Everything is a story

Walking and observing, the individual can learn about the elements and relationships between those elements to understand the story of things. This Woodland anemone tells me the woodland is ancient; and the time of year is spring, before the first leaves appear in the woodland trees. Understanding the story, the individual gains the power of storytelling; and the ability to be the master rather than the slave to stories.

One of my skills is that I am a storyteller. I research an area of interest, then I communicate my learning to others in the form of a story.

The story is a system of of patterns that form and transform patterns in the mind of the reader or listener of the story. The story encodes ideas, and the relationship between ideas, in an understandable way to be easily assimilated in the mind of others. This is why story has been a common tool by which people transfer information from one generation to the next since ancient times.

The story appeals to all levels of the mind: emotional; intellectual; sensory. Stories can influence the mind to motivate it to activity. Story can be used to start wars, movements and change the way people think.

The individual can observe and identify the hidden agenda behind the story; for there is always a purpose behind a story, to have an effect on the mind of the hearer of the story. US President Trump recently used the story of linking elements together about the protesters against the murder of coloured people by the police: Antifa; terrorism; protesters. The story transformed protester into terrorist; the protests became terrorism; the police and army became the defenders of the USA crushing the enemies of the people. The story became dangerous, because it allowed the army and police to think of their own citizens as threatening objects to be crushed; to ignore the liberties written into law of the freedom to protest over violations of human rights such as the right of life of citizens.

All branding are stories designed to have an effect on a target group. The Black Lives Matter movement uses branding as a call to action against racism in culture. Statues associated with the oppression of coloured people are being removed worldwide; television programmes that depict minorities in a negative light are being cancelled and taken off air; people in power, who expressed any hint of racism, are being chased out of position; and the powers of law enforcement are being scrutinised and curtailed.

Storymaking begins by identifying the elements and the relationships between those elements in the story. To know the story of a woodland, I will walk in that woodland observing the animals, plants, geography; how those elements relate to each other. If I spot the Wood anemone, I know I am dealing with an ancient woodland of 300+ years of age; I know the time of year, for such flowers emerge in spring before the foliage of trees appear. If I spot Lesser celandine, I know that there is water in the area such as a spring, for these like damp habitats. Thus, I understand the story of the woodland, and I can tell stories about what I learned.

Knowing about the magic of storytelling, the individual gains the power to influence other minds; but also the ability to resist the influence of those that use story to achieve their ends. There is always a purpose behind stories; to identify the effect of the story upon the mind, is to become the master of the story rather than the slave.

What next for false allegation maker Becki Percy?

becki percy is dangerous
Here on the left is a California red-sided garter snake and on the right is false allegation maker Becki Percy.  Both currently are located in California USA, both are toxic, and both will harm you.

Becki Percy goes to court over deportation

After trying to illegally enter the USA on a tourist VISA intending to stay there as a political asylum seeker, and playing the immigration system for four years, Becki Percy will face her day in court at her appeal in California on 12 Dec 2019.  According to Percy all the immigration lawyers in California wont touch her case, saying it is hopeless.   Everyone, including Percy, thinks she is likely to lose the case and will be deported back to the UK.  Without an attorney, it is difficult to say if Becki Percy has the intelligence to know how to file paperwork and attend her own hearing.

Becki Percy has a cunning plan – religion and politics

Becki Percy was never religious before she came to the USA, nor was there ever a mention of Satanic ritual sacrifice of children in Hull UK.  This came later in the USA, for the benefit of a Trump loving religious market that Percy has played and milked to her successful advantage.

Percy is fighting back with a blitz of spin and publicity through her social media channels begging her followers to contact politicians and media organisations on her behalf to tell her story, to force the courts to give her a free ticket to citizenship in the USA.  There is the petition with less than 4000 signatures demanding President Trump allow Percy to stay in the USA.  There is a lot of social media posts, faxes and e-mails to politicians.  In moments when Percy needs to convince her religous followers that she is not a mere false witness, she floods social media with her religious quotes and acts of prayer.  Why let a lack of evidence get in the way of a scam to stay in the USA when a politician or a prayer might open doors? Becki Percy seems to think so.

Percy, the attention seeking diva of her own story, suggests she will live stream her arrest by the agents of US immigration if her cunning plan fails.

Who pays for a free ride for Becki Percy?

Percy is an expensive lady to maintain, and it is via the many donations she has scammed out of people over several years to the tune of several tens of thousands of dollars.  After sucking her first California hosts dry of money, Percy is now maintained by Wendy McAvene, who threw away her 30-year marriage and home to maintain the fantasy that Percy spins.  Percy no longer has the documentation to legally work in the USA, so she is now dependent upon Wendy McAvene, and she does not come cheap.

What of Becki Percy followers?

Wendy McAvene is hardly the brightest brain in America, but is a useful devoted disciple of the Cult of Becki to suck money out of.  The real smart person behind the rise of Becki Percy was her first “mum” Catherine Moncada whose family Percy used, abused and damaged.  Despite 20k+ followers on Twitter and other social media, Percy complains only a few dozen pay her any attention, stupid enough to use and abuse, but lacking any brains to get Percy out of her mess.  One follower suggested Percy marry him, everyone else suggested pray to Jesus.  Percy is not impressed with these suggestions.

What of the Becki Percy critics?

The critics of Becki Percy have answered the Percy blaze of publicity by the false allegation maker with their own comments, raising urgent questions about the story that Percy spins, demanding evidence that she never offers.  Only the most stupid and insane would accept the claims of Becki Percy at face value, and there are plenty of those suckers out there.

More allegation making

Becki Percy has made complaints to the police against her first US host Catherine Moncada about the blog posts she has made to the fictions Percy has made about her.  Percy has evidently made sexual allegations against Ron McAvene, which destroyed the McAvene marriage.  Moncada is concerned that Percy might make false allegations against the males in her own family.  Percy is appealing to her Trump supporting religious market by making allegations of baby eating, rape and murder against named Democrats in the USA who she has never met or spoken to without any evidence.  False allegation making is a skill Percy is good at doing, it costs nothing, but benefits Percy nicely.  Woe to anyone stupid enough to hook up with the Percy-snake, there are plenty of victims like the McAvenes out there.

What of the alleged raped and murdered kids in Hull?

The narrative of kid rape and murder in Hull UK is an easy fiction to spin on social media by Percy, it is harder to support with evidence, for which there is none.  Percy is fine when she can keep fantasy and reality from never meeting, but those are serious allegations, and there are plenty of people working to drag Percy into a British police station to talk to the police about them.  Percy has been consistent in forgetting about the alleged child victims of her cult, she neither spares any thought for them or raises a finger to help them. Percy prefers talking about her pet dog, selling health drinks and talking about Donald Trump than raped dead children.

Will Becki Percy be murdered in the UK on her return?

The key point Percy makes for her political asylum application is that her family will murder her if she returned home.  The truth is that Percy has an exaggerated sense of her own importance, the desire to spin a narrative where she is the tragic star of a drama doomed to her own death.  If Percy was that important a threat to a cult, she is easier to bump off in the USA than in a small nation like the UK.  Percy in reality dreams of fame in contrast to a dull ordinary life of a working class Hull native.  The Percy family are working class, ordinary, hardworking and live in a hard nosed down to earth Hull community.  Great wealth, power and influence is not the blessing of the Percy family as Becki Percy likes to spin, no great influential cult able to vanish thousands of children into thin air without anyone in Hull complaining about it.

Is our UK police force unable to protect drama queen Becki Percy when they are able to protect a real Queen and her Prime Minister?  Did Percy voice her concerns to the UK police she would be killed? Are people that stupid to think the immigration agents in the USA would not check with the UK police about the Percy claims, and be able to present their findings to the US judge in the 12 Dec hearing?

The Percy allegations will be ended in a UK police station

It is a reasonable prediction that Percy will be deported in December 2019 from the USA to the UK.  It is now a priority for everyone concerned about the Percy allegations that she is taken from the UK airport she is deported to and interviewed by the police in a UK police station to find the truth of what she claims, and put an end to these allegations.  Regardless of what narrative people believe, it is a common purpose I believe that we all strive to get Becki Percy into a British police station to talk about her allegations.  I personally will do everything in my power to make it happen that Percy and the police finally meet and test the truth of what Becki Percy alleges.


The internet, fake news and the expert

The internet is a double-edged sword as it makes information available to all, but drowns society in stupidity and fake news.

A friend of mine in London is a jewellery designer with many decades of experience.  My friend complains that the content he posts of his work on Facebook is drowned out by low quality rubbish produced by people who also like to call themselves jewellery designers, who attended a few classes and make their jewellery out of kits purchased at any craft shop.

The internet has been the great blessing that everyone has access to information, and everyone, expert and novice comes to the table on an equal footing.  The downside is that there is no filter on the quality of content where fake news often outcompetes truth, and nobody can tell the difference between the idiot and the expert.

The Guardian newspaper recently decided to close its blogging network to science experts, with one blogger complaining about his losing battle against fake news, which drowns out the voices of the scientist and expert.  I, like most of the world population, no longer trust the experts, these people have become discredited because they lost touch with the real concerns of ordinary people, and they manipulated people too often.

It has long been the mantra of experts that climate change is caused by humans, and it is due to fossil fuels.  Anyone who suggested any different was treated as a heretic, persecuted and had their lives ruined; ordinary people were treated as if they were stupid; and politicians who challenged the official line were accused of being extremist loonies.

In truth, the experts ignored the historical record that climate change moves between extremes in cycles throughout history; that a few metre rise in sea level in the modern-day is nothing compared to dozens metre rise a year a few thousand years ago; or that this could be a natural rather than human influenced change in climate.

The experts conveniently allow developed nations to cheat or ignore controls on their fossil fuels whilst forcing the poor of third world nations to suffer by making them abide with controls on burning fossil fuels, and to pay for expensive renewable energy sources such as dams through loans such nations could not sustainably afford.

The experts chose to entertain a conspiracy of silence that the main contributor of greenhouse gasses was from meat, dairy and poultry farming.

Rather than a global initiative to plant trees to remove carbon from the atmosphere, the experts suggested expensive schemes to manipulate weather patterns and reduce sunlight to the planet, no doubt paid for by denying the vulnerable and the poor resources by diverting public funds to such unworkable schemes.

Whilst the internet has dented the impact of the expert, the liberated access to information has had zero impact on stupidity, so barbarian-minded idiots have a greater platform than the expert to promote dishonesty and fantasy such as flat earth conspiracies, unlimited energy devices (once known as perpetual motion engines) and illuminati fictions.  Dishonesty and fake news is the new normal, where even US President Donald Trump regularly lies, and is validated and weakly challenged for doing so.

The future is dire, for not only is humanity polluting the land, air and water, but now body, mind and society with dishonesty, delusion and fantasy.  Like that blogger who complained about fake news, I recognise that truth is no longer held in regard by society, where most people prefer to hear fictions that please their mind and ear.  The new hero is the frauds like Donald Trump or Elon Musk, whose dishonesty has become so natural to them that they have forgotten what truth is, and will relentlessly persecute those who dare to say different.

The crossroads of life

Challenges that force an individual to a crossroads of choices are anxious times, but offer an opportunity to follow a new ultimately rewarding direction in life.

The period around 9th November (Trump got elected US President on this day) seems to have been a time of intense challenges for many people.  Even if Trump heralds a change in global paradigms that I have noted in a growing number of nations, individuals have also suffered massive challenges effecting their own lives, for instance the writer of the blog I follow.

Rarely is life a perfect linear journey, unexpected twists and challenges appear, and these come in groups rather than single events.  Suddenly the individual is no longer in known safe lands, the path has vanished, the crossroads appears, choices demanding to be made.  The undiscovered country appears, and all is alien, terrifying and confusing.

Alarming events have recently come into manifestation in my own life leaving me in a panic, stressed and a deep crisis.  I suffer ADD which makes it harder for me to focus and organise for solutions.  I have a short time to act, and I am so unprepared.  I am scrambling looking for solutions.

A crisis of a certain magnitude can put the individual into a type of creative and detached mind state, to see self, the world and the situation with new eyes, to explore and consider new possibilities.

Nature has been a useful healer and guide for me in times of challenge.  When I lost my hard drive on Saturday, all the stress was too much, the unfortunate cat that appeared at the wrong moment fled in terror when I screamed “get out!” I accidentally ripped the handle off the front door, as I shot out into the darkness and rain, then I ran until I came to an ancient wood, and got some clarity on my situation.

Yesterday I grabbed some leaflets for my business and delivered all day to promote my business door-to-door.  It is when I am in motion that I also get some clarity of thought.  This comes at a moment when my research into King Arthur came to a climax, the recognition that I had lost my passion, and there was a yearning for the wild mountains, forests and standing stones of places such as the Forest of Dean.  I no longer wanted to live in the tame surroundings of London and its mediocre green spaces.

At certain points in my life a set of challenges arise that tells me it is time to move on.  It appears my time in London is coming to an end.

Trump election causes membership surge in Satanic Temple

Politically to the left the Satanic Temple has an inclusive approach to membership which contributed to a new membership surge after Trump was elected US President. 

With over 50,000 members before Trump was elected, the Satanic Temple has enjoyed a major surge in membership after getting thousands of enquires within 36 hours of Trump winning the US presidential election.

Satanic Temple politically is liberal, becoming the left wing of the Satanic religion.  Satanists who are politically right wing tend to be part of organisations such as Church of Satan and post on LHP forums such as 600club.

With Trump visibly moderating his positions on matters such as prosecuting Hillary Clinton and on Obamacare, Satanists are waiting to see what Trump does before deciding their own positions relative to Trump and his Republican government.

The dawn of a new world order

Welcome to the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

I was stunned.  How could I have been so wrong?  How did I not see this? The world changed today, 9th November 2016 in the US Presidential election, 9-11.  I lost my £100 bet on Clinton winning.  I lost my 100% record of guessing correctly political outcomes, because the rules had changed.  Like most of the world, and probably Trump himself, everyone thought Clinton would win.

I watched as the results came in.  I saw the rules and world I was familiar with crumble, shiver and vanish.  I feel I fell down a rabbit hole into an Alice in Wonderland scenario. Now with many dice are rolling, the future is uncertain.  The election of Trump as US President marked the emergence of a new world order, the same force that caused Brexit in the UK when the people supported leaving the EU against the position of the status quo in their referendum.

The US voter also gave the Republicans control of the US Senate, the House of Representatives, and ultimately control over the appointment of supreme court judges in addition to the US Presidency.  In the past the voter cautiously split control of the different wings of US government between the parties to provide a check on power.  The Republican Party now have the mandate and the authority to change any process or law they wish to make without worrying about opposition.

The winds of change are blowing, nobody can predict what will now emerge.  The people are hungry for change, they hate globalism, the intellectual dishonesty, the manipulations, the sweeping away of their rights and liberties in the name of security and political correctness.  Trump is a raw angry voice, one who is immune to the subtle influences of special interest groups such as Israel or bankers.

Deep down I am delighted at the kicking that the system is getting from Trump, but at the same time it is frightening, because so easily a monster can emerge on a wave of political revolution.