Taking ownership of Satanism

Satanic statue
Satanic Temple is successfully taking ownership of Satanism from Christianity and Hollywood.

Satan first is mentioned in the Book of Job, used by the Jew to describe an angel of their god who acts in the role of quality controller, testing the people of Israel through adversarial hardships such as famine, disease and invasion.

When the Christian religion came into existence, they used Satan, Satanic, and Satanists to mean anything that was contrary to their religion, thus a Jew, Muslim, Cathar, Pagan or Scientist could be dumped in the same bucket as a follower of Satan.  Satanism never existed until Christianity invented it, and there was no movement that identified itself as Satanists until the 1880’s.

From around the 1740’s Satanism became associated with an extreme form of hedonism by wealthy individuals in the Hellfire movement.  In the 1880’s Satanism as a movement came to media attention after lurid stories appeared about black masses involving upside-down crosses, stolen consecration wafers, sexual orgies, and reversed versions of the Christian masses in several locations in France.

For about another hundred years Satanism was pursued by small groups of people pursuing a similar form of Satanism as that in France in the 1880’s.  In the 1960’s Anton Lavey decided to create an atheistic version of Satanism and defined his interpretation of Satanism in the Satanic Bible and other publications, forming the Church of Satan.  Arguments within the Church of Satan saw several further groups emerge such as Temple of Set under Dr Michael Aquino.

The centralistic and militant form of atheism expressed by Church of Satan including Social Darwinism caused Satanists to form alternative versions of Satanism, the most successful being Satanic Temple in 2014.

It has only been since the 1960’s that Satanists have collectively taken ownership of Satanism away from Christianity and Hollywood, forming their own definitions of what it means to be a Satanist, and self-identifying as Satanists.  Regardless of if the Satanist follows a spiritual or a rational version of Satanism, all agree that the path embraces the primacy of the will and choice of self over group conformity, and a love of life.

Modern Satanists separate themselves from those that either promote or pursue Christian or Hollywood definitions of Satanism of harming people and animals by referring to them as Reverse Christians.  Since the era of Book of Job, the idea of Satan and Satanism has been an evolving process, and it is only in the last 60 years that Satanism has been clearly defined into a positive version contrary to that of Hollywood and Christianity.

There is currently an epic fight going on between Satanists such as Satanic Temple and those such as Christians over the ownership and definitions of what it means to be a Satanist, a battle that is being won thanks to modern Satanists taking an active role in defining their Satanism rather than allowing outsiders to define it for them.

Church of Satan throws tantrum about journalists

Church of Satan is increasingly becoming the dodo of Satanism, an irrelevancy waiting to go extinct.

A stark difference between the Satanists of Church of Satan and Satanic Temple is that the Satanic Temple are experts in working with journalists.  Either Satanic Temple is creating or seizing opportunities to promote themselves and their causes, which is why they are generating news every week.  In contrast Church of Satan has lost touch with reality and the media, they prefer to hide behind an elitist detached image, referring journalists to their website rather than offering relevant comments to media enquiries.

On the election of Trump as US President the journalists of Rooster approached both Satanic Temple and Church of Satan for comment.  Satanic Temple gave Rooster plus other journalistic outlets plenty of quotes, which became the headline story of thousands of Satanists joining Satanic Temple in reaction to Trump.  Church of Satan either are stupid or ignorant about handling journalists: rubbed the journalists up the wrong way with their arrogance; failed to give comment to specific questions; made it hard for journalists to get information they requested; and worse, made no efforts to control the story, leaving the journalists to write their own narrative based upon a referral to the Church of Satan website.

There is no surprises that Rooster wrote an article that pasted Satanic Temple in positive ways, and gave a story about Church of Satan which was not to their liking.  One of the problems of Church of Satan is their secrecy and aloofness, which makes them unattractive to the media and potential recruits.  Satanic Temple is approachable and open to both media and recruits, and day by day become the face of Satanism to the world, whilst Church of Satan is slowly forgotten and pushed into insignificance.

On issues such as Satanic Ritual Abuse, Anton Lavey preferred in his later years to avoid challenging false narratives against Satanism, whilst those outside of Church of Satan picked up the fight.  Satanic Temple has since its inception been a keen fighter against SRA.

In their ranting article against Satanic Temple and journalists Church of Satan said:

“—the feeling evoked when watching someone make a fool out of themselves while just sitting back to watch the whole thing play out..”

And this is a central problem for Church of Satan, fools who prefer to watch others manifest their Satanism whilst Church of Satan slide into irrelevant obscurity.

Trump election causes membership surge in Satanic Temple

Politically to the left the Satanic Temple has an inclusive approach to membership which contributed to a new membership surge after Trump was elected US President. 

With over 50,000 members before Trump was elected, the Satanic Temple has enjoyed a major surge in membership after getting thousands of enquires within 36 hours of Trump winning the US presidential election.

Satanic Temple politically is liberal, becoming the left wing of the Satanic religion.  Satanists who are politically right wing tend to be part of organisations such as Church of Satan and post on LHP forums such as 600club.

With Trump visibly moderating his positions on matters such as prosecuting Hillary Clinton and on Obamacare, Satanists are waiting to see what Trump does before deciding their own positions relative to Trump and his Republican government.

Satanists in the military

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino is the best known Satanist who served in the military with distinction.

Forces TV a media outlet for the UK military in March this year ran an article on a Satanist member of the Church of Satan who worked in the British navy.  Chris Cranmer had his religion and right to practice as a Satanist in rituals on navy ships registered in 2004 including a Satanic ritual for his burial at sea if he were to be killed in action.

At the time politicians, admirals and Christian religious figures complained, but Cranmer has been recognised for his work ethic and promoted to a position in the Military of Defence.

The UK military has a vigorous selection policy which weeds out those unsuited to a role in the military, but for those with the right skill set and attitude, their religion of Satanism would not bar them from service or promotion in the military.  The UK laws also now protects Satanists from discrimination based upon their religion.  Generally those that have issues with Satanists in the military are pandering to subjective folk tales that cast Satanism in a negative light based upon Christian and Hollywood stereotypes.

In the US military Michael Aquino rose to the rank of Lieutenant colonel, and made a significant contribution to military intelligence philosophy despite Christian evangelists working hard to destroy his career.

The few individuals who do publically identify themselves in the military as Satanists have proven to be excellent and dedicated military officers, and have a good track record in their careers.  Indeed, the military would benefit from a study of the qualities of Satanists that make them excellent military officers, then make greater efforts to recruit them to the services.

Becoming grounded in Satanism

Those that walk the Left Hand Path are successful when they are grounded in the material world like this tree. 

Success in the Left Hand Path is built on the foundation of becoming grounded in the material world.  No acorn becomes an oak tree unless it first is planted in the soil, then develops roots in the earth.

It is great to see a Satanic organisation the Satanic Temple establish its headquarters in a physical location at Salem USA, opening this month.  If any Satanic group is serious in manifesting its will in the material world, then having a physical base is necessary.

If the internet vanished today, so would most of the Satanist organisations, because they are mostly nothing more than an internet site or a page on Facebook.  The internet is a grubby junkyard of opinion and fantasy, mostly disconnected from the material world.  Even the Church of Satan is nothing more than an internet site and mailing list owned by a tired deluded couple who enjoy a good living from the annual harvest of fools who pay $200 a time to join their exclusive but irrelevant fan club.

Whilst it is acceptable that at first the newbies of Satanism partake in the path via the internet, I expect such individuals to develop the maturity to see that Satanism is a path of experiences and the senses practiced in the material world rather than the pages of Facebook.  If after a year, all the individual “Satanist” is manifesting are posts on Facebook and other internet sites, I think they should look elsewhere for their path, Satanism is a path they are unsuited for.

Nature, Religion, Groups and Independent Satanism

The following are quick personal views on certain philosophical points:


External to self, nature is the ultimate authority.  Nature is the sum of everything. All that has ever existed, does exist and will exist is part of nature. There is nothing beyond or outside of nature.  Nature is an information system.  The language of nature is mathematical, organized in patterns.  If there is one external authority worth working with it is nature. The only truth worth knowing is what is observed, demonstrated and experienced in nature.


Satanic Temple, Greater Church of Lucifer and even the Church of Satan regard the branches of the Left Hand Path such as Satanism or Luciferianism as a religion.  There are many interpretations of what a religion is.  The current definition of religion by this writer is:

“An orientation that defines the self, the world and the place of self in the world. “

Based upon the above definition this writer considers Satanism as a religion.


Nature consists of patterns, the human mind can convert those patterns into tools in which to manipulate the world.  The car, the State, the internet are all tools.  Groups such as Satanic Temple or the Greater Church of Lucifer are also tools.  For those that join groups, the challenge, is the tool or the self master in their own life? Satanic Temple is a tool for the individual to manifest their will as social-political activists in the issue of separation of Church and State, or the rights of minorities.  The Greater Church of Lucifer is a tool that offers the first viable international point of meeting of Luciferians to learn about the complex philosophies of Luciferianism.  For those that participate with groups, there is nothing wrong with using any tool to benefit the self, but once the tool becomes the master of self, then those individuals no longer walk the Left Hand Path, they have embraced the Right Hand Path outlook.

Independent Satanism.

The current personal definition of the Left Hand Path:

“The path where the individual retains personal sovereignty over their choices and will to action in all situations in their life.”

Satanism is a branch of the Left Hand Path.  The essence of Satanism is the individual, the self.  In Satanism there is no master but self in their own life.  The focus of Satanism is purely selfish, focused on satisfying the needs, dreams and goals of self.  Only the Independent Satanist truly expresses the authentic core of Satanism, which is the selfish self.

Satanism is not Luciferianism, for the Luciferian is motivated to benefit humanity through their individual activities, whereas the Satanist focus starts and stops with self.

Just as a child needs a parent to act as a “tool” to help them in the world, there is a time when the adult must let go of such tools and seek their destiny alone. The groups are tools that the Satanist can use to advance their goals, but if the Satanist desires to follow the path of Independent Satanism, they must reject all affiliation with Satanic groups.

Christians caused the creation of Satanic Temple

It is a scientific truth that for every action there is a reaction, a fact worthy of noting to those many Christians in the USA who complain about the Satanic Temple and their Satanic statue.  Christians in recent years had been particularly aggressive in pushing their religion into the classroom and into the US governmental institutions, threatening the sacred founding principle of the separation of church and state.

It was predictable based upon action, reaction, that there would be those who wanted to retain the separation of state from religion who would rise up to oppose the religious institutionalization of America. A couple of young free thinkers, who were not necessarily Satanists, saw Satanism as a useful vehicle to oppose the Christian hijacking of the USA, and founded the Satanic Temple.  Mixing fun, politics and satire, through a series of stunts the Satanic Temple gathered under their banner both Satanists and non-Satanists in a campaign that captured the imagination of the media and those opposed to the invasion of religion into schools and government, eclipsing even the media influence of the Church of Satan, to become the main voice of Satanism to the eyes of the media.

Over the previous weekend young Christians gathered to pray in their hundreds at the controversial Ten Commandments Monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  “It seems like our whole country is kicking God out,” they complained, ignoring the beautiful reality that the USA is a nation of many faiths, where people desire the liberty of living without a narrow interpretation of Christianity being forced upon them in government and the classroom. The Christians stated their aim of their prayer meeting was to protest against “Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma seemingly becoming a focal point for Satanism,” the irony being that there would never have been a Satanic statue proposed for the state capitol if they had not infringed the separation of church and state by building a religious monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

It is thanks to these Christians that the dull embers of Satanism was given new life by their own actions, which has given birth to an interesting new chapter in Satanism which Satanicviews describes as a form of political Satanism.

Church of Satan, a church for the gullible

Pay this man $200 and you can swap your brain for a plastic membership of his personal admiration society.
Pay this man $200 and you can swap your brain for a plastic membership card of his personal admiration society.

I personally have a lot of respect for Anton Lavey, but I have none for the decrepit dinosaur he created known as the Church of Satan.  Recently, I played host to angry fans of CoS in the blog comments of Satanic Views, who considered my many observations and opinions of their church was unfair and unjust.  I stand by all my previous conclusions of CoS, a creation living on past memories of little or no value to modern Satanists.

CoS these days is nothing more than a marketing operation, a business to pay the rent and food bills of Peter Gilmore and his partner Peggy Nadramia. To see in CoS anything more than a business, from which Gilmore and Nadramia pay personal tax on to the IRS, is foolish, a stupidity that CoS preys upon in the gullible and stupid.  The administrators of CoS live off the corpse of Lavey, offering little new to the Satanic current, braying like donkeys at every opportunity to anyone who would listen, as the supposed voice of Satanism.

Hypocrites, the CoS says that Satanism is the path of the individual, whilst insisting all Satanists must abide by its rules, definitions and opinions of its husband-and-wife owners.  CoS and its slavish followers live the fantasy that Lavey invented Satanism, rather than an interpretation, and delude themselves anyone not a member of CoS, or who especially follow theistic paths, are not Satanists.

As a business CoS is a joke, present only on the internet, with no physical location in the real world.  The CoS has no real world presence beyond a few yearly events at second-rate locations, and a marketing list of slaves which it can sell its merchandise.  For any entity to be taken seriously it needs to be legally set up so that its assets are separate from that of its owners, such as being incorporated, but CoS is merely a business trading name of a business partnership of Gilmore and his wife.

CoS lives off the stupidity and vanity of its members.  The weak-minded Satanist needing the approval of Peter Gilmore trading as Church of Satan to be considered a Satanist.  There is little or no benefit of being a member of CoS, because all the member gets is a worthless membership card for their $200.  The Satanist must submit themselves to an invasive membership application form process, because Gilmore seems to suffer from a mix of paranoia and ego-mania.  The members get no voting rights; there is no transparency; and the administration is so poor in CoS that it takes over a year to process membership applications.  The only purpose of membership of CoS seems to be to lick the toes of the egotistical dwarf Gilmore sitting on the shoulders of a dead giant Anton Lavey.

In my personal opinion, if the Satanist needs a drug fix of group-minded mediocrity they should join the Satanic Temple; its cheaper, more fun and at least has a purpose for existing other than worshiping the feet of an old fart.

Whats in a name? Satanism

In a world obsessed with image and branding it is occasionally suggested that Satanists should rebrand themselves with a new name, as if a new name will exorcise two thousand years of negative narrative against Satanism.  In truth most Satanists care nothing for what others think, but for practical reasons must hide their Satanism from others because of the negative stigma that is attached to Satanism.

Satanism is a word, it is what the individual Satanist brings to the table that defines what Satanism is to that individual, rippling out to define Satanism to the rest of the world.  Satanism to me is a powerful and effective paradigm, but there are too many people who enter Satanism who pollute the Satanic worldview with mediocrity and stupidity.  I offer three strong qualities of Satanism, and how some fail to aspire to these qualities.

1. Critical Thinking.

Many come to Satanism because they asked questions whilst involved with the organized religions such as Christianity, their questions met with hostility, silence or ineffective answers.  These individuals turn to alternative religions and philosophies for their answers, arriving eventually to Satanism.  The ability to question, to look for the truth behind the manipulation, ignorance and falsehood is the mark of a liberated wise individual.

Too many come to Satanism, taking upon themselves this name, but seem unable or unwilling to accept the quality of critical thinking.  These people set up and join groups such as Joy of Satan which embrace the same desire of the organized religions to deny the quality of critical thinking of their membership.  One Joy of Satan member wrote on a recent Satanic forum that he was kicked out of JOS for asking questions; he like most former JOS members on leaving that group express an incredible naivety and lack of understanding of Satanism, born out of the suppression of critical thinking in that group.

2. Individualism.

Individualism is a major quality of the Satanist, the individual who has embraced a path away from conformity and slavery to the herd.  Many in Satanism are critical of the organized religions, the sheep-like behavior of most of the followers of those religions. Large numbers of Satanists ironically behave like sheep, flocking to the group farms of groups such as Joy of Satan and Church of Satan.  It seems to me a sheep in the Roman Catholic Church is no different to the sheep in the Church of Satan.

3. Authority.

A Satanic quality is that the individual has chosen to be the primary authority in their own life.  Large numbers of Satanists have chosen to place groups, dogma, other Satanists and even Satan as the primary authority in their own lives, they choose to put themselves in the position of a slave to an external authority.

In the Joy of Satan, the spaceman they call “Father Satan” is always the master over the Satanist, and the leader of JOS, who profitably milks the JOS members like so many cows, tells the members how to think and act.  Peter H Gilmore and his partner runs Church of Satan as a personal business, charging gullible Satanists $200 plus other fees for a membership card of his “church” without any other benefits.  The COS seeks to be the primary authority of Satanism in their members lives, defining all aspects of Satanism as per the definitions of Gilmore and Anton Lavey,  expelling members who disagree with their views.

A name is defined by the qualities the Satanist brings to the name.

The name Satanist is a word, it becomes whatever qualities Satanists bring to the word.  I am sorry to suggest that over half of Satanists are little different from any follower of the organized religions, a sheep dressed up like a Satanist.  Embracing critical thinking, individualism and the choice of placing all external authorities as second in authority to self in the individuals own life are in my opinion the three initial basic steps the individual Satanist should be taking if they really value being a Satanist; a change of name is meaningless.

Go kill unicorns and rainbows with a machine gun

Satanicviews will often challenge the bullshit masquerading as Satanism: the trolling psychopathic clowns of the Order of Nine Angles, who market Satanism as a bunch of cannibalistic murderers and rapists; the Church of Satan, run by a husband-wife team who promote Right Hand Path values and militant atheism whilst excluding the legitimacy of all other more authentic Left Hand Path outlooks; the Nazi-obsessed groupies in the Joy of Satan; the fools who think Satanism is membership of a forum or is something associated with Heavy Metal.

The only worth Satanic action when meeting a unicorn and a rainbow is its obliteration with a machine gun.
The only worthy Satanic action when meeting a unicorn or a rainbow is its obliteration with a machine gun.

In recent years Satanicviews has come across those that paint Satanism as a path of unicorns and rainbows.  Too many Satanists on the internet are climbing upon their self-righteous soap boxes and promoting how law-abiding they are whilst condemning a Satanic individual or group for their alleged criminality.  In addition, there are those with the ear of the media, marketing Satanism as something associated with altruism, charity and Christian-like values.

The Satanic Temple, whilst achieving results in the constant battle in the USA defending the sacred split between religion and state, is attempting a marketing overhaul of Satanism in the eyes of the media akin to unicorns and rainbows.  One of the first campaigns the Satanic Temple organized was a community litter picking, whilst their ally on WordPress called Pride of Dawn has been attacking Satanic qualities like lex talionis, whilst promoting kindness and altruism.

Satanism is the dark path for a reason, the Satanist walks roads the group-minded sheep fear to travel in order to rise above conformity, slavery and ignorance.  The Satanist does not turn the other cheek and forgive like the Christian, they gift fire with fire, hate with hate, violence with violence.  The individual Satanist creates their own personal values, they reject the conformist templates of rules that external authorities such as the Church of Satan or the Satanic Temple preaches to the sheep.  My values are personal, I am as likely to break someone’s leg as save a kitten from drowning in a river, because I follow my own rules and choices, free of external authorities.

External authorities make up rules, laws and procedures in order to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of humanity, which is why 1% of the human population own half the resources of this planet, whilst nearly a billion other humans live on the borderline of life-and-death with limited access to clean water, air and food.  The individual Satanist will have to break rules and the law if they wish to prosper or be crushed into nothingness by authority.  Breaking rules is what makes a Satanist evil, since evil is a subjective judgement based upon a human-created rule – obey the rule, you are good, break the rule, you are evil.

Those that paint Satanism as unicorns and rainbows are adding to the pile of bullshit this blog despises.  The only worthy action to ideas of unicorns and rainbows in Satanism is their obliteration with a machine gun.

Normal blogging service will resume this Saturday (armed with a machine gun…)