Satanic authenticity

Like a mosquito buzzing my ear, lack of authenticity seriously annoys me.  Recent reports of the ISIS fighters in Iraq imposing a tax on Christians is another example of lack of authenticity, since such a tax is a contract between an Islamic state and the individual which offers the Christian protection.  ISIS is not an Islamic state, nor do they have the ability or stability to protect Christians.  Islam in theory has its prohibitions, which includes not raping people and leaving civilians unmolested, but then ISIS raped a Christian family who were unable to pay the tax.

If an individual declares themselves a Muslim they enter into an understanding with their religion of abiding by rules, values and ways of doing things, which makes them a Muslim.  If the Muslim has chosen not to abide by their religious values, then they cannot expect respect or the right to declare themselves a Muslim.  I know of someone who went to join ISIS, and then had all their property stolen by their fellow jihadists; I am sure Islam has a prohibition on theft.

If I was in command of a Satanic brigade fighting ISIS I will be authentic to my personal Satanic values, which includes a black flag policy of execution.  People might condemn me by their personal values by fighting a war with no mercy or exceptions.  I would be authentic in that I will kill every ISIS member I come across, and that would include children or the injured, begging for mercy.  ISIS will come to know my type of Satanism, the power of my Satanism being that I live what I believe in deed and attitude.

It does not matter what values, rules or ideas you live by in your Satanism, but if you want the respect of others you better be authentic in keeping to them, or you are nothing.