A change of blogging direction

There is only so much material I can cover on the subject of my religion, and I have so many other interests that I would like to write about from a Left Hand Path point of view, so there is a change of direction for this blog.

Readers have already experienced that I have jumped around between different subjects to write about, and it seems readers like this diversity of subjects.  Future blog posts will come under the categories: Left Hand Path; religion; philosophy; technology; mind; current affairs.  I will write from my own point of view, a Left Hand Path viewpoint. I hope readers will find my future blog posts useful.


On what potential is


The acorn has the potential to become an oak tree.  The solar power device uses knowledge of science to harvest potential energy from the sun to power devices such as cellphones.

An acorn has within itself the potential to become an oak tree.  A person may have the opinion that the acorn will become a yew tree, but unless the person is a genetic expert at manipulation of genes, the acorn has no potential to become a yew tree.

The Derveni Papyrus says:

“In these (verses) he indicates that the beings always subsisted, and the beings that are now come to be from (or: out of) subsisting things.

The Derveni Papyrus describes potential as something that subsists, that unless a potential already exists in a thing, such as the potential for an oak tree subsists in the acorn, but the yew tree does not, only an oak tree is possible from the acorn.

Deal with truth rather than opinions

Those in the LHP in theory deal with real things, that is to say, that they put aside opinions, and look for what is real.  Human sheep will base their faith, truth and ideas upon opinions that have neither basis in material reality or in the subsisting potentials from which material things come about.  A sheep will believe for instance that the yew tree will come out of an acorn based upon their faith, prayers and hubris; those of the LHP will base their truth on the empirical approach of observation, demonstration and experience of an oak tree coming from an acorn, and using the inductive reasoning of inferring that this common pattern is the same for all acorns.

With no potential for something, a thing can never become that something

If a thing has no subsisting potential for something else, then that something else will never manifest.  If an individual avoids smoking tobacco, they remove one potential to manifest lung cancer.  If an individual jogs each day, they create a potential to run faster when for instance they are rushing to catch a bus.  In any problem or challenge, it is best to focus on looking for the potential in a thing rather than blindly forcing an opinion upon a thing that does not exist in a subsisting potential in that thing; only oak trees come from acorns, not opinions of yew trees.  If an individual wants to create or invent something, look for the subsisting potential in the thing, then liberate it.  Eros and his arrows know the subsisting potentials in things, and uses his arrows to liberate or release that potential into a material, manifested or kinetic form.

How to discover a hidden potential in a thing

Potentials are subsisting, which is to say they already exist forever somewhere, and they are called into being by certain processes in nature, for instance planting an acorn in soil initiates a process of growing the oak tree from it.  One of the challenges of knowing a potential is they are invisible and hidden.  How to discover a potential in a thing? Firstly, humility, seeing what is there rather than blinding self with hubristic opinions; using the empirical method of observation, demonstration and experience, then using the inductive method to infer that this pattern is common and applicable to a wider range of situations; oak trees commonly come from acorns.  If empirically one observes galaxies and hurricanes moving in a spiral, one might infer a common pattern that all things move in a motion of a spiral rather than a straight line.

A potential has two qualities

A potential has two qualities.  An acorn for instance has to have a pattern, idea or map to become an oak tree; but also the acorn needs the energy, gas or fuel to become the oak tree.  If the oak tree is the final destination in the journey, the potential in the acorn provides the map and gas to get to that destination.  Also to note is that all things visible and manifested in nature are in constant motion or change, that all things are a work in progress, there being no final states, but a paradox of completeness and working to completion; that the potential and the kinetic realisation of that potential is cycling in and out of each other at every moment in a thing.  I have the potential of becoming human, and all my life at every moment that potential is being manifested in a kinetic state of being human, and I will never suddenly become a yew tree in my current life.

Where potentials come from

Where do potentials come from? The Derveni Papyrus describes the processes of nature in a metaphorical way, and describes a voice that is always speaking and teaching, but not instructing, neither can it be heard in the sense of hearing things.  Those that connect with this voice learn or become aware of things in the same way as the metaphorical eating of the fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge, and the individual gains two qualities: strength and the cause.

The cause (daemon) and potential

Strength has already been dealt with, it is another name for potential.  Cause is described by the Derveni Papyrus as a “daemon”, which is the quality that drives potentials into a manifested or visible material form or kinetic state.  The reason why Heraclitus and others consider war or strife as the principle rule of nature, is that all motion and change is driven by the clash of two or more opposites, without which no potential can be driven into kinetic form.  It is not enough for an acorn to contain the map and gas to become the oak tree, there has to be a daemon or clash of opposites to drive that potential out of the acorn into the material manifested form of an oak tree; the acorn has to be subject to a process of liberation through planting, the addition of water, soil, light and air (all four elements) to get the oak tree out of the acorn.

How potentials become manifested

The Derveni Papyrus describes how the voice becomes the breath of Zeus, or the wisdom upon which all things in nature move.  The wisdom is metaphorically described as consisting of three female weavers known as Moira. The first of the Moira spins out one thing from the clash of multiple subsisting potentials, like a baby comes from two joining separate sets of genes from two parents.  The second Moira allocates the potential to a thing, such as intelligence in a baby.  The third Moira spits the potential out into the material world, the baby cannot move outside of its potential, for instance every living thing is doomed to die because their genes can only function so long until they fall apart by the natural decay through old age that all living things are doomed to face, if they are fortunate to live that long.

A thing can never move outside of its potential

Once a thing is liberated from its potential state into the kinetic material world, it moves within the limits of its potential unless acted upon by some external contrary force.  There is no mind or god acting to direct things in nature once they are released and manifested, they will flow along according to their potential state, the acorn becoming an oak tree, the oak tree throwing down acorns, and so on.  If an asteroid smacks into the earth and kills everyone, it was a random accident, no god or mind is the cause of this; asteroid and planet have moved according to their potentials and collided accidentally.

The LHP individual has the edge over opinionated human sheep

Stupid sheep think opinions that a god or mind has sent three hurricanes crashing into the USA to punish gay people.  The wise of the LHP know that the hurricanes are born out of natural processes following their own potential natures, strengthened by the warmth of the sea, dying as the land suck the energy out of them when they hit landfall.  The philosophy of potentiality gives the LHP individual a significant edge over human sheep; whilst the human sheep pray for fruitless opinions, those of the LHP can find the potentials, liberate them, and use those potentials to their own advantage.

On tribalism

Gary Markstein / Cagle Cartoons

Trump and North Korea is an example of the interaction of tribalism caused by oxytocin.

Human beings are social animals, they are designed to live in small groups rather than anonymous large populations.  Studies show that the individual is most happy with regular interaction with small intimate communities.  The hormone oxytocin is behind the identification, bonding and relationships between people, and is the foundation upon which tribalism comes about.

As an individual I identify emotionally with the Left Hand Path, and I react strongly against anything that seeks to harm those of my tribal identification.  These feelings I have of identification, and hostility towards that which threatens my tribe, is down to the impact of oxytocin.

A complaint about the ancient Welsh people was their constant infighting over land, power and wealth, in which they quite happily murdered their own brother and father.  Yet, if an outsider killed their brother whom they had a quarrel with, the Welshman was quick to anger and determination to avenge the death through blood feud.  Although oxytocin fails to keep brother from killing brother, it surges if an outsider kills the brother.

Interestingly, when the Satan Hunters, those promoting a Satanic Ritual Abuse fiction in London, had one of their number known as Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV jailed for nine months for stalking and harassing children and their families he considered were Satanists, the backlash was intense.  Usually these Satan Hunters spend most of their time fighting each other, but as a tribe with shared values, the fall of one of their number resulted in a collective unified backlash against those they consider their enemy.  The backlash is the result of the oxytocin hormone, the tribe pushing back against a situation that threatens them.

It is worth learning about oxytocin since it has a wide and significant impact on human history, society and reactivity.

Smartphones, master or slave?


A smart phone can become a tyrannical burden on the user.

I purchased my first smart phone in 2016, within one month I was scammed out of £50 for something that I never signed up for, but was billed to my phone bill.  My first experience of smart phones was an unhappy one.  Earlier in 2017 I lost my smart phone in the park, a painful experience of what could have happened if I had a lot of personal information on it, someone returned the phone back to me.


My other issues with smart phones is they break easily, are easy to lose or steal, their poor battery life, their lack of privacy and security, the possibility of leaving the owner with huge bills, and their complexity to use.  These devices can easily take over the owner’s life, like an ever-demanding screaming baby.  I cannot wait to get rid of my smart phone when the contract ends in 2018.

Despite my criticism of smart phones I am excited about the advances of technology where with a device one can talk to a tree and get directions to the railway station, or the augmented reality technology like Pokemon uses to layer one reality over another.  However, I think there are alternative devices to smart phones for the purposes of interacting with the external environment, perhaps a Harry Potter-like wand that can call up a screen on a wall of a building.

I also think that when doing financial transactions using a smart phone there is too much risk of a third-party gaining access to the owners bank account or personal data, and stealing money.  However, I am aware that with a plain text phone the African nations have a highly advanced payment system using text messages, a way of transacting business that the smart phones in the West have been unable to develop in any meaningful way.

I am the master of the tool, and the smart phone often is the master of the user.  From 2018 I shall return to use of the text phone, and the liberty that goes with that.

On the question of data security


There are simple ways to protect your computer data.

Game of Thrones has been plagued by a large number of incidents of theft of its data by hackers costing it millions of dollars in revenue.  With such huge investment and valuable intellectual property I am surprised that those behind Game of Thrones fail to employ simple security strategies.

The present obsession is to host data on third-party servers in the cloud, trusting those service providers will have strong integrity and security.  In addition, everyone wants all things connected 24/7 and they transfer data electronically down communication channels that everyone uses and can listen in on.

Russia has woken up to the reality that one good way to avoid theft of data is the use of typewriters.  The paper method means, that as longs it is stored away from fire, vermin and water, it is harder to steal and cannot be destroyed by electronic failure, malicious encryption or deletion.  Part of my own record keeping is paper-based.

I have valuable intellectual property and data.  Processes such as my accounting is done on systems I have coded.  It might be cheap and easy for hosting data on a cloud server, but control over that data is then lost, and anyone can potentially access it regardless of security.  I never use cloud servers.

A lot of the data of Game of Thrones could have been stored on computers with no internet access, which means I would have to have physical access to those computers to steal it.  It makes sense to have two computers or servers, one that never has access to the internet, so nobody can go steal, encrypt or use any exploit from a remote location to get at that valuable data.  Unfortunately there is always a way to get at data which is connected to the internet regardless of security.

Another issue the Game of Thrones people had been when data was communicated electronically to its many partners, that a third-party could intercept the data and then publish it, including entire episodes of the series.  With an episode so valuable as those in Game of Thrones, it is worth using a courier to transport the data from an US location to one in India, this way no data can be intercepted electronically.

Unfortunately society is fixated on paradigms where data must be stored electronically on the cloud, with access 24/7 and communicated electronically.  However, pen-paper; disconnection from the internet; moving data by courier; hosting data on own computers and servers is a valuable set of strategies that will make it harder to have that data stolen, misused or lost.

My fighting injustice ended yesterday


I have now retired from fighting injustice.

The Satan Hunter Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV was jailed yesterday for nine months on two counts of harrassing children and their families in London who he believed were involved in Satanism and killing children.

Quaintance was part of a larger mob of Satan Hunters who promoted a fiction of Satanic Ritual Abuse in London targetted at innocent people, an unjust campaign of fear that involved death threats and plots to abduct innocent children they falsely accused of being members of Satanic families.  I began my fight against these Satan Hunters at the end of 2014, a fight that has lasted nearly three years.

Fighting the injustices of this world, the shit, is that the shit hits you in the face, there is a serious penalty for opposing injustice.  It might be a simple activity like cleaning up litter from a local historical landmark, where the fizzy bottle I picked up exploded and covered me in its contents.  It might be a larger fight such as against a Satan Hunter like Rupert Quaintance, who complained to the police that my efforts to stop him hurting and terrorising innocent children and their families was harrasment of him.  Fighting great or small injustices, setting the world to rights, some of that shit by association sticks to you, like the contents of the fizzy bottle or the police investigation as a result of the complaint against me by Quaintance.

The police dropped their investigation of me after an exchange of e-mails, but this served as a wakeup call to me, as had the police pursued their investigation, my computers could have been taken, which could have impacted my business.  It was at this point I decided that once the result of the trial of Quaintance was known I would hang up my crusading boots forever.  With Rupert Quaintance jailed, I have retired from fighting injustices to focus on me and my business.

This retirement won’t stop me writing about issues pertaining to the Left Hand Path, or in my opinion useful comment on the mind, technology and philosophy.

On gaining passion and focus


How to use the dopamine reward system to succeed in life.

All human activity is caused by a biological process; I discuss here passion and focus, caused by hormone dopamine.

Dopamine and ADD

I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) caused by lack of dopamine.  Two qualities of ADD is lack of motivation and focus. A contrasting quality of ADD is hyperfocus, where the individual is totally focused and motivated on an activity they are interested in to the exclusion of all else.

The biological process of dopamine

Dopamine is a hunting hormone, which encourages the brain to hunt and explore.  Dopamine degrades into hormone noradrenalin, which causes alertness or focus.  Noradrenaline further degrades into hormone adrenaline, which prepares the body for physical activity.  Motivation and focus are hormonally closely related, no motivation, then no focus.

Manipulate hormones such as dopamine

Understand the biological process, the individual can manipulate hormones, and the qualities associated with those hormones.

Dopamine rewards the hunt never the goal

Dopamine as a hunting hormone, rewards the process towards the goal, rather than the achievement of the goal.

The brain has no concept of reality

The brain considers reality and fantasy as the same thing, imagine a terrifying situation, note the body goes into a state of anxiety as the adrenaline hormone is produced, because the brain thinks the fantasy is real and the individual is in danger.

Why people underachieve or fail in their goals

If the individual imagines achievement of the goal, regardless if it is sex, business, study or the dream job, the brain thinks this is real, will think the goal has been achieved.  Because the brain thinks the goal is achieved, no dopamine is produced, because dopamine rewards the process of the hunt rather than the achievement of the goal, thus the individual has no motivation or focus, and underachieves or fails in the attainment of the goal.  This conclusion is confirmed by numerous studies.

Dopamine is a hunter-gatherer hormone

Dopamine in the biological process encourages the animal to hunt for food, learn about its environment and hunt for a mate.  Dopamine is a hunter-gatherer hormone, target seeking, and danger avoiding.  Dopamine encourages the individual to avoid painful experiences, but seek pleasurable experiences.  Motivation and focus rises and falls based upon amount of dopamine in play in any situation.

How to gamify the process towards a goal

Avoid the goal, focus on the process.  Look at the steps towards the goal, break them down into a list of to-do’s.  Map the road towards the goal with detailed achievable steps which are ticked off as each is achieved.  Once the brain is aware of the map and steps, it will dump out dopamine as each step is achieved in the process, the brain will become motivated and focussed on the process rather than the goal, it might achieve a type of addiction to the process.  The process can be gamified into a type of game.  Addiction to a process game such as the mundane Farmville or the more complicated Warcraft plays on the dopamine biological process by encouraging production of dopamine by a process of steps and little rewards when steps are achieved

Write the road map down, reward achievement of steps

The brain is designed to react to patterns, when the road map is locked into memory by the brain, it will know when to dump out dopamine at each step.  The brain is designed for sensory experience, so use those senses when mapping out the road map, avoid the computer which only uses eyes.  Write down the road map on paper, this uses eyes and tactile senses, the more senses used, the better the brain locks in on the road map.  Computer games encourages addiction to play with rewards as each step is achieved, such as winning a magical item or leveling up in Warcraft, so mark each step achieved with a reward that signifies progress that the brain easily associates with the step.  Children love their badges, which are associated with progress in their activities, but it is harder to associate ice cream or holidays with progress because the brain is unable to relate this to the process.  It is easy for the brain to associate achievement of a step in Warcraft to leveling up of a character to level 1 through to 50 because it can see the connection, and so a creative way of gamification might incorporate a theme of a progress bar and badges on a wall.

Focus on the process as a way of life with new goal-processes

Once a goal is achieved, especially a hard goal, there can become a corresponding crash in dopamine, followed by loss of motivation and focus, then depression.  The game of life and mental wellbeing is about the process, never the goal, so always have a new goal-process in place before the existing goal-process ends.

How to enjoy paying money to the tax man

In closing, I owe the taxman perhaps £400.00, I gamified this into 400 points.  So when I pay say £100 against this debt, it falls to 300 points, rather like fighting a 400 hit point monster, which is now down to 300 hit points.  It has become fun and motivating to pay money to the taxman, I get dopamine every time I pay the tax man.  I love paying money to the tax man.  Crazy, but thats how the gamification of a biological process works.