Satan Hunter circus rolls back to London

I have entered into a conversation with the UK police about if hate laws protect those who identify as Satanists and follow the religion of Satanism enjoy the same protections as those of other religions from being murdered and having their children kidnapped by Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer and her Satnic “army”. Humiliating as it is to admit, the Satanists are afraid of Jeanette Archer in relation to her threats to kidnap their children.

It is a beach scene. “Hi guys!” grins Satnic leader Jeanette Archer, in a new video: Archer announces a new event for her “Amazon warriors”. The leaders of the Satnics have met at a beach location: they can afford such trips, they are lush with Satnic donated money. Archer announces with her large Cheshire Cat grin a new Satnic protest meet in London on 19th July at the “London Eye”, at a time to be announced.

It seems like a painfully slow yesterday that the Satnics had polluted the well-meaning 26th June 2021 protests in London with their delusional fantasies of baby eating by the elites, that provoked a flood of complaints to the police, whose reaction was as effective as an impotent shop dummy. The followers of Archer earned their Satnic name from a misspelling on their main protest banner, a much satirised example of the epic ineptitude and circus freakery that marked that day.

Archer, the mistress of the ring of her circus, beams into the video like a demented character in a horror movie. A baby cries somewhere in the background. Archer introduces her fellow Satnic leaders: Lydia Lowe, the circus admin, the intellectual giant of the group, and a case study in the failures of the British education system; and the new addition and boyfriend of Archer – Wayne Fox – an enthusiast of stories of population culling and baby sacrifice via covid vaccines by the elites.

“They are coming for your children!” warn the unholy Satnic trinity into the video screen, as the leaders of Archer-Lowe-Fox attempt to add urgency into their message. The Fox influence is evident in the change of narrative: it is now about Satanists sacrificing the children via covid vaccines. The Satnic leaders urge their followers to keep their children out of the schools, claiming a planned covid vaccination scheme in the Autumn as Satanic sacrifice. The unholy Trinity urge their “warriors” to come to London to “save the children”; it is not a march this time, they have something else epic and secret planned.

The Satnic event is on a monday, and coincidently happens to fall on a day of other protests that mark the full lifting of covid restrictions in the UK. One is reminded of the cynical claims of the Satnics that the other protests on 26th June London protests were organised by the elites to drown out their own SRA protest; and how other protestors were invited to “die by the jab” amongst the abuse the Satnics threw at other protest groups on the day.

Perhaps fun trips to the seaside are expensive, for the Satnic leaders appealed to their followers for more cash. Opaque and shy Archer and Lowe may be about their spending and cash in the bank left from the £1900 donations of their last 26th June march, but it is unlikely more than £1000 was spent. Archer claims they need more donations to pay for more Satanist-hating leaflets, badges and t-shirts – and a replacement for their embarrassing banner. The Satnic leaders place great hope in the stupidity and poor memories of their followers; and they are probably right. The Satnics insist their extensive cash raising is to save the babies; critics think it is a lucrative grift.

The Satan Hunting leader of the circus is getting into the swing of things with her grift, for Jeanette Archer has spent the best part of the last two weeks announcing how she was coming for the Satanists. Move over Wilfred Wong, and the witchfinder Matthew Hopkins, Archer will expose the Satanists, and she will have their executed bodies swinging from the lamposts. Archer most recently became ambitious, claiming the ability even God and Jesus so far failed to achieve, by saying she was coming for Satan.

Archer claims of the Satanists:

“Satanists have a common saying….
The guarantee of our tomorrow is today’s perception that we do not excist”

Jeanette Archer on Facebook 10th July 2021

As uneducated about Satanism as her spelling mistake on Facebook, it is a common saying that only exists in the delusional brain of Archer. Is Satanism hiding in the shadows, only to be dragged screaming and kicking into the light of exposure by Archer and her Satnic army? Nobody told this to those of the Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple, who yesterday clashed in another round of Twitter fighting, as Satanists often do.

As ignorant as Archer and her Satnics are to Satanism, the Satanists are aware of Archer and her group. Many of these Satanists have families and children, and as humiliating as it might be to admit, they are afraid of Archer. In the real world, Satanists follow a religion of beliefs, that if known, is far duller and boring than Archer claims. Far from the story of baby sacrifice, it is more about thinking for yourself and other intellectually interesting but mundane concerns in Satanism. Archer might claim abortion is Satanic ritualistic baby sacrifice, but the Satanist will fight for the personal liberty of a woman to decide the fate of her own body and choice to bring a child into the world.

For Satanists living a life of liberty and individualism, where critical thinking, authenticity and reality is king; Archer and her Satnics would desire to murder them for this; and worse, kidnap their children. Far from being the monsters of the Archer narrative that claims Satanists torture, rape, kill and eat children; the Satanists have a great concern for the children in their own families; for they are afraid that Archer and her Satnics are going to come and kidnap and then hurt their children. On the back of this, I am entering into a conversation with the UK police about if being a Satanist, following a religion of Satanism, comes within the remit of UK hate protection laws from being murdered and having your children kidnapped by Archer and her Satnics.

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