2020: time to make my mark


2020: new beginnings.

Happy 2020 everyone.

I recently applied to a project; and I was asked in the application about what I considered was my greatest achievement to date.  This got me thinking that I had spread myself thin: I achieved many small things, but nothing I could proudly say was my great mark in the world to be proud of.

I cannot be wasting my life fighting false allegation making frauds like Becki Percy.  If I am wasting precious life on parasitic maggots like Percy, I could blink and discover I have lost ten years of my life without much benefit to me or the world.  Percy for the record is finished: she will soon be in jail; deported to the UK; then will face a life of misery trying to find a job, if she is lucky to find one.  If Percy repeats her false allegations in the UK, she will be dragged into a police station, investigated, and the argument over the truth of her claims will be settled for good.  I am done with Percy. I am moving on.

2020 is the year I would like to focus to both make my mark in the world through developing new technological tools, but also to embrace that new part of me that has been waking up.

The great changes in the weather together with widespread protests in the world in 2019 is the harbinger of great challenges and events to come in 2020.  The year 2020 is an opportunity to evolve and find solutions in a world that is about to change beyond recognition.

I have no intention of living in a world of unicorns and fluffy bunnies.  I am aware that the polished apple people prefer to see hides maggots and rot.  I ask people to see the reality, to find solutions so that such apples are healthy and free of rot or maggot.  But, people are scared by reality, they reject me, then run off to their bunnies and unicorns.

When people come to me to say how I came up with such an incredible solution, and I show them the rot and maggot, saying this was the passion for my solution.  I won’t get invites to parties.

Lets dive in and see what unfolds in 2020.

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