On the matter of Wilfred Wong

No cause for celebration for Satan Hunters today.

After a marathon nineteen day trial, the indication is that the trial is now concluded for Wilfred Wong and three other defendants in the alleged kidnapping of a child in Wales in November 2020. I have access to the daily listing of court cases in the UK, so I know who is standing trial the following day, and Wilfred Wong is not listed for Monday 26th July, thus I infer the case is concluded.

Unfortunately, because Satan Hunters (those who promote the narrative of Satanic Ritual Abuse) have shown total contempt for the legal process: harassing a witness; breaking court orders; naming witnesses; and even abusing the court judge; – the reporting of the court case has been locked down with numerous court orders. As well as the original eight alleged kidnappers being arrested and remanded, four other Satan Hunters have also suffered police or legal action as a result of their activities to undermine justice. Other individuals may be subject to legal proceedings such as Angela Power Disney; and the UK Attorney General may be pursuing Satan Hunters as well with further legal action. Owen Lucas faces court trial on 29th July for “allegedly” naming the child at the centre of the alleged kidnapping.

If indeed the trial is concluded, as I think it is, the embargo on reporting the verdict remains in place as I feared. What does this mean? Firstly, do not expect any of the media to report the verdict before the 9th August hearing that deals with sentencing of anyone who pleaded guilty or was found guilty in the trial. All the court orders made on the 30th June 2021 remain in force, including: not naming the child; their mother and father; their foster carers; their school; or home address. Because there are other legal matters still to be concluded, the reporting on verdicts remain on hold. When all is concluded, it will be a motivated party to afford the £1000 per day effort of getting court transcripts: a total of £19000 for the whole trial.

Whilst the official verdicts cannot be legally published at this time, it is unlikely that people would not learn as to which way it went for the central character Wilfred Wong. Certainly for two supporters of Wong today – Richard Carvath and Pete Watts – who admitted or have been mentioned by other Satan Hunters as having attended some of the days of the trial, their comments suggest an adverse result for Wong.

In the coming days, the reality of which way the trial went for Wong is based on the simple reality of if he is a free man. Wong has been on remand in prison pending an outcome in his trial. If indeed the trial is concluded for Wong, he would be a free man if found innocent, and if he remains on remand, one might conclude that the result was adverse, and he must remain in prison awaiting sentencing on 9th August.

It is important to say that there are other legal matters in play spinning off from this main case, and thus it is legally dangerous to still speculate about the guilt of anyone involved. If there are conclusions, some may have been found innocent, some found guilty. Nor is it clear if new charges had been brought, and what the result of those were. Nor can it be safe to say that all charges brought in the case have yet been concluded by trial.

Let me say that this case has been complex, with many twists and turns. Satan Hunters have seriously complicated the court proceedings. As someone who has followed this case closely, it is fair to say that the Satan Hunters will not be celebrating this day, and there is a way to go before this story concludes.

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