On living in a potential and kinetic world

The spiritual individual can see the potential in things, they will see the oak tree that can be manifested out of an acorn; they are the individuals who can discover or bring about new ideas, paradigms and inventions to benefit themselves and humanity.

Living in two worlds

I hold out an acorn, I see an oak tree in the acorn, most people see only the acorn. The majority live in a world of what is rather than seeing what could be, their world is a kinetic world of the visible and known, where all things are fixed, linear and measurable. The kinetic world for the majority is their prison, for they are unable to see beyond what is to what could be, they live their lives within fixed states, paradigms and institutions, reacting emotionally to the injustices of their prisons, rather than realising that their chains and walls are their own fabrications by choice. The majority become predictable, easily manipulated and dull-witted, living in an empty world of material objects, petty power plays and valueless opinions.

Most people miss the reality that nature has two worlds, the kinetic and the invisible, formless potential world.  It is like most people only see the branches of the tree, but are unable to, or are unwilling, to consider the whole tree, the invisible parts of the tree, the roots and processes within it.  Those that walk a reality embracing both kinetic and potential worlds, see how each side relates to the other, how the individual can work with both to bring about changes of benefit to self.

Learning about nature and reality from the Celts

The weird strange stories of the ancient Celts become less confusing when the individual embraces a few key observations of nature, which so many ancestors understood and worked with.  Firstly, the Celts understood that nature has a kinetic and potential side, their stories describe how objects appear and vanish, become visible and invisible, how the hero can move between a magical other world in one moment, and the material known world the next.  Secondly, the Celts describe a world where all things shape-change and shift from one moment to the next, just as nature does.  A walk in nature confirms these observations of the Celts: apple trees grow leaves, then blossom, then apples, shifting of one form to the next, becoming visible, then vanishing again with the change of seasons; water shifting between liquid, vapour and ice; moon, sun and stars appearing and vanishing as day follows night and back again.

Most ancestors lived in a potential and kinetic worldview

The ice age hunter gatherer working with the potential: cave paintings drawing animals and events out of the living rock; creating tools out of raw flint; drawing food, tools and clothing out of the bison, mammoth and other animals they hunted.  Later, drawing fish out of the water; crops out of the earth; metal objects out of rock, fire and wood; and creativity out of their dreams.

Describing their concept of the potential in terms of rock, water, fire and air; narratives by the ancestors describe epic struggles to bring about and maintain the created form against the chaos drawing all things back into the formless, the culture hero in battle against the chaos beast.

The spiritual embrace both the potential and kinetic worlds

Those that embrace and walk a path incorporating both the kinetic and the potential worlds in their own lives are the spiritually orientated people.  Those that embrace the spiritual are maligned by the one-sided majority who are trapped in their kinetic-only worlds, both the religious and atheistic.  Being religious is no guarantee of being spiritual, for often religion is a kinetic paradigm of appearance, dogma and opinion, empty of spiritual things.  The atheistic might embrace a truthful scientific attitude, but their paradigm embrace only what is external, kinetic and material, forgetting or rejecting the hidden, dark and invisible potential side of nature.

The spiritual is the heroic path

The path of the spiritual individual is a heroic one, magical, unpredictable, adventurous and highly creative.  Those that see and work with the potential world see beyond their limits, they see possibilities and can reach beyond the limits which most impose upon themselves and each other.  The path of the spiritual has nothing to do with creating something out of nothing, or creating something new, but instead is focussed upon drawing the potential out of something to become something.

The culture hero struggles to liberate the potential in things

The common theme of most ancestor stories is the hero who struggles to manifest the kinetic out of the potential: healing what is sick; repairing what is broken; recovering what is lost.  The archetype known as Eros whose arrows bring about love between people, has a deeper spiritual truth, his arrows liberate the potential out of things.  Apollo, his arrows can bring healing out of the body, or shatter the health of the unworthy.  Mars struggles in war to bring about the harvest or the healthy strength of a city-state.  On moving home, my new little garden was a rubbish tip, yet I struggled a little each day to manifest out of the chaos the potential of something beautiful ready to plant apple trees, flowers and growing food crops.

The spiritual individual is able to manifest possibilities

Those that walk the spiritual path will see the potential and kinetic worlds, they are liberated, creative and empowering.  The spiritual individual might say of something here is a possibility to bring about something, then the kinetic-trapped individuals who cannot see beyond what is already formed will laugh, persecute and dismiss, but if that spiritual person has courage and strength, they persevere to draw out the potential of what they saw to become kinetic, benefitting themselves and the world about them.  The spiritual individual who sees the oak tree in the acorn, plants it, cares for it, and in time manifests the oak tree; alas, the kinetically-trapped individual who did not see the oak tree in the acorn, will not act, and nothing comes about through them.

Being spiritual is both magical and grounded

Even though the religious and the atheistic struggle with each other in their opinions and kinetic-only arguments, both are as trapped as the other, and their lives are limited.  The spiritually orientated individual lives in a world of possibilities, but also are anchored in the earth like an oak tree in the ground, in working only on the potentials they see rather than foolish fantasies and opinions that exist neither in potential or kinetic states.  The spiritual individual drives on to manifest whatever they see, ignoring the opinions of the blind, dumb and stupid people, for the future of the human species rests upon their heroic shoulders.