Church of Satan, a church for the gullible

Pay this man $200 and you can swap your brain for a plastic membership of his personal admiration society.
Pay this man $200 and you can swap your brain for a plastic membership card of his personal admiration society.

I personally have a lot of respect for Anton Lavey, but I have none for the decrepit dinosaur he created known as the Church of Satan.  Recently, I played host to angry fans of CoS in the blog comments of Satanic Views, who considered my many observations and opinions of their church was unfair and unjust.  I stand by all my previous conclusions of CoS, a creation living on past memories of little or no value to modern Satanists.

CoS these days is nothing more than a marketing operation, a business to pay the rent and food bills of Peter Gilmore and his partner Peggy Nadramia. To see in CoS anything more than a business, from which Gilmore and Nadramia pay personal tax on to the IRS, is foolish, a stupidity that CoS preys upon in the gullible and stupid.  The administrators of CoS live off the corpse of Lavey, offering little new to the Satanic current, braying like donkeys at every opportunity to anyone who would listen, as the supposed voice of Satanism.

Hypocrites, the CoS says that Satanism is the path of the individual, whilst insisting all Satanists must abide by its rules, definitions and opinions of its husband-and-wife owners.  CoS and its slavish followers live the fantasy that Lavey invented Satanism, rather than an interpretation, and delude themselves anyone not a member of CoS, or who especially follow theistic paths, are not Satanists.

As a business CoS is a joke, present only on the internet, with no physical location in the real world.  The CoS has no real world presence beyond a few yearly events at second-rate locations, and a marketing list of slaves which it can sell its merchandise.  For any entity to be taken seriously it needs to be legally set up so that its assets are separate from that of its owners, such as being incorporated, but CoS is merely a business trading name of a business partnership of Gilmore and his wife.

CoS lives off the stupidity and vanity of its members.  The weak-minded Satanist needing the approval of Peter Gilmore trading as Church of Satan to be considered a Satanist.  There is little or no benefit of being a member of CoS, because all the member gets is a worthless membership card for their $200.  The Satanist must submit themselves to an invasive membership application form process, because Gilmore seems to suffer from a mix of paranoia and ego-mania.  The members get no voting rights; there is no transparency; and the administration is so poor in CoS that it takes over a year to process membership applications.  The only purpose of membership of CoS seems to be to lick the toes of the egotistical dwarf Gilmore sitting on the shoulders of a dead giant Anton Lavey.

In my personal opinion, if the Satanist needs a drug fix of group-minded mediocrity they should join the Satanic Temple; its cheaper, more fun and at least has a purpose for existing other than worshiping the feet of an old fart.

Towards a new Satanic paradigm

Before 1960 Satanism had a theistic outlook limited to secret societies and covens, then came a paradigm shift thanks to the Satanic philosopher Anton LaVey who introduced Satanism to a wider audience through his rationalistic interpretation of Satanism known as Laveyanism.  From Laveyan roots blossomed different interpretations of rationalistic Satanism, and a multitude of new Satanic groups and churches.

Despite LaVey Satanism remained group-orientated

It is thanks to Anton LaVey that Satanism gained a rationalist atheistic-orientated form of Satanism, but he kept Satanism firmly mired in group-think, where the group dominated Satanism.  Until the 1990’s the only way a Satanist could obtain information and links with Satanism was via the Satanic group.

The coming of the internet changes Satanism

The internet broke group monopoly over Satanism.  When the internet became popular from the 1990’s onwards it gave the individual access to formerly restricted and controlled information, including that which Satanic groups had a monopoly over.  No longer does the individual Satanist have to join a Satanic group in order to obtain Satanic knowledge to build their personal path, since such knowledge is freely and widely available on the internet, obtainable in the privacy of their own home or via any device such as a smart phone.

A paradigm shift from group to individualistic Satanism

The tool of the internet makes it now possible for the individual Satanist to obtain all the knowledge and resources they will ever need to construct their own form of Satanism.  No longer does the individual need to belong to a group, or enslave themselves to a self-appointed guru, they can with intelligence be their own Satanic god, cutting out all the group-minded garbage in the process.

The Satanist has a choice

The internet has empowered the Satanist with knowledge and tools to be their own god in their own life, but the choice remains, does the Satanist embrace individualistic liberty or group-minded slavery?

The new paradigm is individual liberty

Groups such as the Church of Satan are no longer relevant.  It is now possible for the Satanist to embrace a new version of Satanism, which is Individual Satanism.  Sure, Satanists will call their interpretation of Satanism by different names, but at its core they have embraced a new paradigm of individual Satanism, which in my own words is:

“Manifestation of personal will to become a god in their own lives.”

Satanic standards

In my opinion the individual Satanist sets their own Satanic standard, which separates them from the mindless sheep.  The qualities I set for myself include maturity, independent thought and quality.  I despise mediocrity, stupidity and slavishness.  Call me a Satanic snob, but I look down on those that fall below the reasonable standards I look to in Satanists.

No Satanist is the same, but each I think should set a standard that they practice through deed rather than word.  Such Satanists offer a template to new Satanists to learn from, activity that commands respect, charisma and reputation. Recently, an arch-opponent of Satanism, Pope Francis offered an example through a deed that won my respect when in humility he suffered the attention of an annoying child.  Pope Francis offers through deed rather than empty words a revealing strength of his personal standards.

A standard I value is one offered to Satanists by Anton Lavey, I quote:

“3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.”

Recent drama involving a few dozen Satanists and certain Satanic forums earns my contempt.  If the Satanist dislikes the activity or attitudes of a Satanic forum, leave, join or found an alternative site.  Instead, these Satanists trolled, complained like old women, and hacked the Satanic sites they had problems with, expressing mediocrity, juvenile and retarded action unbecoming of a Satanist.

If the individual Satanist wishes to consider themselves superior to the masses of humanity, then standards of personal quality through deed rather than word is required.

Satanic Rule 2: Keep your troubles to yourself

Each week I give my opinion on each of eleven Satanic rules of the Church of Satan. Rule number two is as follows:

2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.

Church of Satan claims that the Satanist pursues their beast-like nature in pursuit of their carnal desires. Is it also a part of human nature to share personal problems with others? How does anyone know you have personal troubles in order to ask you about them?

Like many rules this rule sucks, because it makes no allowances to exceptions to the rule.  What happens if you are a child being raped by the local Catholic priest, do you tell your parents, or is it unSatanic in the words of Anton LaVey to tell anyone your troubles? What about the individual suffering work related stress, should they tell their boss they are being overworked, or is this unSatanic?

I personally hate being burdened by other people’s troubles, but that is a personal attitude of mine.  If I am a boss or parent, then there is a legal responsibility to investigate and remedy personal troubles of those individuals the authority figure looks after.  There has been personal instances where I have kept my troubles to myself, then dug a hole for myself.

In conclusion this is one Satanic rule that I personally can kick into the trash can of history.

Satanic Rule 1: Giving Opinions and Advice

I am going to get into a regular habit of posting once a week on a Sunday, starting with dealing with the eleven rules of the Church of Satan.  I will deal with each of the rules in turn, giving my view on each.

1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.

This rule was created in 1967 when most people had no internet let alone a computer.  But in the era of mass internet communications everybody is encouraged to give their opinion and advice on everything.  This is one of the rules that makes the Church of Satan look backward.

This is one of the rules authority figures would like the masses to follow, to be silent unless invited to speak.  The old-fashioned statement “children should be seen but not heard.”

Looking at other Satanic rules in contrast to this rule I have the impression that Anton LaVey considers that Satanists should respect the freedom of others, that giving advice and opinion is a form of control, an infringement on the individualism of others.  Like any rule, the Satanist find themselves in a moralistic dilemma when exceptions to the rule arises.  Do you let your children play with matches and burn the house down, or do you give opinion and advice? What about if an authority figure is carrying out activity which is infringing personal freedoms, does the Satanist give their opinion about this or stay silent?

Satanists are freedom loving individuals, following imposed rules by others places limits upon personal expression and the empowerment of the individual. If I was to follow the rule of giving no opinions then this satanicviews blog would not exist.  I get the impression Anton LaVey wrote the Satanic Rules out one boring day on a train with no thought to the consequences.  The Church of Satan is at odds with the modern world with rules such as this, and even they now through their blogs and media interventions give their opinions and advice.

In my opinion this rule limits personal freedom and favours the authority figure.

Satanism is for the individual

“In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself.”
Albert Einstein

It strikes me as funny that Satanism is the path of individualism, yet rarely do we treat it as a path of individuals.  It is a shame that the father of modern Satanic thinking Anton Lavey failed to create a work about individualism, instead he created an organisation called the Church of Satan and a set of books that conveyed group-think rather than individual-think.

It is only in the last few years I have seen Satanists adopt the idea of independent Satanism, walking the path as the individual rather than as often it appears as a group of sheep following a shepherd.  We often talk about true and false Satanism but we miss the obvious elephant in the room that Satanism is about individualism, the rebellion against the authority of conformity.

Sticking the Satanic label to your name then joining the herd from one Satanic group or internet forum to another is hardly the Satanic spirit that Satan would have expressed.  I would loudly cheer the Satanic thinker who for once would write an influential book, or get it into the head of Satanists that this is a path of individualism, which means groups, forums and blindly following someone else’s dogma ain’t what Satanism is about.

Satanic comedy superstardom

“If you want to be taken seriously don’t dress like a fucking clown” – Zachary Schroeder

Since the death of Anton Lavey, founder of the modern form of Satanism called Laveyanism and the Church of Satan, there have been plenty of Satanists vying for the lime light, usually on forgettable second-rate talk shows.  Once they had their 15 minutes of fame, they think they are as famous as Lady Gaga and for years after attempt to create a personality cult as a mega-Satanic-superstar.

The most recent lucky break has come to the founder of the Satanic International Network Zachary Schroeder based in California, USA, who commonly refers to himself as Zach Black or SIN.  Mr Schroeder has been invited to appear on the Jeselnik Comedy Central show on 28th June of this year in an episode involving Satanists in a Catholic Girl School.  The Jeselnik show has a reputation for dealing with controversial issues and media subjects, with Satanism evidently selected for the comedy treatment. Though better than the usual media reports of crazy Satanists killing babies, no doubt Anton Lavey would turn in his grave at the comedy treatment of the Satanism he worked hard to give credibility to.

Mr Schroeder is no stranger to media involvement with one of his YouTube videos dealing with him under the influence of drugs making the media spotlight, and a failed attempt to milk fame from a suicide-murder of a former member of his Satanic forum.  The media being an unpredictable beast Mr Schroeder may be walking into disaster or into superstardom.