On so-called censorship by Google


Those that play the victim card over Google censorship or being fired ignore that this is a business designed for profit, not altruism or charity. 

Google is a business, its principle income comes from advertisers.  Google is no charity, nor is it altruistic, people host or link their content with Google “free” on the basis that Google can use it and make money from it via advertising.  Like all businesses Google has a reputation and a profit to maintain, and reacts if advertisers or governments threaten to take actions that impacts its business.  Those that post fake news, or abuse the system, which ultimately impacts the Google business should be unsurprised that they are getting their content impacted by Google services.


Earlier this year a Satan Hunter who had a large following on his YouTube channel made hundreds of dollars of profit from advertising by posting fictions, images and personal details of abused children in Hampstead London.  This was one of the individuals who saw his monthly healthy revenue collapse to zero on his YouTube channel as a result of changes in Google advertising strategies.

Those making the most noise are people with opinions on different sides of the political spectrum who suddenly lost their income from advertising.  If I was an advertiser, I would be reluctant to have my brand associated with any political, religious or social tribal content.  It makes sense to reward and associate advertising with useful content that benefits people such as gardening or how to run a successful business.  Every person and their dog has an opinion, and most opinion is low quality, hateful crap that the internet drowns in.

In my view Google is moving in the right direction of working on quality content and eliminating the junk.

Those that play the victim card because they were fired from an entity funded by Google who they viciously criticised, reality-check, its business, this is how it works.  How dumb to expect the one that feeds them to continue to support them when they are punching it in the face.

I am highly hostile to Google, but I am even more hostile towards those pitiful self-entitled creatures playing their victim card over censorship and being fired by a business that they think must be altruistic and supportive of their worthless opinions.


Satanism and censorship

Sometimes censorship is desirable.

Sometimes censorship is desirable.

As Satanists many of us are already aware that good and evil is subjective, yet many continue to be caught by this delusion in areas such as censorship.  Censorship is a tool, like my knife, it is how censorship is used that makes it either a tool of tyranny or one that is constructive.  My knife can be used to slice cheese or kill someone.  Censorship such as Akismet on this blog censors spam, but the censorship of President Obama against whistle blowers who reveal corrupt practices in his government is a harmful form of censorship.

I hope people can get away from the notion that censorship is evil in all cases.  Censorship is a way of placing boundaries that filter out harmful elements, such as a firewall and virus software protects my computer from viruses.  I have no desire to let random strangers into my home, access to my bank account or steal one of my kidneys.  I have boundaries to protect my life from undesirable outcomes, which is a form of censorship.

On this blog I do censor comments. I have deleted comments that are spam, off-topic, retarded, racist and personally abusive.  This blog is my personal space, and I will with maximum prejudice have authority over my personal spaces in life.  I have had angry commentators tell me I am evil for censoring their abusive comments, but then I point out to them censorship is a tool, and their claims of authority to be able to write whatever they like wherever they like is a delusion.