Rethinking my approach to society


These ruins are the Temple of Nodens in Lydney in the UK, and is an inspiration for a new emerging philosophy I have to deal with the issues that matter to me in the world.  I will write more on this in future blog posts.

I was recently subject to a police investigation after a Satan Hunter, those that promote Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes, made a complaint against me for harrassment after I opposed their activities that was doing harm to innocent people and children.  The police investigation fortunately was closed without me being arrested or facing charges, but it has made me question if it is worth continuing to intervene in the environmental, social and political issues that society faces.

Human society is built upon the foundation of consumerism, competition and predation;  the many forms that global problems take from the disappearance of bees to the horrific executions by Islamic State to the emergence of the dreaded polio disease all spin-off from this foundation.

In the UK the police are focussed upon targets, their consumer product is to meet these targets for instance in making arrests and getting convictions for which they are rewarded bonuses, and in failing to meet targets, suffer penalties.  The system encourages the police to take a predatory stance in getting convictions, and to act in an adversarial or competitive manner against their own citizens.

Regardless of the rightness of my actions, of honorable intent and a passion to protect the innocent and children from Satan Hunters acting illegally and unethically to dishonestly and unjustly deny the liberties of the innocent, attacking their homes, lives and families, the tyrant can make a complaint against me to the police, using that system against me to destroy me, since all the police are interested in is convicting someone.  It seems bizarre that in my stopping a predator from harming a child I am the one who could be arrested, charged and convicted in our society.

Unfortunately, my recent experience can be applicable to any cause that an individual becomes involved in, society favors the tyrant and they can use that system to crush anyone who opposes them as they proceed to destroy the human race and the environment with their activities.

Even if the noble campaigner manages to avoid being crushed by the system, society being focused on predation, competition and consumerism, the amount of time, energy and money expended to achieve little and easily reversible results is not justifiable.  The brutal reality is that the individual campaigner who wishes to campaign to feed the homeless or stop the bees going extinct is up against a system that will likely end up leaving them destroyed, empty and broken.

What I say may be disheartening, but I want to give a hard reality check of what the individual campaigner is up against, especially if they enter into a competitive fight against a predator, who can play the victim card and run to the police to get them to destroy you.

I am exploring new strategies to achieve the same ends on the issues that matter to me without having to suffer heavy losses of resources and putting myself at risk of being destroyed by our sick, lost and broken society.


The Myth of Satanic Rights

I occasionally hear of individuals and groups campaigning for Satanic rights.  In my view Satanic rights is a myth and irrelevant.  Satanism starts and stops with the individual, you can live in the most oppressive regime in the world, and with intelligence still practice and be a Satanist in any way you please in secret.

Satanism is not a religion or any other group-minded activity, it is a path of individuality, a path defined by the individual, walked by the individual.  The individual is the god in their own lives, the individual decides what happens in their own lives.

Groups that start treating and advocating for Satanists as a collective are living an ignorant deception.  Satanism is a path of one, the individual, the self manifesting the will to become a god in their own lives.  When activists start lobbying the rulers for Satanic rights they in reality enslave the individual Satanist to the rulers authority, no longer do they allow me to define my own boundaries as a Satanist, some external authority has defined my Satanism for me through their laws and definitions under so-called rights and liberties.

No individual Satanist is alike, ideas, situation and needs are relative to the individual Satanist, thus you cannot encapsulate a set of rules and liberties to the whole of Satanism in a stereotypical view.  It is one thing challenging the stereotypical viewpoints of the world through activism, it is another ignorant thing to impose a stereotypical viewpoint on a bunch of individualists as if they are a collective who can be defined and treated in the same way as a bunch of group-minded Christian sheep.