caring, teaching and emotional roles of their job, be it in nursing or education.  Too often the teacher is drowned in administration, something the AI can deal with instead.

My approach to AI is that the machines will support and enhance the role of the teacher rather than replace them.  I also see AI helping people to become human rather than enslaving and turning people into emotionless cogs in the industrial wheel.


An opinion on degree education

degreesMajor debate in the media about students leaving degree courses with huge loan debts, a burden that will impact them the rest of their lives. Yes, in the corporate world a degree might open doors, but degree inflation means hundreds of students chasing one graduate level job, they are required to bring to the table extra selling qualities such as work experience, most lack. In my opinion degrees are worthless.

I have Attention Deficit Disorder, meaning I cannot handle the left-brained linear education system, thus I avoided the well walked path of the masses to college and university degree courses. I went straight into the world of work, eventually becoming CEO of my own business.

As an employer I favour meritocracy based upon ability and results. A paper qualification such as a degree means nothing to me, it only shows that the student can think in a certain way, often in a mechanical restrictive way which is utterly useless to my business needs. Often, degree students flood onto the job market with limited work and life experience, entertaining foolish entitled opinions of expectations, for instance that they should be instantly rewarded larger salaries on account of their degree education over a worker with five years experience in the job. Employers such as me are being instructed that I must mollycoddle a bunch of self-entitled infantile products of helicopter parents, who will get a rude awakening when I reject them.

Experience matters to me. Who am I going to employ? The business degree student with no experience, or the individual of two failed businesses? The challenge of the degree student is that they come to the table with worthless opinions and theories, untested by real life experience, whereas the individual of the failed businesses has been on a steep learning curve from raw experience, thus has gained wisdom, lacking in the degree student. I prefer to pull in students from High School as apprentices and teach them on the job, this way I can shape someone in the ways of my business rather than having to fight against someone who is already shaped by useless preconceptions based on theory untested by experience.

In the Left Hand Path, wisdom based on experience, knowledge based on senses, and the value of the individual based upon results and ability is a recognisable set of traits in the path, no different than what I expect and demand in my business.

The modern education system in the West sucks, turning out unthinking robots suitable for a bygone age of corporate production line mediocrity. The students that are thrown out of the education factories are utterly useless for the needs of the modern businesses such as mine that require multi-skilled creative and flexible employees. The degrees are worthless, and added to the challenges the student has is a debt they will never repay. The Western modern education system is an unsustainable, worthless dead-end.

Satanic Temple reduces Satanism to a joke in the classroom

It causes me to feel cold when any organization or group seeks to target children in schools with indoctrination and propaganda.  In my view the Satanic Temple has moved a step too far by bringing religion and politics into the classroom with their latest campaign the Protect the Children Project.

In the USA the boundaries between religion and secularism in the public education system is becoming confused, not helped by the Satanic Temple pushing their brand of Satanism into schools.  Children need protecting from overzealous salespeople of any religion or politics, to learn and make up their own minds free from blatant brainwashing.  It is getting harder each day working out what the Satanic Temple is evolving into: a political group trying to push politics onto school kids?; a religious cult trying to indoctrinate children into a religion?; a group launching another satirical campaign using children as the butt of their joke?  I do not know, but I dislike where this is leading.

The publication the Satanic Temple wants to make available into schools makes Satanism look retarded.  In the age of internet technology no kid is going to be interested in a puzzle book.  The Satanic Temple educates school children with fantasy and stereotypes.  No teacher is going to allow or be seen to support Satanic rituals in their classroom.  Few Satanists go about in public wearing Satanic t-shirts or regalia beyond heavy metal music branding. The images of a Satanist with goofy teeth, nerdy glasses and so fat that their belly button hangs out of their t-shirt is hardly an attractive image of a typical Satanist.

Fortunately even most Satanists will view the efforts of the Satanic Temple to brainwash children with their naive and clownish version of Satanism is unwelcome and will be opposed.