Taking ownership of Satanism

Satanic statue

Satanic Temple is successfully taking ownership of Satanism from Christianity and Hollywood.

Satan first is mentioned in the Book of Job, used by the Jew to describe an angel of their god who acts in the role of quality controller, testing the people of Israel through adversarial hardships such as famine, disease and invasion.

When the Christian religion came into existence, they used Satan, Satanic, and Satanists to mean anything that was contrary to their religion, thus a Jew, Muslim, Cathar, Pagan or Scientist could be dumped in the same bucket as a follower of Satan.  Satanism never existed until Christianity invented it, and there was no movement that identified itself as Satanists until the 1880’s.

From around the 1740’s Satanism became associated with an extreme form of hedonism by wealthy individuals in the Hellfire movement.  In the 1880’s Satanism as a movement came to media attention after lurid stories appeared about black masses involving upside-down crosses, stolen consecration wafers, sexual orgies, and reversed versions of the Christian masses in several locations in France.

For about another hundred years Satanism was pursued by small groups of people pursuing a similar form of Satanism as that in France in the 1880’s.  In the 1960’s Anton Lavey decided to create an atheistic version of Satanism and defined his interpretation of Satanism in the Satanic Bible and other publications, forming the Church of Satan.  Arguments within the Church of Satan saw several further groups emerge such as Temple of Set under Dr Michael Aquino.

The centralistic and militant form of atheism expressed by Church of Satan including Social Darwinism caused Satanists to form alternative versions of Satanism, the most successful being Satanic Temple in 2014.

It has only been since the 1960’s that Satanists have collectively taken ownership of Satanism away from Christianity and Hollywood, forming their own definitions of what it means to be a Satanist, and self-identifying as Satanists.  Regardless of if the Satanist follows a spiritual or a rational version of Satanism, all agree that the path embraces the primacy of the will and choice of self over group conformity, and a love of life.

Modern Satanists separate themselves from those that either promote or pursue Christian or Hollywood definitions of Satanism of harming people and animals by referring to them as Reverse Christians.  Since the era of Book of Job, the idea of Satan and Satanism has been an evolving process, and it is only in the last 60 years that Satanism has been clearly defined into a positive version contrary to that of Hollywood and Christianity.

There is currently an epic fight going on between Satanists such as Satanic Temple and those such as Christians over the ownership and definitions of what it means to be a Satanist, a battle that is being won thanks to modern Satanists taking an active role in defining their Satanism rather than allowing outsiders to define it for them.


Satanism as a process of activity


Rainbows are an example of entelechy, which is a process of motion that is moving to completion, but paradoxically is complete.  Satanism is another form of entelechy.  It is worth considering what process of motion to manifest Satanism to pursue each moment of the day.

Entelechy is a word in philosophy that expresses an idea, a paradox of something complete but which is at the same time in a process of action to completion.

In nature is the rainbow, a final state of completion, but is maintained by an ongoing activity of the interaction of rain and sunlight.  Once the motions of sunlight and rain ends, the rainbow vanishes.  The rainbow is an example of entelechy.

Consciousness and aliveness is an entelechy.  The neurons of the brain are firing every moment giving rise to consciousness.  The parts of the body is in motion such as the heart at every moment, giving rise to a sense of aliveness in the body.  If ever the motions of heart or brain neuron ceases, so will consciousness and aliveness in the individual.

The true artists describe their art as a process rather than the end products, which is why some might destroy their artwork without much concern.  What these true artists describe is an entelechy, a process of activity that is completing and working to completion.

Satanism is an entelechy, a process of action that will go on until the individual dies.  To define what Satanism means to the individual is variable from individual to individual, but a starting point would be to consider it as a process of motion.

I describe my own process of Satanism as a continued pursuit of wisdom born of experience, of knowledge born of senses and reason born of following the patterns of nature.  From reason, senses and experience, all other things manifest in my Satanism, for instance those in power who desire to enslave me will always attack my process of following senses, expereince and reason, and in this I quickly can identify the parasites from those that empower me.

It is worth considering what processes of motion the individual can manifest every moment of the day, and use this as the foundation of their Satanism.