Returning to the darkness


Darkness wipes out all illusion, returning all things to their true state.  I am happy to exist in darkness.

At the invitation of one of the stupid followers of the false witness Becki Percy, I have returned to the great darkness.  Fish need water; eagles need the air; and those of the Left Hand Path need the eternal darkness.

Within the darkness everything becomes moot, since all things come from darkness, and return to it.  The darkness is where all begin, and all end.  The darkness has no boundary; neither time or space exist.  The darkness is the first substance; the first song; the first dimension.

Let us give this darkness a name: Hell.  Is this place evil? No, for evil is a judgement of human mind;  and Hell is mindless.  Is this place fire and cold? No, for fire and cold are properties of energy; and Hell has no energy.  Is this a place of torture? No, for all things are of one thing in nature, and all in nature is good; which is to say, things that come and go in Hell break apart, recycle and reform as new things from one substance.

The darkness absorbs all light.  What every human now sees, will one day become darkness.  The earth will burn into nothingness.  The sun will exhaust its fire and go out.  The eye that sees will decay in death and will vanish; shadowy hollows of a skull; a container of nothing and darkness.  All that live now; no matter their wealth, fame and power; will become dust and bone.  The darkness claims all; absorbs all in its embrace.

Why would I wish to stand in the light, knowing that the light comes from the darkness, and will go out? Why would I wish to dazzle my mind with a multitude of light colours like a crack addict drowns their mind in sensation? In the darkness, things become true and real; delusion and illusion shatter against the darkness and becomes nothing.  Becki Percy and her followers can live any delusion they like; the darkness will overrun them; and the truth of it is that Becki Percy will be deported, and will be in a UK police station to account for her allegations.  There is no escape from these end outcomes.

They say the darkness flees the candle.  But, in a span of time, the candle burns out.  The darkness claims all.


9 thoughts on “Returning to the darkness

  1. A lot of this almost sounds like Taoist philosophy, but put through the lens of I guess Satanic language. I wonder if you would be interested in reading about philosophers such as Wang Bi, who is of the Xuanxue school and who talks about “The Dark” to some extent. I am trying to learn all I can about it myself and am seeking to purchase a book or two about him. It is perhaps not quite the Western understanding of darkness, but I seek to learn from him. Indeed, some translations of the Tao Te Ching describe the Tao as “dark”, which in this context refers not to evil or forbidden but merely mysterious.

    • Hi Aleph, I would like to join you in knowing more about Wang Bi and his ideas.

      I see “The Dark” in a positive way whereas too many people might see it in a negative way.

      • There are two books I can think of that, while I don’t have either, might assist us. There’s “Language, Ontology, and Political Philosophy in China: Wang Bi’s Scholarly Exploration of the Dark (Xuanxue)” and “Chinese Reading of the Daodejing: Wang Bi’s Commentary on the Laozi with Critical Text and Translation”, both published by Rudolph Wagner. I must caution, though, that Taoist philosophy in particular, along with Eastern philosophy generally, is often difficult to apprehend and penetrate, and it is easy for misunderstandings to arise.

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